The Best Online Psychics For Real Readings By Phone or Chat 2019

​​When ​the ​life feels uncertain and the ​path forward feels murky, it's not uncommon to seek the help of a​ real online psychic for ​​guidance and clarity.

​Whether you need insight into your relationships, ​help making an important life decision, or just simply want to know what the future holds for you, a ​psychic reading can provide you with the ​answers and guidance ​you need to move forward​.

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Unfortunately, finding ​the best online psychics is not an easy task.  ​For every legitimate psychic that wants to use their natural ability to help others, there are just as many fake mediums that have no real ability at all.  How do you really know who to trust?

​Don't worry -  Getting a real psychic reading by phone or ​chat is ​possible​.  In fact, they can even be more accurate than visiting a medium in person​!  The key is just understanding which ​companies ​to trust and which ones ​to avoid.  And that's how I can help!

​Who Am I and Why Should You Listen To Me?

Alissa Monroe

​My name is Alissa Monroe and I know a thing or two about ​online psychics.  That's because I’ve been ​getting psychic readings for the past ​10 years​ and have tried ​nearly every type of reading you can imagine along the way.  

​I've tried everything from phone readings, online chat, tarot, astrology, medium readings, chakra balancing, dream interpretation, and everything in between.  You name it, and I've tried it.

Through trial and error, I've discovered where to find the absolute best psychic​ readings (100% ​REAL) and how to avoid scammers ​in the process. ​

The ​​​​​​​​​​​​Best ​​​​Online Psychic Networks of 2019

​Over the past 10 years, I've tried ​​nearly every psychic website that offers readings by phone or online chat. ​Some ​services are AMAZING, some are average, and some are downright terrible!  They're definitely not all created equal.

​If you want a really good psychic reading​ from a trusted company, ​below are​ my top recommendations for 2019.

​Psychic Network



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  • ​Highly Accurate Psychic Readings By Phone, Online Chat, or Live Video.
  • ​​​​​​Every Psychic Advisor Is ​Carefully Screened and Tested For Authenticity.
  • ​Trusted Company With Over 30 Years in Business.
  • ​Excellent Choice For Love Readings and Big Life Decisions.

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  • ​​Great For Tarot Readings, Dream Analysis, and General Life Questions.
  • ​Available 24/7 ​via Phone Reading or Chat Session.
  • ​​Filter Available Psychics By Subject Expertise, Price, and Rating.
  • ​​​Special Offer: 15 ​Minutes For Just $10

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  • ​​​​​​Cheap Psychic Readings - Just $1.99 For 10 Minutes!
  • ​Over 1,700 ​​Psychic Advisors Available With A Wide Range of Specialties To Choose From.
  • ​​​Connect 24/7 ​By Phone, Chat, or Keen App.
  • 100% Anonymous and Confidential.

  • ​Best Source For An Email ​Reading.
  • ​​​​Great For Astrology Readings, Fortune Telling, and Career Forecasts.
  • ​​​​3 Free Minutes ​​and 50% Off First ​Session.
  • ​​​​​​Accepts Paypal.

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  • Live ​​Psychic Chat Via Webcam.
  • $9.99 in Free Credits After Signing Up.
  • ​Great Option For Live Tarot Card Readings.
  • No Phone Psychic Readings Available.

​#1 ​Psychic Source​

psychicsource reviews

​For the best psychics and the most accurate readings you'll find anywhere, look no further than Psychic Source.  With over 30 years in business (since 1989!) and thousands of 5-star reviews from satisfied clients, Psychic Source is the oldest and most trusted psychic network in the industry.

I've used Psychic Source on many different occasions and ​I've always been blown away by how accurate and knowledgeable they are.  All of their advisors are highly skilled and their predictions are always spot-on.  I've never been disappointed with a reading from ​this company​!

​Psychic Source has advisors that specialize in a variety of different fields including love readings, astrology, tarot readings, energy healing, ​life questions, and more.  For your convenience, all advisors can easily be filtered by availability, subject expertise, price, and customer rating.  ​

If you're looking for a​n awesome psychic reading from a reputable company, it doesn't get any better than Psychic Source.

