15 Exercises For Developing Psychic Ability and Unlocking Your Psychic Powers

So many people are interested in the things unseen in our world, the things that lie beneath the perception of most people. If you have been curious about what it would be like to become a psychic, then it might be time for you to dedicate some time to develop your psychic abilities.

Of course, the next question that you will probably ask is “How do I develop my psychic abilities?” Fortunately, there are a lot of methods and techniques you can use to expand your senses to the world beyond normal perception. From there, you’ll begin to strengthen your intuition and see and know things that the people around you won’t be able to pick up on.

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Here are some methods you can try to help make that happen and see how they let you experience life on a whole new level of perception!

Getting Started

If can be a real challenge to begin developing your psychic abilities when you aren’t sure what to do. Fortunately, there are a lot of different techniques you can do to practice cultivating your intuition and make your mediumship gifts known!

It’s best to commit to making time to practice a single technique each and every day. They don’t have to be done in any particular order, so just try those that sound helpful to you and after you try something, if it doesn’t work, move on to try something else!

Begin with what seems easiest for you or that sounds like the most fun. Then, start trying things that sound a little bit more difficult to challenge yourself. After a few months have gone by, you might be surprised at the progress you’ve made.

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#1: Meditate Daily for 10-15 Minutes

Raising your body’s vibration is an important aspect of developing your psychic abilities. This is because spiritual energy vibrates at a higher frequency. Meditating regularly will allow you to be relaxed and raise your energy vibration. As time passes, you will begin to feel an increased connection to your Higher Self, Spirit, and others’ energy. If you get bored of your typical meditation, try guided meditations.

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#2: Learn About Your Spirit Guides

If you pursue the psychic path, then your spirit guides are going to be there to help you every step along the way – so it’s important to familiarize yourself with them and get to know them – you especially need to learn to trust them. While you are meditating, ask your guides to reveal themselves to you at that time. Ask them what their names are. Don’t filter anything out; just go with it and trust what you see.

#3: Practice Psychometry Skills

Psychometry refers to reading the energy of an object. This is fun and is a great method to start practicing at your abilities. Simply start by holding an object – especially a metal object and something with a lot of energy, like a wedding ring – and close your eyes to see if you can intuitively see, sense, or hear anything about the object’s owner.

#4: Develop Your Clairvoyance with Flower Visualization

This is an especially fun technique! You begin by closing your eyes and focusing on your third eye area. Then, invite your Spirit Guides to show you peaceful images of beauty and be absent of any other thought. Let your mind wander, and the images will naturally flood your third eye!

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#5: Take a Nature Walk

Meditation doesn’t need to be boring or done while sitting. You can enjoy a mindfulness meditation by taking a nature walk. Concentrate on each step as you walk and focus on your body’s movement. With each step, repeat the word “step.” This will aid you in clearing your third eye from clutter and will also increase your vibration. Even a regular nature walk is also extremely meditative!

#6: Read Psychic Development Books

Reading helps you to become more aware of your skills, so reading a few pages of a psychic development book daily will help you to learn more about your natural talents and to hone your skills as you learn.

#7: Visit an Antique Store

These stores are full of energy. Visit an antique store and pay attention to what you intuitively sense and feel when you are in the store! Does the energy feel heavy? Wonderful? Pick up different objects and see what you sense. Maybe you’ll hear a name or see a vision!

#8: Make a Symbol Book

Often, psychic information comes to us in a number of ways. It often has a symbolic quality and shouldn’t be taken literally. Your Spirit Guides will help you in interpreting things as your psychic abilities develop. Get a journal and pen you like and sit quietly while you invite your Angels and Spirit Guides to help you. Ask them to show you a symbol, such as for events and occupations. For example, they may show you a birthday cake to represent a birthday, or you might hear the happy birthday song instead. Write all of these down in your symbol book so later, if you are shown that symbol again, you will remember what it means.

#9: Practice Your Aura-Seeing Skills

Anyone is able to learn to see auras, and it happens to be a great way to develop your psychic skills. Have a friend stand in front of a wall with a plain color. Step back eight feet. Then, focus on their forehead (third eye area) and imagine you are looking through them, at the wall beyond. You will begin to notice the aura layer around their head.

#10: Practice Giving Readings Often

The best way to develop a skill at something is to practice, and its key to becoming a medium or psychic. Give readings every chance you get and watch your skill, accuracy, and confidence increase with every reading.

#11: Tune-in to Your Pet

When your pet is calm, try sitting with him or her and intuitively picking up on their feelings. This helps to develop your clairsentience.

#12: Try Reading Old Family Photos

A picture says a thousand words – and can you read all of those words from a picture using your intuitive abilities and psychic gifts? Look at people in old photos and write everything down that you sense from them. This is a fun way to develop your psychic skills!

#13: Journal Often

Frequent journaling helps you to tune in to your higher self, your soul, and your spiritual helpers. Try thinking of a situation that you could use some guidance in. Journal about it and allow yourself to relax and be divinely guided at the same time.

#14: Join a Spiritual Development Circle or Class

No one is ever enough of an expert at something that they don’t have anything to learn from others. Try taking a class or joining a psychic development circle to meet others on their spiritual journey and see what you can pick up from them!

#15: Focus Your Third Eye

Clairvoyance is one of the primary abilities that come with being psychic. To develop it, take a few moments to focus on your third eye area, which lies just above and between your eyebrows. Imagine your third eye opening. If you do, you might even feel the spot begin to tingle!