Are You Psychic? 17 Unmistakable Signs of Psychic Ability

signs of psychic ability

Do you ever have a feeling that there is something different about you that no one else seems to notice? We all might feel different in our own ways, but has the concept being a psychic ever cross your mind? Don’t worry, you’re not wrong for thinking “Am I Psychic?”. In fact, you could very possibly be one.

If you are still reading, it’s likely you are dying to find out if you are psychic, and how to find out. Before we get started, it’s important to know that you haven’t been imagining things, and you’re doing the right thing by pursuing your instincts.

17 Signs of Psychic Ability

1. You Have Seen Spirits

After the age of three (as far as your brain could possibly remember anything) you might have seen spirits or departed family members. Especially at a young age, little kids and babies are well connected to the spirit world.

For example, maybe after your family dog died, you kept seeing visions of him still running around the house. Or perhaps your grandmother passed, and you still saw her rocking in your rocking chair.

However, these aren’t just any visions. They are real, and you can even talk to them. Sometimes you might look at back at these memories and think you are confusing them with psychic dreams. There is a strong possibility you’re not. The only way to know is by reading further.

12 signs of being a psychic medium

2. You Talked to Imaginary Friends as a Kid

It’s okay to admit you had imaginary friends as a kid! No judgment here. If some of your friends were imaginary or if you often saw angels as a kid, then there is a good chance you could be a medium. These spirits vibrate at a super high frequency, and if you could sense that energy as a young kid, then it’s likely you are a psychic medium!

3. You Always Felt Different

Did you ever feel like you couldn’t fit in no matter how hard you tried? Do you still feel that way?

You’ve tried figuring out for a long time what it is that makes you so different from everybody else. Not necessarily that you’re better than everyone, just that you can’t seem to connect with them on the same level. Maybe you long for deeper connections, or find yourself always in deep thought, or thinking too hard. This makes it hard for others to relate to you, but psychic gifts often set mediums apart from average people.

4. You Often See Things in Your Peripheral Vision

Do you often see things in your peripheral vision? Such as orbs, flashes of lights, shadows, or even sparkles? These are signs that you are clairvoyant. These things you see are spirits. If you have fully fine tuned your gifts, then you would be able to see the spirit with your inner eye.

5. You Pick Up on the Energy of Places

Have you ever just walked into a building and just felt a bad energy coming from it? Your experience can either be getting the shivers, feeling heat or cold, or maybe even a type of heaviness. Sometimes the feeling is just a scary, negative energy.

If you are a person who often goes off energies or vibes of rooms or even people, you may have psychic medium abilities.

6. You Are Afraid of the Dark

Do you ever feel weirdly scared of the dark? It’s not just the fear of a boogie monster under your bed. Rather, it’s more like you can just sense things when the lights go out. It’s okay to admit it. Some people go to sleep with the TV on, or a light.

If you are hypersensitive when the lights go out, then that means your medium senses are buzzing. Sometimes turning the TV on can give your mind something to focus on.

7. You Hear Voices

These voices aren’t necessarily someone whispering in your ear your own name or something spooky. It usually means you hear low mumbling, music, voices, or sounds that no one else hears. Basically, these noises in your head could be spirits trying to reach out to you.

8. You’re Easily Overstimulated

Do you ever feel easily overwhelmed in highly crowded or loud areas with so much going on all at once? Not just overwhelmed, but kind of like you’re going to crawl out of your skin type of bothered. This means you might be clairsentient to energy. Maybe calm or quiet places feel much better for you, and overstimulation makes you stressed out.

9. You Have Vivid Dreams

Do you have dreams that almost seem too real? These dreams may seem like past lives, or they sometimes are about people you have never even met.

10. You Understand Animals

Do you ever feel like you just “get” an animal when you’re together? Almost like you can “feel” the animal, and they seem to always be calm near you. An example might be that your friend’s cat won’t stop rubbing up against you. This could be a sign that the animal recognizes your psychic abilities.

11. You Know Things About People

Do you ever get vibes from someone before you even get to know them? This is not the same as judging someone for their appearance. It is truly feeling a positive or negative vibe from just looking at them or being near them. This is another sign of your intuitive psychic abilities.

12. You Give Amazing Advice

Do people always come to you for your wise words of advice? You might have this amazing ability to soothe individuals with your words. Psychic mediums are gifted in offering wisdom and guidance to the people around them.

13. You Often Can Read Someone’s Mind

Whenever you’re having a conversation with someone, do you tend to think certain thoughts to yourself, only to have the person you’re talking to, say them out loud? You may even finish other people’s sentences, and they say, “Hey, I was just thinking that!” If so, then you are experiencing telepathy. Telepathy is where messages are transferred through energy. This is one of the biggest forms of psychic communication, so if you’re experiencing this, then you’re probably psychic.

14. You Regularly Experience Visions

A vision is when you see an image of something before it happens. You may see images from the past, present or future. Visions come to us in many forms. You might experience psychic visions while dreaming, or you may see visions while you’re in a meditative state. Some people see visions projected in front them, as though they are watching a movie. If you experience any of these things, then you could be psychic.

15.  You Can See Auras

An aura is a colorful, energetic field that displays around someone. All of us have auras. The color of someone’s aura will tell you how they’re feeling emotionally, or what their character is like. If you can see bright layers of colors around people, this is a true gift, and a definite sign that you are psychic.

16.  You Can Feel The Emotions of Others

Most people can sort of sense how other people are feeling.  After all, we are all conduits of energy. However, you could be psychic empath if you find that you’re feeling these emotions times 10. If you can literally feel the pain of others, this is a big sign that you’re psychic.

17.  You Simply Just Know

Maybe you don’t have visions or hear spiritual guides, but you posses a very strong inner knowing.  This ability is also often referred to as intuition or claircognizance.  You are person who knows what’s going to happen before it happens. You also get a very strong vibe about people right off the bat, and may even know they’re whole entire life story, without having spoken to them prior. If so, you are psychic.

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Final Thoughts

Being psychic is really pretty cool. When you are psychic, it opens you up to a world of opportunity that you may not have otherwise. Take time to study up on psychic ability, to see how you can develop yours further. Try not to fear your gifts. Embrace them. Being psychic is not something that happens to everyone, so consider yourself lucky.