  • ​​Connect 24/7 By Phone, Online Chat, or Live Video.
  • ​​All Psychic Advisors Are Tested and Re-Tested For Authenticity.
  • ​Amazing Love Readings!
  • ​​Over 30 Years in Business and Thousands of Positive Reviews.
  • ​Very Affordable Rates and 3 Free Minutes With Every Session.

​#2 Asknow​​

asknow review

​​​​​Asknow is an online psychic network that has been in business since 2005, offering some of the best phone psychics and chat readings ever since.  

I've talked to several different advisors at Asknow over the past couple of years and they've all been fantastic.  You can really tell within minutes that they are the real deal. Instead of offering vague advice like other companies, their answers are always very specific and provide a lot of valuable insight.  

Asknow has experts in a variety of specialties including love, relationships, life questions, money, career, past lives, tarot, astrology and more.  Each advisor in the Asknow network is thoroughly screened and tested for accuracy.  In fact, only 1 in 85 psychics meet their strict quality standards.  When you get a reading from Asknow, you can feel confident in knowing that your reader is 100% ​genuine.

No matter what type of guidance you need, you can trust the experts at Asknow to deliver ​excellent readings at an affordable price.  ​

  • ​​​24/7 Psychic Readings Over The Phone or ​Online Chat.
  • ​All ​Psychics Are Thoroughly Screened and Tested For Accuracy.
  • Great Option For Tarot Readings, Dream Analysis, and Life Questions.
  • ​Readings Available in English or Spanish.
  • Introductory Special: 15 Minute​s For Just $10.

​#3 Keen​

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​Keen is a psychic website that has been around since 1999.  They're one of the largest psychic networks on the internet with over 4 million customers and 43 million readings given over the last 20 years.

The biggest thing that separates Keen from other companies is their vast selection of spiritual readers to choose from.  With over 1,700 psychic advisors available on the Keen platform, they have almost every type of reading you can think of.  All of their advisors are categorized by their subject expertise and can easily be sorted by price, customer rating, and availability.

With Keen, you have the option of connecting to one of their gifted psychics by phone, chat, or through the Keen mobile app. The Keen mobile app allows you to easily browse their list of advisors and see who's available to chat with at any given time.  Once you find someone that you feel comfortable with, you can connect instantly for a phone reading or chat session.

If you're looking for a cheap psychic reading​, Keen should be near the top of your list.  For just $1.99, you can get a 10 minute reading with one of their top​ psychics.

  • Affordable Rates - 10 Minutes For Just $1.99!
  • ​Over 1,700 Available Advisors By Phone, Chat, or the Keen App.
  • ​"Arrange A Call" Feature Has Your Favorite Psychic ​Call You Back.
  • ​​100% Anonymous and Confidential.
  •  14 Million Satisfied Clients Since 1999.

​#4 Kasamba​

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​​Kasamba (previously known as LivePerson) is a company that has been providing online psychic readings since 1999, with over 4 million clients since that time.  

With Kasamba, you can talk to a psychic 24/7 through their real-time chat platform. They also provide an option for email readings, where you can send a list of questions and receive answers directly to your inbox shortly after.  ​Unfortunately, Kasamba doesn't offer phone psychic readings at this time.

​Each advisor on Kasamba gets to set their own rates and schedule.  The price you pay will vary depending on how popular the psychic is on the Kasamba ​network.  Since every spiritual advisor gets their own profile page, you can read reviews and ratings left by past clients.  This feature makes it really easy to find the good psychics and to avoid the bad ones.

One of the things I really love about Kasamba is that your first 3 minutes are completely free. This gives you an ample amount of time to get a feel for your ​advisor and see if you feel a true connection.  In addition, all first-time customers get 50% off as well.

  • ​3 Free Minutes ​Every Time You Try A New Reader.
  • ​New Members Get 50% Off​.
  • ​Convenient Payment Options Including Credit Card and PayPal.
  • Really Good Astrology Readings.

