11 Signs and Symptoms That You Have Clairsentience

Clairsentient people are those who have the gift or clear sensing. This psychic ability allows you to feel things about people and places. If you often find yourself thinking, “I just know something is up with her!” or you feel completely drained after a simple trip to the mall, then you might be clairsentient!

If clairsentience is one of your intuitive abilities, then it’s completely normal to get vibes about things throughout your everyday life. Does any of this ring a bell for you?


Here are some more in-depth signs that you might have the gift of clairsentience!

#1: You Feel Completely Drained After Being Part of a Large Group

It’s normal for clairsentients to feel energy and to feel it strongly. For this reason, it can be extremely draining to engage with many people at once for an extended period of time. Sensing the emotions of all those people can really wear down on a person. That’s why clairsentient people will need to recharge with quiet time alone, allowing them to rejuvenate.

#2: You Have Spot on Instincts About Places, People, and Situations

Have you ever encountered someone and just felt like you knew something about them – and turned out to be right? If you sense people’s intentions without having any logical explanation, then this is a fairly clear indicator of your clairsentience! As a result, your friends might find themselves coming to you a lot to ask what you think about their potential partners after going on a first date. Maybe you’ve always known about certain people you needed to stay away from – and who later turned out to be trouble. Whatever the case may be, this is your clairsentience making itself known and helping to give insight into the people around you.

#3: You Sense Energy from a Room

Have you walked into a room once an argument has ended there and were able to sense something happened – without having any way of knowing that a fight occurred there? Leftover energy is tangible to those with clairsentience – and this is part of the reason that crowded places can be so draining. Many clairsentients who have learned to cope with their abilities tend to carry something protective with them, such as a black tourmaline crystal.

#4: You Can Always Tell When Someone Had a Bad Day (Even When They Try to Hide It)

If your friend asks you, “How did you know?” about a certain way they were feeling, then this is a sign that you are clairsentient. You tend to work as a human emotion detector! Even if your friend is wearing a huge smile, you can see right through that and know what’s really going on.

#5: It’s Extremely Difficult for You to Watch the News

If you tend to avoid the newspaper and news stations, this is a classic sign you have psychic clairsentience abilities. This is because it’s incredibly easy for you to pick up on energy, and distressing stories are full of negative energy. You can pick up on the terror and despair of those who have lost everything they have in a hurricane and the anxiety of people impacted by new laws being passed.

#6: You Find Yourself in Tears Over Emotional Movies

Of course, Hollywood’s main goal is to make us feel things when we watch their movies, but if you’re clairsentient, you probably think they do too good of a job! If clairsentience is one of your psychic gifts, you’ll be able to feel the emotions that the characters portray. After two hours of that, you can feel extremely exhausted!

#7: You Feel Random Emotions Without Cause

If you feel overcome with waves of emotion for no apparent reason, then don’t let your friends tell you that it’s just your hormones or that you’re making something up. It’s just your clairsentience making itself known!  Energy and spirits are everywhere, constantly surrounding us. As a clairsentient person, you will sense these energies and be impacted by them!

#8: You Are Extremely Sensitive to Your Environment

Do subtle changes in the workplace or room impact you dramatically? Do you find that clutter in your space manifests as clutter in your mind and affects you as you work? Clairsentient people are extremely connected to their environments because these environments come with their own unique energies.

The energy in a house might even sway your opinion of if you want to live or stay there or not. If shifts in the environment around you throw you for a loop, or clutter makes you feel like crawling out of your skin, then these are signs that you are clairsentient.

#9: You Feel Other People’s Emotional and Physical Pain

clairsentient traitsHave you ever seen a homeless person and then felt hunger pangs? Or have you felt the dull ache from a person you were visiting in a hospital? Those with clairsentience don’t only pick up on mental energy, but physical pain, too. If you often find yourself in this position, it is wise to protect yourself by removing yourself from the situation as often as you can. This means, for example, that you shouldn’t volunteer in a hospital, but instead walk puppies at the Humane Society, and so on.

#10: People Tell You That You’re Too Sensitive

Do people tell you that you’ve overly sensitive? You might have even heard the word empathic used to describe you frequently. If you have clairsentience, this makes perfect sense. People who feel psychically are also referred to as empaths. They can pick up the feelings of others strongly. If your friends and family describe you this way, or if they call on you when they’re struggling because they know you’ll understand best, then this is a sign that you are clairsentient.

#11: Your Gut Feelings Are Strong

If you are known for having spot on gut feelings, then this is another sign of clairsentience. Those with this gift can sense the intentions, feelings, and motives of others without even speaking to them. If signs point to you being clairsentience, then make sure that you trust your intuition!