Understanding Aura Colors and Their Meanings

what color is your aura

Have you been thinking about getting into the study of auras and wanting to learn what the different colors mean? If so, then you’re in the right place! The different aura colors can be many and complex, and their meanings can sometimes be even more elusive. However, with a little bit of learning and practice, you can become a master at seeing them and detecting what they mean.

What Is an Aura?

Throughout history, artists have depicted our auras as a glowing light or halo that manifests itself around the bodies or heads of highly evolved saints and spiritual masters. What this tells us is that the auras around such beings were extremely powerful, so much so that others could easily see, sense, or feel them. In the modern day, auras have even been scientifically detected using Kirlian photography and other types of electronic tools.

What an aura represents is the energy that surrounds you, and for those who can see it, it reveals a lot about you. It might change in a lot of ways, but it often largely stays the same – revealing details about who you are and your personality.

Your aura features several bands of color. The outer bands are the ones that frequently change, depending on how you are feeling or what you are going through in your life at a specific time.

The few colors closest to you, however, are the life colors. These usually don’t change, and they reveal your personality, your purpose, and theme for your life, the partner that is best for you, the careers you will find most fulfillment in, your strengths and weaknesses with health, money, family, and more. In this guide, we will focus on these life colors.

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What Do The Colors of an Aura Mean?

Here are the most common life colors you will encounter when reading auras and what each of them means:


People with red in their aura tend to focus on the physical aspects of their world. They love expressing themselves using sensuality and their physical body. They live in the present, exhibiting courage, strength, self-confidence, and zest. Reds thrive in physical realities, manipulating the environment around them. Their reality is tangible – they need to be able to hear, touch, taste, and see the physical world.


Those with orange in their aura are thrill daredevils and thrill-seekers. They live for adrenaline rushes and excitement found in physical danger. Oranges look for a challenge in their lives and attempt to push physical limits. They often put their lives on the line to remind themselves they are alive.


Magenta is one of the rarer colors to find in an aura. This color shows up in nonconformists, those who tend to be unique and eccentric personalities on the outskirts. They see life in a different and unusual way, though still in a physical sense. They tend to be artistic types who enjoy using physical objects and twisting them in a new and shocking way. They don’t abide by the standards and expectations of society and instead, follow the beat of their own drum.


Someone who sports yellow in their aura tends to be energetic, free-spirited, fun-loving, and childlike in their personality. They might be shy and sensitive or even the life of the party. They require connection with Mother Earth and physical activity. These sensitive, optimistic individuals find their purpose in life through bringing joy to others, having fun, and healing the planet.

Logical Tan

This refers to a light tan colored band that encircles those who have this color in their aura. This band tends to stay tightly drawn to a person’s body. These people are very analytical and logical, and often methodically process every step of a situation they are involved in. They are typically security-conscious, practical, and reserved people who prefer not to share their feelings.

Environmental Tan

This deep tan colored band is layered with forest-green colors, and those with this personality trait featured in their auras tend to bridge the gap between mental family and physical family. These tans tend to experience their reality through physically touching the world around them and mentally analyzing what they find.

Sensitive Tan

This color tends to bridge the mental and emotional aspects of life. It manifests as a combination of a tan color with a light blue band next to it, surrounding the body. They tend to have a subtle combination of the mental tan qualities, paired with the emotional blue traits.

Abstract Tan

Those with this color in their aura tend to be curious and bright. They often focus on the details in life, but they tend to be scattered and can go in several directions at once. They are the most childlike of any of the tans. They tend to exhibit characteristics of being friendly, open, outgoing, and optimistic.


Those with green auras are some of the most intelligent and powerful people you will encounter. They are bright and process ideas and information quickly.


Blues are some of the most supportive, nurturing, and loving personalities. They live from their emotions and heart. Their purpose is to give, teach, and learn love. Their priorities tend to be relationships, spirituality, and above all, love. Blues are helpers that focus on service – especially counselors, teachers, nurses, and more.


Violets tend to be inspirational leaders, visionaries, therapists, performers, or teachers. Their goal is to save the planet, and they feel a need to educate the masses. They want to inspire higher ideals, improve life, and help to save people, the environment, and animals


Crystal is another rare life color. They have clear auras and are known as “aura chameleons.” This means that their aura changes to match that of the people they are around at a specific time. They will take on the characteristics, emotions, behaviors, and thoughts of that color. They tend to be sensitive, quiet healers.


Lavenders tend to find themselves surrounded by enchantments, fantasy, myths, dreams, spirituality, fairies, and angels. They are sensitive and creative, living in their own world. They prefer to spend time where things are enchanting and pretty, and they have trouble facing the harshness of the real world.


Indigo is a color that has manifested on Earth only recently. They usher in a new energy and consciousness in the coming age of harmony and peace. While violets feel a drive to save the planet and educate others, Indigos are here to live as examples for the rest to follow.