Signs and Symptoms of a Spiritual Awakening

We live in a time when many people are waking up to their intuitive gifts. Some have been going through it for years, and some are just noticing the changes.

These changes mean that our world is becoming more and more aware of our connection to something greater. Whether you choose to call it God, the Universe, Infinite Intelligence or another term, the truth is, it’s bigger than us. You’re probably feeling it, which is why you’re attracted to this article.

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Having a spiritual awakening is scary because many things change within you, even aspects of yourself. You become aware of subtleties you didn’t use to recognize before, and you find yourself staying away from interests that once resonated with you in the past. On the same token, you somehow understand everything is as it’s supposed to be in this moment.

Becoming spiritually awake has you take a look – a really hard look – around you and question everything. Is this good? We believe so, yes. Suddenly, you have a desire to be more present and connected with more than the eye can see.

The 11 Signs of A Spiritual Awakening

Listed below are 11 of the most prominent signs that you might find yourself experiencing if you’ve undergone a spiritual awakening or are in the process of it right now:

The need for something greater

Awakened beings feel that life as-is now can’t possibly be “it.” Perhaps you have all the things you’ve been told you needed for happiness, and at one point you did feel a certain fulfillment from these things, but not now. Something is missing, and it surely cannot be physical.

Money looks different

money looks differentEven when money is abundant, awakened beings may not crave material goods. You may have a change of heart on that mansion or beach house, and simply want to feel comfortable in a normal-sized house instead.

By no means are we saying people don’t deserve mansions and beach houses, but the need to have them as an accomplishment in life is no longer there. It isn’t that money is bad, quite the opposite: Money is great! But your focus on what it can do is different now.


apathyLife no longer feels the same. Although you used to be the life of the party and repel off every mountain, you don’t need to anymore. You don’t quite understand what you need, but you know it’s not thrill. Thus, you may sit in your room wondering what it is that will make you happy, without being able to put your finger on it.

If you’re in a relationship, you may question it. If you’re not in a relationship, you don’t really want one. Know that these are normal feelings. We don’t recommend severing your relationships especially if they’re good ones. We do ask that you understand that your soul is likely asking for a deeper connection with the divine.

Communion with life

natureYou feel the need to be with nature and respect it. You realize that all is alive and not just humanity. You may no longer feel the need to kill a spider or a bug. You realize they’re part of our ecosystem and that they may be providing you with an opportunity for learning. Your desire to squash them shrinks. Same with plants.

While you may have known they were live beings before, something’s changed. You realize they have just as big a role as we all do in our planet, and you respect them more.

As far as humanity, you have more compassion for those who have done wrong deeds, knowing they were wrong, but that you can no longer judge them the same.

Watching what goes in the body

healthy eatingQuite suddenly, you realize that what you eat matters. Not because of a fad diet that tells you to eat this or that, but because you’ve become aware of your body as your vehicle on this planet.

Sugars, processed products and other foods that were appealing before, are no longer the staple in your grocery list. You have a desire to take care of your body because you know it’s just as holy as your soul. Without taking care of it, you cannot do your work here on Earth.

Depression hits

woman dealing with depressionYou may feel very sad at times and have no idea why. This is a different type of sadness than you’ve ever felt before.

You may also feel a certain solitude that you haven’t quite felt before. This isn’t the type of solitude you experience during a breakup. This is the solitude that comes from the awareness that you are part of something bigger, but that feels like it has left you here on earth alone. You wonder why, and you get sad about it.

Did they forget about you? Was this the plan? You may also wonder if you’ve done something wrong. If you are aware of something bigger, why does it feel so sad?

Trust becomes ever present

holding handsEven though you feel alone, you realize you’re not. Although you cannot see your partners, you know they’re there. So much so that you may begin talking to them with a certain understanding that they are actually talking back.

Where you used to wonder if anyone was listening, you now know they are and don’t care if you look crazy to others. You even dare ask them to show themselves to you, although they may not because they know you’re still human and still get scared.

However, your trust and courage increase, knowing that one day they just might say hello.

Service to others

community serviceMaybe you’re used to waking up, then going to the gym and to work. Perhaps that hasn’t changed. What has changed is how you view your world now. Rather than going to work and making that money, you ask more and more what you can do for your clients and for others.

You start to notice that the point of you being here is also to be of service. There’s no need to go on a pilgrimage to another land or to become impoverished. Nothing really has to change except for your state of mind.

Intuitive awareness is palpable

intuitionNot only have you realized you’re not alone, you’ve also realized your intuition is talking to you by way of a feeling inside of you.

When you ask questions, rather than “think” about the answer, you “feel” into yourself for the answer. You stop and take a breath perhaps more often than you ever did, just to get those few extra seconds before you answer.

You realize words can be impactful and that your reaction to any situation will leave an impression on the recipient. Because of this, you seek the most compassionate way to communicate by tapping into the knowledge of your inner being through your intuition first.

Numbers are everywhere

numbersAre you seeing double numbers all the time? Or perhaps, does a specific number or number pattern continuously show up throughout your week?

Numbers carry a sacred meaning and your higher guidance may be suggesting that you get your numerology done, if you haven’t. Numerology reveals your life path and has plenty of information regarding who you are according to the numbers of your name.

Also, if you keep seeing a number over and over, why not look it up? Individual numbers have meaning, too, and since you’re on the spiritual awakening path, your angels may have an important message to give you through the numbers.

Ache to find purpose

finding life purposeYou ache to know your purpose in life and will pay any psychic or medium to tell you.

This is good as long as you don’t get addicted to their advice. Always remember that the answers are within you, locked in your heart. You own the key and can use it at any time to know your purpose.

Remember also that some people have multiple purposes in life. Looking for only one may lead you to miss all the other great purposes in your life.

Final Thoughts

The above 11 signs of spiritual awakening are meant to help you know that you’re not alone. This is happening to many of us. This planet has masters and teachers in human form who are just now awakening to fulfill their duties in our world. The separation you feel isn’t because you’re weird or strange, but because you’re spiritually awake and aware that you’ve temporarily separated from what your heart knows.

But don’t worry, through the process of spiritual awakening, the sorrow of separation appeases, and you’ll be able to live a life of purpose, knowing that one day you’ll be home. Soon, you’ll be back with your soul family, laughing and sharing stories of your adventures here on earth.

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