3 Easy Psychic Development Games To Play With Friends

Psychic development should be fun – if you get bored, you’ll lose motivation, and then your abilities are likely to stagnate. Just like any skill, psychic skills need regular practice in order to keep them sharp. If you have a group of like-minded friends, here are three different and unusual psychic development games to try – you’ll be amazed at how accurate the results can be!

1. Psychic Magazine Readings


What you choose to read, even randomly or unconsciously, can say a lot about you, and a good psychic reader can pick up on that. To try out this exercise, have each of your group members flick through some magazines in their own time before your meeting, and then select a short (no more than half a page) article. Clip the article and any accompany pictures, and bring them to the group.

Once you’re together, have everyone fold up their article into a small piece, and put it into a bag or bowl, with nobody knowing who has brought which article. Then, in turn, each draws an article from the bag and allow your psychic senses to interpret it.

To interpret the article, you need to allow your senses to consider a number of things. Don’t only think about the article topic. Look also at any pictures accompanying the article. What do they tell you about the person who chose this piece? Look at how the article was cut out – is it very neat and orderly, or are the cuts jagged and hurried? Was it torn out with ragged edges?

Look at the spacing of the print and any headings, and at the colors of the print and the picture. Allow certain keywords to jump out at you and explore those words with your psychic senses. Are there any quotes in the article? What does this tell you about what your friend is trying to say in her life? Is the tone of the article funny, or deadly serious? What’s on the back of the chosen article? Bits of another piece subconsciously chosen may give you a lot of insight too.

2. Psychic Flower Readings


For this exercise, each group member should choose a “flower” to bring with them – it could actually be a cut flower, or a piece of a shrub or a tree twig with buds on it, or whatever they are drawn to. It could even be an artificial flower – it’s entirely up to each of you.

Again, have everyone put the flowers in a vase so that nobody knows who brought what, and take it in turns to choose one at random and to try to interpret it.

Here you’re working much like the magazine article, but of course with a different item. Look at the flower’s color and shape, overall condition, and size. Look at how carefully (or not) it was cut, and at whether it has any buds or growth, or whether some of it is looking worse for wear. Allow psychic impressions to come to you as you handle the flower, and don’t self-censor.

With flowers, you can also allow flower meanings and symbolism to come into your mind. What does this kind of flower (if you recognize it) mean to you? Remember, this is unique to each person – roses, for instance, do not necessarily symbolize love to everyone. It’s what the flower means to you, as the reader, which matters – don’t try to guess what it might mean, if anything, to the person who brought it, because it’s your own psychic impressions which you’re using.

3. Psychic Ribbon Readings


This works best if the group leader either buys or collects a wide range of ribbons in different colors. You can buy short sections of ribbon stapled together for this very purpose, but it’s also helpful if the ribbons are of different colors, textures, and lengths – you can also include lace and other “trimmings” for more variety. Put them all into a bowl and allow each group member to choose one.

Then, working in pairs, try to interpret your partner’s choice of ribbon. The color is perhaps the most obvious thing to think about – did they choose this color because they need some of its qualities at the moment, or just because they like it? Also consider the texture, the length, the ribbon’s condition and any associations it brings to mind. Let your psychic senses run wild.

Ribbons, flowers and magazine articles are interesting tools to use for psychic readings, but don’t be afraid to diverge from the “object” in your reading – these are just tools to give you a starting point; ideally, your own psychic senses will take over for much of the reading.

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