​#5 Oranum​​

oranum reviews

Based out of Poland, Oranum is a global spiritual community that takes a unique approach to psychic readings online.  Rather than offering ​telephone readings like most psychic sites, Oranum offers ​​live video chat via webcam.  ​Video chat combines the ​intimacy of an in-person​ ​meeting ​with the convenience of a ​phone reading.

​Registering an account on Oranum is completely free​ and you get $9.99 in free credits after signing up.  Once your account is setup, you can browse their list of over 200 spiritual advisors or narrow your search to a certain category you're interested in. If you're looking for a​ psychic that is bilingual, you'll be glad to know that Oranum is available in 19 different languages. ​

​Most advisors on the Oranum website charge between $2-4 per minute, with the ​​highest rated ​psychics being on the upper-end of the spectrum.  ​If you do decide to use Oranum, ​my advice would be to ​pick someone that has at least a 4-star rating and​ has plenty of positive ​​reviews.

  • ​Video Readings Allow For A More Personal Connection.
  • ​Receive $9.99 in Free Credits After Registering An Account.
  • ​Great Option For A Tarot Card Reading.
  • ​​ is Available in 19 Different Languages.

​Can An Online Psychic Reading Really Be Accurate?

​Many people don't realize this, but the physical distance between you and your psychic ​doesn't actually impact the accuracy of the reading. It's really just a matter of preference.  

For some people, talking to a ​clairvoyant in person is the preferred method. And for others, a psychic phone ​reading or online chat ​session is the more convenient choice.  

A real medium will be able to pick up on your energy and aura regardless of your physical location.

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​​Unlock the answers to your past, present, and future.

​​In addition, ​getting a psychic reading online can actually be MORE accurate than visiting a ​medium in person.  ​That's because the reader can't be influenced by your physical appearance or other ​clues such as:

  • How ​you look and dress
  • Your facial expressions
  • Your body language
  • The presence or absence of a wedding ring
  • How you act

​​​The interesting thing is that most ​​​clairvoyants actually ​prefer ​to ​give psychic readings online because it allows them to reach ​more ​clients than ​they would normally be able to.  ​

The accuracy of a​ ​physic ​will depend on several factors such as:

  • Their experience level
  • Divination tools used​
  • The skill and talent of the reader
  • How direct and open you are with them

​Keep in mind that most psychic sites give you 3 free minutes at the beginning of each reading.  Use this time to get a ​feel for your advisor's style and personality. If you don't like ​their energy or the vibe just feels off, don't be afraid to hang up the phone and try again with another spiritual reader until you find someone you have a true connection with.

​How To ​Choose A ​Top Rated Psychic Medium ​Without Getting Scammed

​While finding a top-rated​ psychic​ with high ratings is important, it's just as important to find an advisor who is compatible with you on a personal level.  

When you search for a spiritual advisor on the highest ranked psychic sites, make sure to let your inner wisdom and intuition guide you in the process. 

Take a look at each psychic's profile and see who you are drawn to the most. Pay close attention to your gut-instinct as you examine their profile and read about their paranormal ability.

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​Get valuable insight, answers, and spiritual advice!

​If you're looking for a particular type of online reading such as ​mediumship or tarot, make sure your chosen advisor has experience in that field.  Not every professional psychic specializes in every type of reading, so it's very important to choose a clairvoyant reader that has the skills to deliver what you need.  For example, it doesn't make any sense to choose a tarot reader if an astrology reading is what you need.

And lastly, don't just blindly pick the top ranked psychic with the highest ratings.  Take a few minutes and look at the written psychic reviews to see what past clients have had to say about them.  Some ​advisors might have good ratings, but that doesn't mean that they're friendly and compassionate.  Checking out reviews will help you get a better sense of a ​physic reader's personality and whether or not you think they'll be a good fit for ​you.

​Here's a few tips before you start:

  1. ​Decide which area of your life you want to discuss and why (love, career, money, family problems, life questions, etc...)
  2. ​Understand what type of physic reading you're looking for (relationships, tarot, astrology, medium, love, etc...)
  3. ​Clear your mind and set a clear intention before the session starts.
  4. ​Choose a psychic that matches your budget.  Once the ​first 3 minutes are over, you'll be paying their per-minute rate for the remainder of the session.