Psychic Source Review

​If you're looking for an honest and detailed ​Psychic Source review, you've come to the right place.  I've used this company extensively for psychic readings over the years, and below I'm going to share with you everything you need to know.



  • ​All Readers Are Extensively Screened, Tested, and Re-Tested For Authenticity
  • ​Filter Available Psychics By Specialty, Rating, Reading Style, Price, and More.
  • ​100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Hundreds of Trusted Psychics To Choose From
  • Rates As Low As $0.66 Per Minute + 3 Free Min.
  • Most Psychic Source Reviews Rave About How Accurate Their Readings Are.


  • ​Limited Availability Occasionally For Their Most Popular Advisors.
  • ​No Readings Offered Over Email or Text Message.

How Does Psychic Source Work?

To get started, you’ll first have to create an account with them.  Once your account is setup, you’ll just add money with a credit card or the payment method of your choice.  Once your reading begins, money will be subtracted from your account balance on a per-minute basis.

Your number of minutes remaining and account balance are always transparent, so there are no surprise charges or spending more money than you want.  You can also end the session whenever you want.

There are two ways to get started with Psychic Source:

1.  Call Their Psychic Hotline

When you call the Psychic Source hotline, you will be connected to one of their customer service representatives and they will connect you to one of their real psychics that actually specialize in the type of questions you need answers on.

Here's the phone number to their psychic hotline if you're ready to get started: (866) 953-6748

2.  Visit The Psychic Source Website

By visiting ​, you can browse a list of their available psychics and hand-choose which reader you want to talk to.  Every clairvoyant or medium in their network has their own profile page where you can:

  • Learn about their psychic ability
  • Learn about their subject expertise
  • Read reviews and ratings from past customers

Once you find a psychic that you want to talk to, you have three options:

  • Call – If you click the “Call Me” button, you will be able to connect with them right away by phone.
  • Chat – If you click the “Chat” button, you will be transferred to a private chat room where you and your Psychic Source advisor can talk in real-time by typing questions into the chat box and receiving answers immediately.
  • Return Call – If you click on the “Return Call” button, you can schedule a time for your chosen psychic to call YOU back.  This feature is typically used when the reader is not available or on another phone psychic reading with a customer.

How To Find The Best Advisor on Psychic Source For Your Needs

reviewsWith so many psychic mediums to choose from, it can be difficult trying to decide which psychic reader is the best for your situation.

But fortunately, PsychicSource has a very intuitive website that allows you to sort and filter through their available advisors to help you find the perfect fit.

  • Type of Psychic – Filter their advisors by the type of psychic reader you’re looking for. For example, you can search their available advisors if you’re looking specifically for love psychics, clairvoyants, tarot readers, etc…
  • Type of Reading – You can filter by the type of psychic reading you’re looking for such as phone readings, online chat, or live video.
  • Subject Expertise – You can also narrow down the choices by subject expertise such as love and relationships, careers, destiny, or spirit guides.
  • Divination Tools – You can also search for psychics by the type of divination tools they use in their readings such as tarot cards, angel cards, crystals, numerology, etc…
  • Reading Style – And lastly, you also have the option to filter by reading style. Whether you want someone that is compassionate, knowledgeable, or straight-forward, you can find someone that’s perfect for what you need.

What Type of Readings Are Available ​From Psychic Source?

Psychic Source’s reputation proceeds them, and it is definitely evident in the various types of readings they offer customers:

Angel Cards:

An Angel card reading is a way to connect to the entities that are surrounding you, but which we may not perceive or recognize are around us. These readings can help you gain a sense of peace and have a more satisfying perspective on what’s coming to pass.

Astrology Readings:

More than just a horoscope reading, an astrology reading is a tool used by advisors to hone in on patterns from the sun, moon, and planet. They then connect these this to what happens in your life’s past, present, and future.


These are readings where a psychic uses a standard 52-card deck to answer any questions you have or to offer insight into your past, present, or future. These are often used for divination or future telling, with cartomancy being a type of reading for people who are concerned with understanding big steps for their future.

Dream Interpretation:

Instructing you on the intricacies of keeping a dream diary, along with nightmare interpretation, they offer a vast amount of help with dream analysis that can help you dive deeper into your subconscious.

