How To Develop Clairvoyance Ability With 10 Simple Techniques


Clairvoyant ability refers to being able to perceive things or events that are not present. In other words, you can tap into psychic abilities and see life more clearly.

Becoming clairvoyant is something that takes practice and time. The gift is not exactly like having visions and seeing the future, but it can manifest in different ways, such as:

  • A vivid dream coming true
  • Being able to visualize something you’ve lost and know where it is
  • Seeing someone in your mind and then hearing from them that same day

While learning clairvoyance can be difficult, it can also be super fun.  In this guide, we’ll cover 9 different techniques for how to increase clairvoyance.

10 Techniques To Help Increase Your Clairvoyant Abilities

Practice Visualization

The psychic ability of clairvoyance is all about seeing. People who develop clairvoyant abilities use their mind’s eye—or third eye—to see visions or pictures.

The visions you see happen in your mind, so it helps to practice visualization exercises.

Spend some time each day picturing detailed scenes or images in your mind. Start with something simple, such as flowers or numbers. Try to hold the image in your head for ten seconds.

If you have trouble coming up with an image, use something around you. Go outside and stare at a plant. Then, try to remember all the details of that plant with your eyes closed.

Clairvoyant Games

An excellent way to strengthen clairvoyance is to play visual memory games.

For example, you can pick up some random objects around your house and study them for about twenty seconds. Then, try to reimagine these objects with your eyes closed or walk away from the objects and write down every detail you remember.

Focus on the details when you recall the object. What were the colors and shapes?

If you want to work on your psychic development, consider getting some Zener cards. Use these cards to send and receive images to a buddy or make your own game using index cards.

Using Crystals

Different crystals have properties to enhance your psychic abilities. It’s important to understand the vibrations and properties of your crystals before you can learn to use these tools appropriately.

Some crystals you can use to open or develop your third eye include:

  • Amethyst
  • Aquamarine
  • Fluorite
  • Herkimer Diamond
  • Labradorite
  • Moonstone

When you find a crystal that feels right to you, place it near you during meditation. Or carry it around throughout the day as a reminder.

Keep A Dream Journal

In dreams, your subconscious mind can roam free. Sleep is a time to rest your body and let your soul travel.

Working with your dreams can bridge that gap between worlds and improve your clairvoyance.

Keep a journal close to you when you sleep so that you can record your dreams. You may start to see signs and patterns emerging from your imagination. Tapping into these spiritual connections is helpful for becoming clairvoyant.

Documented records also let you track your progress in this realm. As time passes, you will notice it will become easier to remember and identify common threads in your dreams.

Ask For Guidance From Your Spirit Guides

Have you woken up one day with an extraordinary revelation? During your dreams, you may encounter your spirit guides.

It’s vital to learn to communicate with these wise beings because they can provide answers to the information you want to know.

Before you go to bed, set an intention to open yourself up to clairvoyant messages. Next, write down the information from your spirit when you wake up.

You may also receive advice from your spiritual guide while you are awake. All you have to do is ask questions while you meditate.

For example:

  • Ask for images to increase in size or clarity
  • Ask your spirit guides to explain what you are seeing
  • Ask what the images mean

The answers may come to you as feelings or energy flows. It could even feel like magic.

Psychic Meditation

Meditation works to increase clairvoyance. It’s another easy path to psychic development and opening your third eye.

When you meditate specifically to become clairvoyant, it works a lot like visualization.

Do a meditation that involves seeing a loved one. First, settle into a comfortable position for this exercise. Then, try to imagine the person’s face clearly.

Imagine the specific features, such as freckles, dimples, and eyebrows.

All meditations improve your mind’s eye, but before you embark on this exercise, set an intention to develop clairvoyance.

Another meditation for developing clairvoyance ability is:

  1. Sit in a quiet place and center yourself.
  2. Imagine that light is coming into the top of your head.
  3. Visualize your third eye filling with light from the inside.
  4. After you fill your chakra, let the light penetrate the entire room.

Unblock Any Clairvoyant Fears

Developing your clairvoyant abilities can be intimidating. It is possible that you were intuitive at one point in your life, and now you’ve locked that part of yourself away.

You may have hidden your psychic gifts if you:

  • Have seen things that scared you
  • Have had adults silence you
  • Never had someone teach you to set boundaries

Getting that energy back requires you to let go of fear and be intentional.

Some tips for a good experience as a clairvoyant psychic include:

  • Starting your work with a prayer, where you ask to know your highest good.
  • Providing yourself with the time you need—don’t rush the process.
  • Meditating with clear intentions and a positive mantra.


When you do anything to develop psychic ability, affirmations are a key part of the work. It can help you in many ways, freeing you and releasing fears.

Repeat affirmations to yourself like, “I am prepared to open myself up to develop clairvoyance.” Learn to release negative feelings associated with your intuitive gifts.

Understanding your emotions can be one of the most challenging parts of practicing clairvoyance.

Focus on Your Third Eye

We’ve mentioned the third eye a few times now, but what is it?

It is the chakra you strengthen when you learn how to become clairvoyant. It is the essence responsible for psychic experiences.

Open your third eye by:

  • Doing your best to visualize an oval shape in the middle of your eyebrows (the center of your forehead).
  • When you try to imagine it, is the eye open?
  • If not, continue to ask it to open until you see it.
  • You may feel warmth and love whenever you get this to work.

Your eye might not respond on your first attempt. Do not feel discouraged in your clairvoyant journey.

The psychic eye is like a muscle—you have to use it to make it stronger.

You can also try gently tapping that area when you want to practice clairvoyance. You might even feel a tingle.

Trust yourself as you take this journey.

Find A Friend To Help In Your Journey

For beginners, it can be fun to learn how to develop clairvoyance with a friend. There are great free activities that you can do together to sharpen your skills, like:

  • Practicing seeing each other’s auras
  • Playing memory games
  • Giving practice clairvoyant readings without fear of judgment
  • Practicing telepathy

If you don’t have a partner to work on clairvoyance, why not join an in-person or online group? You can also look for a book or blog page on clairvoyance.

Once you unlock the tools for your psychic development, you have to search for ways to control it. You want to be able to access your clairvoyance abilities at your leisure.

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