10 Unmistakable Traits That You Are A Clairsentient


Clairsentience, often referred to as “clear-feeling”, is the psychic ability to sense other people’s emotions. Do your loved ones often ask you for advice, knowing that your intuition is usually right? Do you get a sense of other people’s feelings and motives without interacting with them? If so, you might be a clairsentient.

Clairsentience is your gut-instinct and is associated with your solar plexus, which is located at the top of your stomach. In this article, I’ll discuss what clarsentience is, the signs that you might be a clairsentient, and how to develop this psychic gift.

What Is The Meaning of Clairsentience?

The term clairsentience can be defined from two words. Claire means “clear” in French, and sentient is the ability to perceive or feel things. Together, they form the word clairsentience, which can be defined as “having the ability to perceive things clearly.”

Clairsentient people can feel the emotional state of things, such as the emotions in a room, possibly from a person or an object. Clairsentience is considered an ESP ability because it allows the user to gather information without the use of the traditional five senses: touch, hearing, smell, sight, and taste.

However, clairsentient people do not utilize any of these senses to gather information.  As a result, clairsentience is often deemed a “sixth sense” that some people possess. Clairsentients use their intuition to interpret the environment around them. They are often highly sensitive people who are easily stimulated by loud noises or the energy around them.  In some cases, they can even pick up on physical pain as well.

10 Signs That You Have Clairsentient Abilities

Being a clairsentient is a special gift. The ability to pick up on and interpret the emotions in your environment can be very useful when interacting with others. But for many clairsentients, this gift is also a curse.

If you have a natural ability to feel emotions, you just might be clairsentient. Here are 10 signs that you have clairsentient abilities.

1. You Can Feel Energy Inside A Room

Have you ever entered a room only to feel the atmosphere change? If two people are arguing and you enter the room, the residual energy from their argument will linger in the air. As a clairsentient, you’ll be able to pick up on the negative energy in the room.

This is one of the reasons why clairsentient’s often shy away from public places. As there are many people with different emotional states, sensing so many emotions at once can be overwhelming.

2. You Find It Difficult Being in Large Crowds

big crowd of people

Studies show being in a crowd amplifies the emotions that we feel. Multiply that by a factor of hundreds or even thousands, and you can understand why clairsentients dislike large groups.

Music concerts, night clubs, and sports stadiums are just some places that clairsentients have trouble handling. They’re likely to feel burned out by sensing the emotions of so many people at once.

3. You Have A Strong Intuition and Gut Feelings

If you’ve ever had a strong feeling about something but didn’t know why, the feeling could be your clairsentience at work. Gut feelings are when you get that pit in your stomach, as though something’s wrong.

Your intuition and ability to sense other’s emotions will benefit you greatly in the realm of the unknown. What may seem like gut feelings are actually your clairsentience trying to tell you something important.

4. You Are Very Sensitive

Easily startled by loud noises? Irritated by the smallest pin drop in a room? You could be clairsentient if you are very sensitive to these things.

Being able to get in touch with other people’s emotions is a highly sensitive trait that requires focus. When you add another form of stimuli to your environment, you may become confused by everything that’s happening. As a result, even the slightest noise may set you off or inexplicably trigger some sort of reaction from you.

5. Sad Movies Make You Cry

woman crying to sad movie

Do you start to tear up as the characters on screen cry? Does an emotional breakup touch you to the core and trigger an emotional response? If sad movies make you feel blue, there’s a good chance you’re clairsentient. As these gifted people are highly in tune with emotions, any emotional display will influence them to feel the same way.

6. You Can Feel When Spirits Are Around

One of the main symptoms of being a clairsentient is that you can feel when spirits are around you. Spirits and supernatural entities give off energy. As humans, we cannot see them, but we can feel them. This occurrence is because the energies of these supernatural beings do not match ours.

A clairsentient will be able to pinpoint and locate these spirits in the area. As their intuition allows them to tap into the energy sources in the room, they can sense where these spirits are and what their energy says. All non-clairsentient individuals will feel a chill in the air without any idea why.

7. You Feel Random Emotions Without Reason

Do you ever get random outbursts of anger? Or maybe you go from happy to annoyed in a short period? If you’re emotions fluctuate and you feel random emotions without reason, you might be clairsentient.

Since these people are highly in tune with others’ emotions, clairsentients also become sponges for negative energy. They may inadvertently tap into another person’s feelings, only to discover that they are in a negative state. This leaves clairsentients in a bitter mood, which can fluctuate depending on who they are around.

8. People Often Tell You That You’re Too Sensitive

Do you yelp at the slightest offense? Are you easily startled by noises or touch? Sensitivity is a big part of being clairsentient, and being labeled as such is a common occurrence.

Intuition and empathy are feelings that can only be triggered in a highly sensitive state. As a result, a clairsentient’s sensitivity is attributed to their ability to sense other’s emotions. If you flee at the sight of horror or resonate deeply with human suffering, that may be a sign you are clairsentient.

9. You Can Physically Feel Other People’s Pain

Pain is an emotion of suffering and vulnerability. If you can feel other people’s pain as though it were your own, you may be a clairsentient.

