4 Unmistakable Signs of a Past Life Connection With Someone

connection in a past life with a loved oneWe all meet new and different people on almost every day of our lives. Some days you may pass by thousands and thousands of people, and on other days you might be working in close quarters with a select few.

With how many people you come into contact with in some capacity, there are occasional connections that simply cannot be explained. Some relationships with friends or even acquaintances can feel deeper than would make sense for the amount of time you’ve spent with them.

In this scenario, many ask themselves the question: did we know each other in a past life? There are many telltale signs to look out for that indicate a past life connection. Once you see these signs in a relationship, it can be incredibly valuable in deepening the friendship or relationship even further.

The Two Main Types of Past Life Connections

It can take multiple missteps or several clashes of opinion to decide that you don’t like another person. In the same vein, falling in love or gaining immense trust in someone takes time as well. In the case of a past life connection though, these feelings of unease or trust can occur immediately upon meeting a person, or even when you first hear their name.

Your Old Rival

rival or enemyIf after hearing a friend talk about her new boyfriend you have feelings of unease about meeting him, and those feelings only deepen with time, it could be the result of a past life relationship. Not all past life relationships are positive ones. Some, just like relationships in this life, can be negative.

Perhaps this person wronged you in a past life, or maybe you just butted heads with them. Maybe they were your competitor or rival. Regardless of the exact scenario, a negative past life connection can be made pretty clear by innate feelings of unease or distrust.

Your Soul Mate

soulmate connectionOn the other hand, if shaking a person’s hand for the first time brings you a great amount of warmth and joy, or if someone you’ve been friends with for a year feels like someone you’ve known your entire life, this person could be someone who you loved in a past life.

Maybe this person was your husband or wife; maybe they were a best friend or a sibling. The possibilities are endless. Meeting and making a connection with someone who you met and made a connection with in a past life is a sign that you were meant to be with them. The people in our lives who make us complete have a way of finding us regardless of circumstances.

4 Signs of A Past Life Connection

You Know Each Other Too Well

Hiding secrets or emotions from someone you knew in a past life is a losing battle. If a person you know in this life is able to read your face and know how you’re feeling or what you’re thinking without having to hear a thing, there is a high possibility of a past life relationship.

This is the same with quirks and interests. When you’ve known each other for two weeks but it feels like two decades because of the fact that they know your quirks like the back of their hand, this indicates a significant past life connection that can bloom into a beautiful current life connection.

Spilling Your Secrets

telling a friend secretsNew friendships or relationships can be fraught with pleasantries and little white lies. A relationship built with someone who you knew deeply in a past life though won’t tolerate these little lies. Your partner or friend is able to know when something is wrong even without you saying anything.

They can look into your eyes or watch you fidget with the lid of your coffee cup and know exactly what is the matter and what you are thinking and feeling. This bond is very special, as it leads to a deeper connection earlier on in the relationship or friendship. If the connection is real, you can probably do the same for them.

Not being able to hide your feelings or keep an embarrassing secret can be difficult in an early relationship, but the benefits of a magical connection like this far outweigh these little difficulties.

Knowing Your Habits and Quirks

Maybe it’s as simple as them offering to eat your olives (because you can’t STAND olives!) or some advice and support for a more serious habit or quirk. Having a friend or partner who knows your little quirks, who knows your habits, and who knows your fears and worries is beautiful, and can certainly be evidence of a past life connection.

Sometimes you may have a person in your life that can anticipate your fears or worries without you even saying a word. This person is an amazing support system and an even better friend, and can often be this as a result of a deep past life relationship.

Maybe you are able to tell exactly what makes them mad or frustrated before they even say anything, or you know exactly how to make them smile. These are all characteristics of a connection that has occurred for more than just this one existence.

Distance Means Nothing

friends talking over skypeLong distance relationships are a common demise of even the strongest couple. Friendships often fall by the wayside when subject to distance or time apart. This is not so in the case of spiritual connections that span lifetimes. No amount of time or space between you could ever cause your relationship to fade.

In the case of spiritual connections, distance and time only serve to help your bond grow stronger. In absence, you can recognize all the things that make this person a valuable part of your life and your journey, whether you see them every day or only once a year.

Being able to feel that a person is still a part of your life and your journey even when they aren’t present with you in this moment is a part of what makes a spiritual connection so strong. Its as if your energies are connected so even when you are apart, you are still together spiritually.

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