How To Tell If You’re Psychic: 11 Signs To Look For

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Have you ever wondered to yourself: “Am I Psychic”?   Many psychics believe that all of us have a little bit of psychic ability. They say that most of us have small or minor gifts that usually go unnoticed. Others have more potent abilities, but without training, knowledge, and practice, they never blossom or develop. Only a few people genuinely dedicate themselves to growing their talent and becoming psychics.

In this guide, I’ll share with you the 11 tell-tale signs that you are a psychic or medium.

You Have a Strong Intuition and Gut Instinct

Having a strong intuition or gut instinct is a classic sign of having psychic ability.  We’ve all heard the phrases “woman’s intuition,” “I’ve got a hunch,” or “follow your gut feelings.” These are sayings that people use when they mean that feeling that something is true based on their instincts.

If you have these instincts, it may be a signal that you are psychic.

Your intuition is a sixth sense that can make you aware of danger or that you can trust a new acquaintance. You might have a subtle sign like an impulse to walk into a store where you might find a great deal.

Learning to trust your intuition takes time, dedication, and focus. However, it can be a handy tool and is well worth the effort.

You Sense Other People’s Thoughts and Feelings

Feeling other people’s thoughts and feels is another sign of having psychic ability.  Being an empath is more than just having empathy for people. Empaths have a deep connection to other people’s energy. They tend to be good, sympathetic listeners as well as wise advisors.

If you can feel another person’s deeper emotions or know that something is bothering a loved one from hundreds of miles away, you may be an empath.

Empaths tend to attract confidences from friends, family, and even strangers. They may also be able to sense other people’s past and life experiences.

You Can Tell When Danger Is Near

Some people with psychic abilities can receive warnings of danger.

These warnings may come in dreams or be as simple as a sense of foreboding that tells you not to walk down a certain street. This prescience could manifest as a feeling that keeps you home from a movie or other social gathering.

Listening to this still, small voice can keep you and your loved ones safe.

You Have Vivid Dreams that Often Come True

If you frequently experience vivid dreams, it could mean that you have psychic abilities. Their attunement to the energies of the universe that surround us all can manifest in bright, animated, and dramatic nighttime visions.

These prophetic omens can tell you what the future holds if you listen to them and learn their symbolism.

If your dreams are particularly striking, it may help to start a dream journal. That will help you determine if your dreams are premonitions of the future.

You Have Premonitions of the Future

Speaking of premonitions of the future, we’ve discussed how dreams can be oracular and give you a viewport into the future. These warnings don’t just happen in dreams. They can manifest as déjà vu or hunches. They can be sounds, smells, or an internal voice that speaks to you softly.

Listening to and developing this ability can be a gratifying experience.

You Frequently Get Déjà Vu

We have mentioned déjà vu several times in this piece. It is the feeling that you’ve experienced something before it truly happens.

Déjà vu is experiencing the future through a small psychic window through which you can only see a portion of it. You recognize a scent or a phrase as you tie into the energy around you, and your intuition kicks in.

If you have these sensations more than once a week, and they prove to be accurate, you might have psychic abilities.

You Can Sense the Energy in a Room

Comedians and speakers often talk about sensing the energy in a room, but psychic abilities go beyond this.

If you tune into psychic energy, you can often sense the magnetic and energetic fields surrounding people. Sensing thoughts and emotions, seeing auras, and perceiving spirits can all feed into the energetic vibrations a psychic individual experiences in a group of people.

Another thing to consider is that energetic fields also saturate places. The energy you may feel when entering a room, empty or full, may be emanating from the location itself. Sites of historical import and acts of violence, in particular, have strong energy fields. They cast echoes that psychics can pick up on.

If you have vague feelings of dread or fear every time you enter a room or pass by an old building, you might be picking up on those echoes.

You Often Know What Someone Is Thinking

Telepathy is a rare gift among those with psychic ability. Most people can recognize another person’s verbal or physical cues to guess what they are thinking. This is particularly true with someone they have known for a long time. Psychics take this to a whole different level.

If you often say something just a moment before someone else does, or vice-versa, this may be the burgeoning of telepathic ability. People often jokingly say, “It’s like you read my mind,” but perhaps you actually did!

You Can Tell When There Are Spirits Around You

Similar to feeling spiritual energy stored in locations, some psychics can sense ghosts or spirits.

If you get a feeling that you’re not alone or feel a slight cooling in the air when others aren’t around, you may be sensing spirits or ghosts. Their presence may manifest as flashes of color or even scents. You might see or communicate with these beings at times.

Ghosts and spirit voices will often try to communicate with mediums. Remaining open to their energy will help you become more sensitive to it.

You Can See the Color of Someone’s Aura

If you can see colors, shimmers, or light around people and animals, you may be seeing their aura.

An aura is the field of energy that surrounds all living beings. The ability to see auras is a clairvoyant gift, but anyone can see them through the use of Kirlian photography. You can learn many things about that person if you learn to interpret these fields, including past experiences, emotions, and personality traits.

If what psychics say is true, and we all have a level of intuitive ability, then we can all learn to develop those abilities. If you exhibit any of these abilities, it is worthwhile to learn all you can about them. Through education, being open to the universe, and time spent in dedicated practice, you may discover that you have psychic abilities too.

You Have Seen Spirits

After the age of three (as far as your brain could possibly remember anything) you might have seen spirits or departed loved ones. Especially at a young age, little kids and babies are well connected to the spirit world.

For example, maybe after your family dog died, you kept seeing visions of him still running around the house. Or perhaps your grandmother passed, and you still saw her rocking in your rocking chair.

However, these aren’t just any visions. They are real, and you can even talk to them. Sometimes you might look at back at these memories and think you are confusing them with psychic dreams. There is a strong possibility you’re not.

Final Thoughts

Having psychic abilities is really pretty cool. When you are psychic, it opens you up to a world of opportunity that you may not have otherwise. Take time to study up on psychic development, to see how you can develop yours further. Try not to fear your gifts. Embrace them. Being psychic is not something that happens to everyone, so consider yourself lucky.

alissa monroe

Alissa Monroe is a self-proclaimed “psychic junkie” with over 10 years of experience in the world of psychics, tarot, and spirituality. Her goal is to help people find happiness through spiritual enlightenment and self-discovery.