12 Signs That You Have The Psychic Gift of Clairvoyance


Clairvoyance comes from the Old French term “clerveans.” In the literal sense, it means “clear sight” and denotes sagacity and psychic abilities.  For some people, clairvoyant ability and psychic seeing are as natural as breathing. For others, their intuitive gifts are present and undeniable but need consistent psychic development to flourish. Although it takes time to develop your psychic prowess, what your mind’s eye can see as a result is well worth the effort.

Now that you know the definition of clairvoyance, the next step is to determine if you have this extraordinary ability. Look for patterns and signs that fall within the clairvoyant definition but also listen to your senses. Once you identify clairvoyance signs and symptoms that hint at psychic abilities, you can develop your intuitive gifts to enrich your life.

In this article, we’re going to cover the biggest signs that you have the psychic gift of clairvoyance.

Signs of Clairvoyance

1. Flashes of Light and Color

People who have clairvoyant abilities see shapes, symbols, colors, and flashing lights in their mind’s eye. They may be the result of a deliberate psychic development session or happen unwittingly. Some people report seeing orbs or shapes in the corner of their eyes. These signs may indicate the presence of spiritual energies that make themselves known through subtle visual elements.

2.  You Daydream Often

Are you a perpetual dreamer? Do you find yourself shifting your focus inwards, and get lost in the rich world that exists within? Although everyone daydreams now and then, the experiences of a clairvoyant psychic while daydreaming serve a purpose. While you daydream, your mind becomes susceptible to visions and prophecies common for those who have the gift.

3. Precognitive Visions

One of the most potent uses of clairvoyance is psychic seeing. The clairvoyant psychic has frequent precognitive visions that allow them to see what will happen in the future. A strong ability to visualize is one of the signs that your gift is more profound than you expect. This phenomenon can happen while daydreaming, but can also suddenly flash in your mind without warning. Precognitive visions are some of the most reliable indicators that you have psychic clairvoyance.

4. You Can See Auras Around People

An aura is the spiritual energy field that every person has, but most cannot see. It has different layers and strengths and gives insight into the physical and psychological health of a person. The aura changes in intensity and color with mood, spiritual power, and external circumstances. Even if only for a moment, you may clairvoyantly see other people’s auras and sense their energy.

5. You Clearly See How Things Fit Together

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One of the intuitive gifts of a clairvoyant psychic is seeing how events and circumstances connect. You are a natural problem solver, and it is easy for you to draw connections. Even factors that don’t relate on an external level are easy to fit together when you have this unique ability. Seeing how things fit together is an essential aspect of your gift. It helps you get to the bottom of the most challenging scenarios.

You can see in your mind’s eye how things should be so that they work properly. You are an expert at puzzles and problem solving, because seeing how different pieces fit together comes naturally to you! Have you ever been able to step in and put together a piece of furniture or solve a problem someone else had been struggling with for hours? This is one of the biggest clairvoyant signs!

6. You Have An Awesome Sense of Direction

One of the more popular clairvoyance signs is being a human compass. Being clairvoyant allows you to navigate your world with ease. If you have an innate ability to know where you are going (even when you’ve never been there before), it may be a sign of psychic abilities. You rarely get lost, and if you do, it is easy for you to find your way back.

7. Deeper Connection With Beautiful Things

The clairvoyant is drawn to the beauty of the world and connects to it in a way others cannot. A tiny, bright flower growing between the cracks of a concrete sidewalk may seem like a beautiful statement of resilience for the clairvoyant. A painting, vista, or bright star instantly captures their attention while others would pass it by without a second thought. Your deep connection to beauty is one of the signs of clairvoyance.

8. You Have a Vivid Imagination

Having a vivid imagination is one of the biggest signs you’re a clairvoyant.  Are people always telling you that you are very imaginative and creative? If so, then it is more likely that you are clairvoyant and see the world differently than the other people around you. When you were a child, did you have imaginary friends that had life stories as detailed and vivid as your own or those of your friends?  If your imagination is very strong, it can manifest in ways that show off your creative side!

9. Frequent and Vivid Dreams At Night

Although almost everyone has dreams, most people don’t remember them clearly once they wake. If you are clairvoyant, your dreams are quite vivid, and you recall them with ease. Sometimes, these dreams feel so real that it seems like you’ve been in the place you dreamt about or met the people you saw.

10. You Are A Creative Person

The right hemisphere of the brain governs your creative potential. While most people are either logical or creative, clairvoyance allows you to fully unleash your creative powers while retaining a robust logical base. Many clairvoyant people seek jobs that have to do with creativity. You easily create gorgeous content like art, stories, music, and designs.

11. You Sometimes See Things Out The Corner of Your Eye

Although it may be unnerving, your clairvoyant abilities attract spiritual entities that are usually helpers. Sometimes, you may see things moving out of the corner of your eye, prompting a double-take. These entities want your attention and are here for a reason. Trust your intuition and these loving spiritual energies to guide you during stressful or turbulent periods.

12. You’re Great At Envisioning Plans in Your Head

While envisioning plans may be burdensome for some people, clairvoyants have a natural gift when it comes to visualization. If you find yourself easily envisioning scenarios and “seeing” how they will unfold clearly in your mind, this is a sign that your abilities are extraordinary.

So, Are You Clairvoyant?

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If you experience five or more clairvoyance signs and symptoms, it’s time to listen to your intuition. Clairvoyance is an extraordinary path that is deeply rewarding and spiritually enriching. You may have felt different from a young age, or just recently began to feel like there’s more than meets the surface when it comes to your mind’s abilities.

Don’t be afraid to improve and work on your clairvoyance. The signs of your gift manifest in different ways, like your dreams and your keen intuition. Sometimes, it is nothing more than a gut feeling that grows with time and experience. In other cases, your ability surprises you in ways you could never imagine, like looking at an object and feeling deep joy or sorrow without knowing why.

Recognizing clairvoyance signs in yourself and others opens up a new world of psychic possibilities and helps you better understand your surroundings. Only you truly have the answer to whether your abilities are out of the ordinary. The good news is that there are many exercises you can practice to get stronger in your clairvoyant gifts.

Tips For Dealing With Your Clairvoyant Abilities

If you’re ready to embark on the clairvoyant psychic path, you can improve your abilities through psychic development. There are plenty of ways to do so, including meditation, visualization exercises, and practicing mindfulness.

Since you are sensitive to the external world around you, surround yourself with elements that enhance your spiritual experience. You can use scents that help you improve your focus and herbs like sage and holy basil to clear your space of negative and intrusive energies.

Open yourself up to the positive spiritual energies that surround you. Do not be afraid to explore your psychic abilities in ways that feel right for you.

How To Tell The Difference Between Imagination and Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance signs differ from an active imagination because they are recurrent, subtle, and impact your life. If you can predict events with surprising accuracy and have a strong intuition, pay attention to your gift. Signs like vivid dreams and visions, getting things right without prior information, and seeing and sensing other people’s energy is not mere imagination.

Psychic ability and clairvoyance are privileges that come naturally to a select few. Others may only discover their clairvoyant abilities when they have a sudden dream or event that transforms their lives. When you notice multiple signs of psychic ability, use your time to work on your intuitive abilities and enjoy the benefits that your gift provides you.

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