Psychic Symbols: The Most Common Signs and What They Could Mean

clairvoyant symbols

Although we may not be formally taught to recognize them as such, many seemingly indescribable ‘Aha!’ moments we experience throughout our lifetimes can actually be messages of great importance. Whether they are experiences of déja-vu or feeling pushed in a certain direction, they may indicate occurrences of coming across a psychic sign or symbol.

Psychics may be quicker to notice the presence of these psychic signs or symbols because these individuals are already tuned into a certain spiritual frequency that allows them to take special note of instances of spiritual significance.

However, anyone, not just psychics, can encounter these psychic messages in their everyday lives. While some signs may appear more obvious and straightforward, there are also other small nudges one can feel to their spiritual core, and other subtle signs that serve to relay certain messages.

What Is the Difference Between Signs and Symbols?

While all symbols may be considered signs, not all signs may be symbols. Some differences between the two include:

  • While symbols are typically experienced clairvoyantly – tugging on our spiritual or psychic strings – signs do not have to be (e.g. coming across a black cat or noticing the repetition of a number(s))
  • Symbols are often more specific
  • Signs can appear to us as tangible objects

The commonality that both signs and symbols share is their general purpose in helping to guide individuals in a certain direction. This new direction can be motivated by certain emotions stirred by these signs and symbols, or they may appear to us more obviously, depending on the circumstances.

Furthermore, just as signs and symbols may appear to us in different ways, they can also vary in what degree of change they may be signifying for the near future. Some signs may be shared with us to communicate that big or great things are coming our way – while others may simply serve as small communications meant to comfort and reassure.

The Origins of Psychic Symbols: Where They Come from

All individuals vary in how they process information, and this is particularly true within the psychic community. Some people consider themselves more ‘visual’ (clairvoyant), more in touch with their auditory sense (clairaudient), tend to ‘know’ things (claircognizance), or tend to feel or sense things very clearly (clairsentience).

Whatever category you see yourself falling into – whether as someone who possesses psychic ability or otherwise considers themselves very in tune with their spiritual self – makes a difference in how you can expect to experience a psychic sign or symbol.

The messages themselves can come from a variety of sources: a deceased relative, friend, significant other, or a guardian angel.  Any one of these spiritual entities may be attempting to communicate something to you.

The world works in mysterious ways, psychic messages included. However, the nature of the sign or symbol being relayed may often give a hint to identify the original communicator – particularly in cases where the communicator is a deceased loved one. The sign may invoke a certain memory you both share, for instance.

Recognizing & Interpreting Psychic Signs

clairvoyant symbolsIndividuals are often privy to receiving guidance through psychic symbols or signs during times when they are either in deep contemplation, experiencing significant emotional distress, are in trouble, or thinking about a deceased loved one.

Recognizing and correctly interpreting the messages that are communicated to us on a psychic level is important not only for you, the receiver, but also to whatever spiritual entity has sent the message.

For individuals who have not perused what resources and knowledge have been shared within the psychic community over the centuries on these matters, correctly interpreting or even acknowledging psychic symbols may not come as easily as those well-versed.

Listed below are some common interpretations for psychic symbols or signs that one may experience. But take note that this list is certainly not exhaustive and does not cover every potential symbolic psychic communication.

Common Psychic Symbols & Meanings:

  • Butterfly – Seeing a butterfly can predict new beginnings
  • Repeating numbers – Reassures that everything, such as any challenges you may be facing, will be fine soon
  • White cat – A white cat signifies sincerity
  • Wings – Seeing a set of wings can serve as reassurance that you are being watched over by angels
  • Particular scent/smell – Recognizing a paranormal scent or smell can serve to provoke a memory or notify you of the presence of a spirit.
  • Feathers – As with wings, feathers too may be considered reassurance from the spirit world; feathers may also be interpreted as a “go-go” signal
  • Black cat – A black cat signifies mystery and wisdom
  • Tiger – A tiger signifies power or passion
  • Coin – Coming across a coin can be a sign indicating that additional money will be coming your way soon
  • Moose – Serves as a symbol indicating the cycle of life and death
  • Rabbit – Rabbits are often viewed as signs of fertility, pregnancy, or other new beginnings