Are You Clairaudient? 9 Signs To Look For and How To Develop This Ability

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Clairaudience, also referred to as clear hearing, is the psychic ability to hear voices, sounds, and messages from beyond the physical world. Clairaudience allows you to listen more carefully and hear things that many people can’t perceive.

These messages can come to you as clear words and phrases, music, or other sounds. Sometimes they represent a warning or advice. Other times, you could receive helpful messages from loved ones who have passed on.

In this guide, I’ll help you understand the primary signs of clairaudience, the four ways that clairaudients can receive messages, and how to further develop this psychic ability.

9 Signs That You Are Clairaudient

1. You Hear Someone Saying Your Name When No One is Around

If you’ve ever thought someone called out to you and then found out you were alone in your house, you might be clairaudient. You might also hear voices, whispering, or even voices echoing from another dimension.

Clairaudience doesn’t always manifest as a clear voice in your ear. You might find that you hear someone speak, but you can’t make out the words.

If you’ve ever attended a psychic reading, you could find that these voices become louder or clearer as you connect with the reader. Whether you hear distinct phrases, soft music, or someone moving objects in another room, these are all signs of clairaudience.

2. You Enjoy the Quiet

Clairaudients often find themselves overwhelmed in loud or busy environments. They’re sensitive to noise, whether it’s constant music, chatty friends, or construction at the office. These sensitivities can prove frustrating when others don’t understand your need for quiet.

When you experience too much noise, you might find yourself becoming irritated or exhausted. While most people consider these traits exclusive to introverts, clairaudients experience them also. Meditation, noise-canceling headphones, and carving out time to relax each day can help you recharge.

3. You Spoke to Imaginary Friends as a Child

Your childhood imaginary friends may not have been people you conjured in your mind but spirits communicating with you.

Children often have more powerful psychic connections than adults, which means they can see and hear messages that adults cannot. Spirits and other beings can manifest to children.

When adults insist these are imaginary friends, children often grow away from them and block their ability to communicate. Even if you grew apart from your imaginary friends, that doesn’t mean you can’t open yourself up to your clairaudient abilities again.

4. You Love Music

Music represents something more significant than enjoyment for clairaudient people. You probably feel a deep connection with a specific song or music as a whole. It can help you connect with your psychic abilities and deliver messages in the same way that hearing a voice beside you can.

Your love of music may go beyond listening to other people’s lyrics, too. You might write songs, or even hear them play in your mind before you compose them. Clairaudient abilities may also allow you to play instruments without sheet music.

Music evokes more emotion in you than in others or give you messages others do not receive as you listen.

5. You Offer Great Advice to Others

Do friends and family look to you for advice and direction? Maybe strangers approach you looking for help or someone to listen to their problems. While these experiences can become exhausting, they can also indicate clairaudience.

As you listen to others, you may also be tuning in to higher beings and channeling their wisdom through you. Perhaps you have no experience dealing with your friend’s situation, but you formulate thoughtful responses that make your friend feel understood.

This advice could represent messages from higher beings for others flowing through you. You could possibly think you’re only listening to the person speaking to you, but you’re also listening to spirit.

6. You Sometimes Hear Ringing in Your Ears

While ringing can signal tinnitus and other medical conditions, you’ll sometimes hear ringing or high-pitched tones without any medical explanation. In those cases, the ringing in your ears may be a manifestation of your spirit guides speaking to you.

These sounds, whether you hear ringing, buzzing, or feel your ears pop, usually don’t last long. It can mean your spirit guide has advice or even a warning for you, and you should pay attention.

7.  You’re an Auditory Learner

Many clairaudient people prefer auditory learning, as they already listen carefully to the messages beyond our physical world. If you remember what others tell you or you enjoy listening to audiobooks more than reading visually, you may have clairaudience.

When you learn information, pay attention to how you remember it best. Knowing your preferences for how you learn can give you clues regarding your psychic abilities, clairaudience, or otherwise.

8.  You Are Sensitive to Noise

As with sensitivity to music or voices, you might hear other noises when you have clairaudience. This sensitivity can come in the form of subtle sounds around you, like thinking you hear someone move an object in the kitchen when you’re alone in the house.

Noise sensitivity goes beyond hearing. You may hear loud, sudden noises, like a fire alarm going off for no reason and then going silent on its own after a few seconds. People with clairaudient abilities might discern meanings from these sounds when others ignore them.

9.  You Often Speak to Yourself

Speaking to yourself does not necessarily mean having verbal conversations with yourself. It can also come in the form of having conversations with an inner voice inside your mind.

