Signs That You Have The Gift of Claircognizance

clear knowingWhen it comes to the senses, many humans only utilize five, and those include sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell. For some though, there is another type of sense, and this is the intuitive sense.

Understanding The 4 Clairs

There are four intuitive senses in total, including clairvoyance or clear seeing, clairaudience or clear hearing, clairsentience or clear feeling, and claircognizance, which means clear knowing. These senses work with the physical senses and increase their abilities.

  • Clairaudience: Hearing with the inner ear.
  • Clairsentience: The ability to feel or sense intuitive messages through physical touch or emotion.
  • Clairvoyance: Seeing symbols, visions, and images.
  • Claircognizance: Specifically refers to the knowing of an event, occurrence, intention, or another facet of existence even without any evidence to lead to that knowledge. Despite having no information about an event, claircognizant people can feel that they know a piece of information that they have yet to be presented with and are consistently proven correct by the outcome of the situation.

Claircognizant people may experience more than one psychic ability. This means that just because someone is claircognizant, it doesn’t mean that they cannot also be clairaudient. It is possible to possess all four intuitive senses as one individual person.

Common Signs of Claircognizance

claircognizantIt can be difficult to distinguish between a gut feeling and claircognizance. Many people have instincts that may lead them in the right direction, but those with the gift of claircognizance are able to know things consistently without any evidence whatsoever.

They are able to be consistently correct when it comes to predictions about future events or insights into intentions or the truth of a situation.

Here are some indicators that you may have claircognizance:

Correct Gut Instincts

We all as humans have instincts. Some of these instincts come from the way we were raised and our past experience, some come genetically, and some come as a result of spiritual connections. These gut instincts, if simply based on past experience are not always right.

The instinct to not trust dogs because one harmed you as a child is an instinct that is valuable and logical, but not always correct. Not every dog is violent.

For someone with claircognizance though, instincts and gut feelings are a gift of truth. Despite never having met their friend’s date for the night or heard anything but good things about him, someone with claircognizance might have a negative gut feeling about him. If this is the case, it will then turn out later that he wasn’t very kind on the date, or maybe he even stood her up.

This ability to almost predict events based on a gut “knowing” feeling and being consistently proven correct by the outcome is what makes claircognizance such a gift to those who possess it. If your gut instincts are continually proven true, you may have the gift of claircognizance.

You Can Always Spot a Liar

tell if someone is lyingNo matter how great this girl is or how kind your coworker is being, if you have claircognizance, you can always spot a little white lie. Even when someone is simply being insincere with his or her sentiments or expressions of emotion, someone with claircognizance is able to notice these insincerities.

It is easy for the people in your life to trust your suggestions or ideas about people if you are claircognizant because of your ability to know whether people are telling the truth or not has been proven true over and over again.

If the feeling of knowing that someone is being disingenuous or purposefully false continues to be proven true later, and if those feelings of knowing were based on gut feelings rather than factual evidence and physical senses, then you are most likely experiencing the gifts of being a claircognizant individual.

You Receive Messages in the Form of Random Ideas or Solutions

Someone with the gift of claircognizance as a psychic ability will occasionally have a truth gifted to you through a sudden, seemingly random thought or idea. These can be ideas as simple as “I should check the locks on my car” or “My meeting tomorrow is going to be canceled.”

If following through with these thoughts ends up preventing you from very real consequences or repercussions, then you may have the gift of claircognizance. This means you may not know when these messages will come in, or exactly what they mean all the time, but when they do come it is a good idea to observe them and to ensure that whatever your gut is trying to warn you about is prevented from happening.

Waking up with a solution to a problem is another indicator of claircognizance, as it indicates that your gut is working even when your brain is not. Without evidence needed to find a solution, your gut is able to know the answer to the problem. This is the quintessential ability associated with claircognizance.

You Are Able to Predict Events

predicting the futureBeyond the logic and evidence of a given situation, claircognizant individuals who were given the psychic gift of intuitive senses as well as physical ones are able to know the outcome of a situation often before the situation occurs or provides enough physical evidence to infer the outcome.

Most decision making and conclusion drawing have came from physical evidence based on physical senses like sight or smell. With claircognizance though, it is possible to make informed decisions about the outcome of a situation without this evidence. These individuals can simply know.

If you have ever entered a situation with gut knowledge of the outcome, only to discover that your gut knowledge was correct, you might possess the ability of claircognizance. Knowing the results of a test or exam, having a feeling about a friend’s health, or predicting a major life event for someone are all great examples of this ability in action.

Knowing the future is not possible with the five physical senses, but it is with claircognizance. Those with this ability can make inferences based on gut feelings and instincts that more often than not turn out to be true.

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