Energy Work:

Offering you self-healing, energy workers help you on your journey toward both healing and self-discovery in your emotional, physical, and spiritual components of your being. Working as a vessel for Source Energy, you can experience ultimate restoration and healing with energy work.

Lost Object Readings:

Offering a well-rounded approach to helping you find your lost object, it can also be revealing for other aspects of your life by looking at your feelings, experience, or relationship that is attached to that particular piece.

Love Psychic Readings:

Covering anything from romance to infidelity, they have a vast offering of advisors who offer love psychic readings. These are often extremely influential for understanding emotional obstacles in your own life, ushering you toward peace of mind and completeness.

Love Tarot:

The most popular subject for Tarot card readings, love tarot readings continue to be very helpful and insightful for issues of the heart. This is an excellent option for people who are looking for guidance in their love life and seeking an unbiased reading of their circumstances.


Helping you to understand important dates in your life, numerology readings offer you guidance on dates that are impactful for your own life. These can also give you meaning about the numerical value associated with a name or other words that hold a significance for you.

Past Life Readings:

Predicating readings on reincarnation, these sessions can reveal patterns that follow you from your past lives in your present relationships and motivations, giving you a better indication of who you are now.

Spiritual Readings:

These are readings that help you to understand the mysterious components of your existence, ultimately revealing truths about you, loved ones, and undeniable ties that bind us all. Their advisors are able to help those who approach this with an open heart and mind discover more about their connection to the spiritual realm, their own personal uniqueness, and much more.


Offering both phone and online options, their tarot readings can help people find solutions for their relationship issues, family problems, career answers, spiritual guidance, money issues, or any aspect that you feel needs assistance.

As you can see, there is no shortage of readings you can get at Psychic Source. Their advisors are all qualified in their gift. With clairvoyants, clairaudients, clairsentients, empaths, pet psychics, and mediums, their versatile group of psychics is well-versed and capable of offering any type of reading you may be after.

What Makes Psychic Source Unique ​From Its Competitors?

Psychic Source stands out from its competitors for a variety of reasons.  Here’s a few of them:

Excellent Reputation With 30 Years in Business

PsychicSource is one of the oldest psychic networks in the industry and has gained an excellent reputation over the years.  The fact that they’ve been in business for that long shows how committed they are to helping others and providing excellent customer service.

Easy To Choose The Best Psychic For Your Situation

One of the things I like most about Psychic Source is how easy they make it to find the perfect psychic for any situation.  Their intuitive website allows you to sort and filter their available psychics by:

  • Subject expertise
  • Psychic ability
  • Reading style
  • Availability
  • Customer Ratings
  • Price

Membership Awards

New customers can enroll in the membership rewards for free, earning 3% bonus for each dollar added to the account. You also get an extra $5 when you sign up for the rewards.

In-Depth Profile Pages For Each Psychic

Psychic Source makes sure you know a lot about the advisors in their lineup, offering in-depth profiles (these include reviews, availability, and detailed info) that let you know more about each person before you work with them.

Live Video Readings

Just recently, Psychic Source added the option to get a live video reading in addition to readings by chat and phone.  This type of reading uses a webcam on your computer where you can see your psychic face-to-face, as if you were right there in front of them.  Live video combines the personal touch of an in-person reading with the convenience of a phone or chat reading.

​​Price and ​Introductory Offer

​Psychic Source offers a very attractive ​special offer for first-time customers. They have three different packages to choose from and each package comes along with 3 free minutes to start your reading.

For standard rates, the prices vary depending on the psychic's experience, ability, and rating from past customers.  ​The best psychics will typically cost more than an inexperienced psychic.  The first-time customer discount is a great way to test out a psychic advisor without having to pace full-prices.

Psychic Source also offers a money-back guarantee on all readings.  You either love your psychic, or the reading is free!




​10 Minutes


20 Minutes


​30 Minutes

​​Psychic Source Review Conclusion - Final Thoughts

If you're looking for a ​reputable psychic network, you really can't go wrong with Psychic Source. They offer a plethora of different types of reading to choose from and each of their advisors have been screened and tested for authenticity.  With rates as low as $0.66 per minute and a money back guarantee, Psychic Source should be at the top of everyone's list​ for ​readings by phone, online chat​, or video.