Do you often respond to yourself mentally when you have a question or problem? Maybe you come up with sensible or compassionate answers like those you would give someone else in your situation.

Speaking to yourself can mean that you have a deep connection with spirit and tune to its messages. You might be receiving guidance without realizing it.

However, don’t mistake harsh criticism or negative self-talk for spirit communication. If the message you receive doesn’t resonate in the form of helpful or constructive words, it likely comes from somewhere other than your spiritual guides.

4 Ways You Can Receive Clairaudient Messages

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Clairaudient messages can reach you through many channels. While some are more apparent than others, learning to recognize the ways spirits can communicate with you can help you become more receptive over time.

Your Own Voice

Messages from spirit guides via your inner voice can happen internally or verbally. It takes practice to learn to recognize whether your words and thoughts come from spirit messages or other sources.

You must listen to your intuition and try to understand the difference between these messages. Consider how they resonate with you and whether you learn anything from them.

Spirit Voices

While you may hear your voice in your mind, as if you were thinking the message yourself, clairaudient messages can also come from spirit voices around you.

Hearing spirit voices means that the auditory messages you receive come from loved ones who have passed on. You may hear friends, family, and even people with whom you didn’t have a close relationship during their time in the physical world.


When you’re alone in your house, or even in public, and you hear nonspecific sounds, you may be receiving a message from the divine. These signals often come in the form of muttering just out of earshot, or music so soft you can’t hear the words. However, these sounds can occur in any form, and the more you learn to listen to them, the more you will improve your psychic ability to use your clairaudience.


Warning messages from your spirit guides can trigger panic and other fight or flight responses. When you receive this type of communication, you should listen so you can receive the warning clearly. Whether you hear an alarm, shouting, or another obtrusive noise—remember that your spirit guides are trying to communicate, not frighten you.

How to Develop Your Clairaudient Ability

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While clairaudience (clear hearing) can manifest in many forms, this gift is not as simple as having it or not. Everyone has some degree of clairaudience, even if they don’t realize it.

As with any skill, practicing clairaudience increases your ability to use it. Try these practices to help you develop and improve your clairaudient abilities and receive messages from spirit.


Listening will help you open yourself to hearing and understanding messages from the spirit world. Follow these steps to improve your listening ability and hone your clairaudience:

  • Listen to the world around you with your eyes closed.
  • Focus on sounds you may not notice without paying specific attention to them.
  • Separate each sound and listen to them individually.

While listening may seem like a simple first step, it can prove challenging for many people, especially if you rarely take the time to do it. However, the more you allow yourself to become attuned to the world’s sounds, the easier it will become to separate physical and natural sounds from those in the spirit world.

Asking Questions

When you wish to receive a message from spirit, sometimes you must ask first. You may not hear an answer right away—or at all. But by asking questions, you signal to higher beings that you open yourself to receive.

When you ask spirits a question, focus on the request. Try not to ask yes or no questions, as they only allow for rigid answers that you may misinterpret.

Instead, ask for advice or guidance. That way, your spirit guides can give you information that you can interpret as you continue on your life path.

Strengthening Your Fifth Chakra

Your fifth chakra, also called the throat chakra, represents communication. Each chakra has symbols that you can use as tools to help strengthen them. Some of these tools include:

  • Colors: Each chakra has a representative color. Blue represents the throat chakra, and working with colors—even just imagining bright blue hues—can help open it.
  • Crystals: As with colors, specific crystals work to open the throat chakra. You can meditate with blue crystals like lapis lazuli, blue lace agate, turquoise, and others to strengthen your fifth chakra. If you feel comfortable doing so, you can also place these gemstones at the base of your throat or wear them as a pendant.
  • Singing: Whether you’re skilled at singing or not, your voice’s high and low pitches open your throat chakra. If you can feel your voice strengthening, you’re likely improving your fifth chakra strength.


Along with listening, meditation should be one of your first steps to improving clairaudience. Meditation allows you to still your body, center your mind, and focus on listening to the world around you.

There is no single right way to meditate, and you should start by finding a meditation that works for you. You can find guided meditations, meditation music, or you can sit on a cushion in the middle of your floor and breathe deeply.

Meditation offers flexibility, so you can choose how long and what kind of meditation you do each day. However, you must make time for regular meditation if you want to strengthen your clairaudience.

As you practice improving your psychic ability and listening to messages from higher beings, make honing your skill a regular practice. Try to practice your skill every day, so you can learn to recognize the signs of clairaudience and receive more precise messages from spirits. Over time, you will notice your abilities improving, and then you can focus on maintaining them.

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