Understanding The Different Types of Psychic Dreams


Psychic dreams are visions or premonitions of the future that we experience while sleeping. Psychic dreaming comes in three different forms: clairvoyant, telepathic, and precognitive dreams.

Most people don’t understand how powerful the subconscious mind is. While we are dreaming, we can often see glimpses of the future, receive messages from our spirit guides, or even communicate telepathically with someone from another continent. If you’re experiencing this type of phenomena, don’t be alarmed.

In this guide, I’ll cover the 3 main types of psychic dreams and how each of them works.

The 3 Main Types of Psychic Dreams

Psychic dreaming can be broken down into three main categories.

Clairvoyant Dreams

Receiving information in a dream about a world event, natural disaster, or another significant happening before it occurs describes a clairvoyant dream. Seeing a winning lottery ticket is an example that almost everyone would like to experience!

Though most anecdotes of clairvoyant dreams tell a story about someone predicting the future, a clairvoyant dreamer can also see symbols and events from past events, and even past lives. A clairvoyant dream can help the dreamer access their vision center and gain spiritual insights from their nightly dreams.

There are countless stories throughout history of people predicting the future through clairvoyant dreaming. One notable example was Abraham Lincoln, who may have predicted his own death. Three days before being shot by John Wilkes Booth, he told his wife about a dream he had.

Lincoln said he:

was woken up by the sound of crying and went into the East Room of the White House, where a casket was laid open. There was a throng of mourners as well as several men guarding the casket. When he asked who was in the casket, one of the soldiers told him that it was the President, who had been killed by an assassin.

Precognitive Dreams

Having a premonition about a future event is considered a precognitive dream. The event could be positive or negative, and it can occur in the near future or at a date far from now.

Death is one of the most common precognitive dreams, but everyday occurrences like dreaming about a friend you haven’t seen for a while and then running into them the next day also qualifies as precognitive.

Another example of a precognitive dream is dreaming of a place you’ve never been before only to end up there in real life days or years later. You might dream of a home that seems unrelated to your daily life only to end up moving into it at some point in your future.

One unique aspect of precognitive dreams is that they tend to be repetitive. So, if you have a recurring dream about a person, place, or event, pay close attention to it because it could be predicting something from your future.

Precognitive dreams are also referred to as prophetic dreams, and as we said, the news you see in these dreams can be positive or negative. If you do see something negative, there’s a chance that you can use the information from your dream to change it and alter the future.

And, if you see yourself doing something that you don’t like or you’re in a situation you want to avoid, consider making changes in your present life to prevent an undesirable outcome.

Telepathic Dreams

telepathic dream

A telepathic dream demonstrates your ability to speak with other souls even when you’re not in the same room. It’s as if you have a psychic connection with them. In cases like these, distance is not relevant. You could be in the same room as the person or on the other side of the world. Distance simply doesn’t matter when it comes to communicating with someone telepathically in the dream world.

In theory, you can converse with anyone in a telepathic dream. This could include a relative telling you that you’re sick, and then you find out that they are in the hospital or died. Or, you could communicate with someone who is deceased while you’re in a dream state.

Communicating with people who are close to you but harboring a secret is another example of a telepathic dream. You could learn that someone has a crush on you when they confess it during a dream. On the flip side, a spouse could learn that they’re being cheated on by their partner by witnessing the infidelity in a psychic dream.

This communication between souls does not necessarily have to be human-to-human. There are countless stories of people communicating with pets or animals in the area via psychic dreaming.

What to Do if You Experience Psychic Dreaming

Everyone dreams, and on average, we dream about four to six times per night.

The first step in harnessing the power of psychic dreaming is to be able to remember your dreams. After all, if you don’t remember them, you can’t act on them!

There are a lot of tricks to remember your psychic dreams, and it takes practice. You can start the process by reminding yourself that you have an intention to remember. Do this by writing a note to yourself that says, “I can remember my dreams.” Then place it by your bed and read it aloud to yourself before you go to sleep.

Keep a journal by your bed, and as soon as you wake up, write down what happened in your psychic dreams. A journal will help you organize your thoughts, and it also creates a record to prove that you did experience psychic dreaming. Refer to your journal regularly, looking for patterns or clues that you’re predicting the future, tapping into past events, or communicating with someone in your life.

If you struggle to remember your dreams as you’re writing them down, try looking out a window as you write. Put yourself in the position of an observer, observing your nocturnal vision through a window. Describe everything you can think of, from the scenery to your feelings.

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Alissa Monroe is a self-proclaimed “psychic junkie” with over 10 years of experience in the world of psychics, tarot, and spirituality. Her goal is to help people find happiness through spiritual enlightenment and self-discovery.