Clairsentients can sense other’s people’s emotions on a high-frequency level. This results in them absorbing the emotions of the other people near them. If you’ve ever felt pain around someone who’s in a lousy mood, that’s your clairsentience at work.

10. You Can Immediately Tell When A Friend Has Had A Bad Day

woman comforting her friend

Is your usual gleeful friend looking down? Can you sense when something wrong or negative has happened even without any form of preface from your friend? Being able to sense other people’s emotions comes with the benefit of being able to know when something’s wrong.

As a clairsentient, your ability to tap into the emotions of others is particularly useful when someone is having a bad day. You’ll be able to sense precisely how they feel and what you can do to cheer them up.

How To Develop Your Clairsentience if You Have It

Like any new skill you’ve just picked up, the key to becoming good at it is to practice. If you want to strengthen your clairsentient abilities, you’ll need to gain more knowledge and experience. You can do this by regularly exercising your ability.

Focus on Your Environment

Being highly in tune with your environment allows clairsentients to sense their surroundings. If you’re looking to strengthen your psychic abilities, you’ll want to practice in an environment that is suitable for it.

Trying to sense your environment in a cluttered or messy room will throw off your perception. Instead of detecting what’s around you, you’ll become distracted by the negative energy the clutter is putting off. Make sure your environment is free of clutter to give your clairsentience the comfort it needs.

Practice Reading A Friend

One way to strengthen your clairsentience is to practice it on a friend. Ask a friend to look at a photo of someone you don’t know. Maybe tell them to remember an event from their past. Once they’ve done so, try to sense the emotions your friend is now giving off.

Are they in a happier mood? Are they vibrating on a lower or higher frequency? These notions will give you insights about what is in their mind.

Now, try to guess whether or not that experience was positive or negative. Over time, you’ll be able to accurately predict what someone is thinking of based on the emotions they are giving off. Repeat this exercise many times to develop your clairsentience.

Use Psychometry to Read an Object’s Energy


Psychometry is the ability to read the energy an object gives off. As a clairsentient, you may have realized particular objects give off a certain vibe or aura. Practicing psychometry is another excellent way to improve your ability.

To practice psychometry, hold in your hand an object you know nothing about. This is important to overcome any preconceived opinions or biases. Metallic objects such as wedding rings or bracelets are great items to use, as energy is naturally attracted to metal.

Once the object is in your hand, try to sense the energy it is giving off. Slowly rub the item against your hand, arm, and fingers. Use your senses to intuit what kind of energy you are receiving from the object.

Is this feeling positive or negative? Does the item resonate from your touch? Is there a lot of tension and stress? What kind of traits or feelings does the owner of the object possess?

Once you’ve collected enough information, hand the object back and tell the owner what kind of insights you sensed and see if they’re true. In the beginning, your insights may be incorrect or wrong – that’s okay. Over time as you practice more, you’ll be able to unlock more of your clairsentience and sense things for what they are.

Balance Your Heart Chakra

Your heart chakra is the bridge between you and your thoughts, emotions, and spiritual essence. Those who have a well-developed heart chakra have a greater capacity for empathy and feelings of ease.

Opening your heart chakra will allow you to tap into the deeper feelings within yourself. Rubbing your favorite essential oils, such as rose or lavender, on your heart chakra will help to open it up. After a few minutes, sense your surroundings and see if there’s a difference.

Make A Crystal Grid

Crystals are commonly known to contain healing energies. Placing crystals in your home or surroundings can help you feel at peace.

Gems such as amber, rose quartz, and amethyst are great for amplifying your clairsentience. Utilize a crystal grid to create an environment that positively benefits your intuitive abilities.


woman practicing meditation

Meditation is a very popular practice among spiritual individuals. For thousands of years, monks, Buddhists, and spiritual gurus have openly talked about the benefits of meditation. And in recent years, science has begun to provide evidence that it is true.

Meditating allows you to connect with your inner self. By entering a deep self-reflective state, you can discover things you never knew before. If you have any limiting thoughts or unconscious barriers holding you back from clearly understanding your clairsentience, meditating can help.

What’s the Difference Between A Clairsentient and an Empath?

Commonly mistaken for one another, a clairsentient and an empath are two distinct individuals. An empath is someone who can feel the emotions of other people, including animals and objects. They are highly aware of the feelings around them, to the point of sometimes taking on those emotions themselves.

However, a clairsentient is someone who uses their ability to feel emotions on a deeper level. They can not only feel another person’s emotions, but they also receive insight about what is causing those emotions.

For example, empath psychics may feel anger if placed close to someone who is steaming with rage, but they will not know why they are mad. A clairsentient, however, would not only feel that person’s anger but also have a good intuition about why they’re upset.

Besides being able to perceive emotions, clairsentients are also highly aware of their environment. They may be able to tell if someone is watching them, or they might feel anxious in situations just before there is danger. Clairsentients can intuitively predict things before they happen, almost as though they possess psychic abilities.

Their ability to be in tune with other’s emotions make them highly spiritual. As clairsentients are highly sensitive, they can also pick up on the energy that is emitted from spirits or supernatural entities. Clairsentients are also able to detect energy in a space even when no one is around – which may be left behind by people who previously occupied the area.

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