How To Develop Clairvoyance Ability With 10 Simple Techniques


Clairvoyant ability refers to being able to perceive things or events that are not present. In other words, you can tap into psychic abilities and see life more clearly. Becoming clairvoyant is something that takes practice and time. The gift is not exactly like having visions and seeing the future,

How To Tell If You’re Psychic: 11 Signs To Look For

what is a psychic medium

Have you ever wondered to yourself: “Am I Psychic”?   Many psychics believe that all of us have a little bit of psychic ability. They say that most of us have small or minor gifts that usually go unnoticed. Others have more potent abilities, but without training, knowledge, and practice, they

7 Signs and Symptoms of a Psychic Attack

psychic attack

Many people are unfamiliar with the term “psychic attack.” Once you understand what it means, you can be on the alert for signs and symptoms. Psychic attacks can take many different forms, but the underlying intent is the same—to harm another person, mentally or physically (sometimes both.) For instance, black

Understanding The Different Types of Psychic Dreams


Psychic dreams are visions or premonitions of the future that we experience while sleeping. Psychic dreaming comes in three different forms: clairvoyant, telepathic, and precognitive dreams. Most people don’t understand how powerful the subconscious mind is. While we are dreaming, we can often see glimpses of the future, receive messages

A Beginner’s Guide To Developing Psychic Abilities

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According to experts, we all likely posses psychic abilities in some form, whether it be intuition (gut-instinct), clairvoyance (clear-seeing), or clairaudience (clear-hearing). The key to harnessing your own psychic ability is to practice on developing these unique gifts. There are many exercises and techniques that you can use to enhance

How To Protect Yourself From Psychic Attacks, Spirits, and Dark Entities

spiritual attack

A psychic attack is a mental intrusion into your energetic space that can cause physical symptoms such as feeling weak, lethargic, unhappy, and illness. Psychic attacks can manifest itself while dreaming or while you’re awake, and often results in your energy plummeting. People can cause a psychic attack in different

How To Cleanse Your Aura of Negative Energy

cleansing your aura

An aura is the energetic field that surrounds your body. It’s not uncommon for your auric field to get weak when you pick up on other people’s negative emotions and energy. It is often influenced by the people you interact with and the situations you find yourself in. Aura cleansing

Signs of A Psychic Vampire and How To Deal With One

energy vampire

Psychic vampires, also known as “energy vampires”, are not the same as the blood-sucking variety that our culture is accustomed to. However, they can be just as scary. A psychic vampire is a person that emotionally drains others. They are often unable to recognize this controlling behavior. Typically, psychic vampires

Calculating Karmic Debt From A Past Life and How To Clear It

Tibetan prayer wheel

There are ways in which the universe functions that we can’t understand. While we don’t truly know what’s out there or what controls the universe, one thing that can be agreed on is energy. Positive energy, negative energy, and everything between are constantly moving between us. At times things seem to

9 Chakra Healing Techniques That Clear Bad Energy

the 7 chakras

Interestingly, there are more than 100 chakras in the human body. The main 7 chakras you are likely familiar with, however, are usually the ones associated with healing: The Root Sacral Solar Plexus Heart Throat Third Eye Crown Chakras These chakras start at your tailbone and travel up along the

The 3 Types of People That Empaths Should Fall In Love With

empath woman

Romantic compatibility is a deep question. It depends greatly on circumstance, timing, and guessing games about how committed the other person is. These things can be especially daunting to those with heightened sensitivities, known as empaths. “Empath” is a word that can be thrown around and misused. Some believe empaths

10 Unmistakable Signs of a Past Life Lover

Have you met a person and felt that you’ve known them forever? If you feel an intense and familiar attraction to this person, you could have been lovers in a past life. Meeting someone from a past life can be overwhelming – but in the best way possible. If you

How To Read Someone’s Mind and Know What They’re Thinking

brain telepaty and mind reading techniques

The ability to read someone’s mind is a skill that anyone can learn with enough practice. Mind reading is more than just knowing what people want to say. It’s about understanding what they truly mean, even when their words say something else. The ability to read people can have a

What Do The Numbers in Dreams Really Mean?

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Dreams are windows into the subconscious mind. Taking the time to interpret them can help us better understand ourselves, our desires, and our spiritual needs. Seeing numbers in your dreams may be a sign that your subconscious is trying to tell you something. But what do these numbers mean? How

How to Tell If You Have A Past Life Connection With Someone

connection in a past life with a loved one

We all meet new and different people on almost every day of our lives. Some days you may pass by thousands and thousands of people, and on other days you might be working in close quarters with a select few. With how many people you come into contact with in

3 Types of Spiritual Cleansing Baths To Remove Negativity From Your Life

aura cleansing bath

Every day, we interact with the energies and vibrations around and within us. These vibrations are varied. Some are high and positive; they bring light to our lives. Others, however, are low and only serve to drain us, leaving us feeling miserable within and irritable with those around us. As

What Are The Seven Chakras and How Do You Balance Them?

the 7 major chakras

In holistic health and spiritual communities, the word “chakra” frequently graces conversation. And while some individuals within these circles may have a comprehensive understanding of what the chakras are and how best to empower them, the majority of people have little to no understanding of the power the chakras possess.

A Beginner’s Guide To Seeing Auras

aura reading

The ability to see auras can be an exciting and fun experience.  The possibilities are endless and it can play an important role in your spiritual and emotional health.  Luckily, you don’t have to be a psychic to read an aura and see their colors. In this guide, I’m going

10 Signs That You’re In A Karmic Relationship

karmic bond

Right off the bat, a karmic relationship sounds like something that is meant to be — something that was set in motion by karma. In literal terms, it basically is, yet in theoretical terms, it may not be as everlasting and positive as it seems on the surface. A karmic

How To Know if You Have A Psychic Connection With Someone

psychic connection

Have you ever encountered a stranger, but felt the strangest inkling that you had met them before? Or perhaps you felt a sudden, inexplicable attraction to a new person that you find yourself unable to explain? These sensations are just a couple examples of what could potentially be a psychic

11 Signs That You Have A Guardian Angel Watching Over You


A guardian angel protects and guides you through the hardships and wondrous path of life. Some people seek advice or direction from their guardian angels to make difficult decisions in life. Others see the blessings of their guardian angels in everyday happenings. Each soul has a guardian angel, but there

A Beginner’s Guide To Opening Your 3rd Eye

Do you want to reach a heightened state of perception, and be able to process the world and the things around you in a way like never before? If you want to reach your full spiritual potential and attain an enlightened state, then learning how to open your third eye