How To Tell If You Have The Psychic Gift of Clairaudience

Do you experience things in life differently than the other people around you? Have your experiences and perceptions led you to wonder if you are maybe picking up more of what is happening in the world surrounding you than most people? Have you been asking yourself whether or not you might be clairaudient?  Maybe you’re hearing voices, but not sure what it means?

If so, you are in the right place. Here, we will cover what clairaudience is and what it means before delving into some of the most common telltale signs that you possess the gift of clairaudience. If you suspect that you might be clairaudient, then read on to determine whether or not that you have the gift of clear hearing.

What Is Clairaudience?

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Clairaudience is the intuitive ability that refers to clear hearing. The ability of clairaudience can manifest in your life at any time, from the time of your birth until the day that you die. It is the ability to be able to hear people in spirit with crystalline accuracy.

When spirits are speaking to you internally or externally, you will be able to hear spirits speak to you within your environment or even within your own mind. Many individuals with the gift of clairaudience will use their abilities in their lives on a daily basis without even being aware of it.

If your abilities of clairaudience are starting to open up, you might notice a ringing sensation in your ears or changes of pressure within your ears. This could include buzzing or popping noises, and you might even find yourself hearing voices.

How Do You Know If You Really Have Clairaudience?

Clairaudience is a lot more than simply hearing voices in your head. The main differences between having a mental illness and being clairaudience are very obvious if you know what to look for. While both conditions might include hearing voices within your head, that is where the similarities stop.

Clairaudient mediums can learn to have a level of control over the voices, and spirit voices tend to not be very constant. Instead, their messages have a tendency to be brief and get straight to the point. They typically engage in a genuine dialogue with the clairaudient person and can answer questions that you have and provide you with feedback.

Spirit voices in most cases do not prevent functionality or push you towards harmful behaviors. These voices will be rational, safe, and gentle – often even more rational than your own voice. In addition, they are usually very compassionate.

If you have clairaudience, you also will have the gift of clear speaking. This means that you can channel, share, and speak the messages you hear from the spirits to others.

Here are some of the most common signs that you might experience if you are a clairaudient person:

7 Signs and Symptoms of Clairaudience

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1. You Tend to Talk to Yourself

If you are clairaudient, it is likely that you find yourself frequently troubleshooting what you say, thinking of replies you would like to give in certain scenarios, and calming yourself down by talking to yourself once stressful event has taken place. If the replies and solutions you get from doing these things are thoughtful, clear-headed, and calm, then it is likely that the other participant in your conversation is a spirit, and you are hearing them clairaudiently.

2. You Give Others Profound Advice

If you find yourself offering great advice to others but have no idea where you got those ideas, then it’s possible that those signs came from a spirit. Spirits can speak through you, and when you speak aloud, you might find yourself actually speaking their words. This can also be done through writing.

3. You Comfort Others

If you find yourself comforting others a lot, and especially if you have taken to doing so as a career path, then you might be clairaudient.

If you have given your profession and livelihood to providing others with centered and calming advice, such as by being a counselor, therapist, nurse, coach, or something similar, this is a strong sign that you maybe clairaudient. These careers have their main role involved in calming and providing advice to diffuse stress and guide others with thoughtful suggestions.

In doing so, it is likely that these words are coming from angels and spirit guides through you, using you as a vessel, without your knowledge. As a result, the advice you give may seem perfectly tailored to what the people around you need at that very moment!

4. You Hear Buzzing and Ringing in Your Ears Often

If you hear buzzing and ringing in your ears that tends to manifest quickly and dissipate after seconds to minutes, this often serves as a sign that a spirit is looking for your attention or that they are looking to relay important information.

5. You Hear Radio, Talking, Noises, or Whispering in the Distance

If you hear things off in the distance that sound like noises, talking, radio, or whispering, this may be spirit generated speech. If you can’t discern the physical source of the noise, this is very possible. But don’t be bothered by it—you can ask the spirits to speak up or to tell you what they want. You can also ask them to pipe down, so you can get some sleep if you need!

6. You Get Sudden Inspiration or Ideas During Mundane Tasks

If you are clairaudient, then one sign is if you have sudden inspiration come to you while driving, showering, or other mundane tasks. These times tend to serve as the ideal time for spirits to give you solutions for your problems and ideas to improve your life.

7. You Hear Messages That Seem to Be Tailored to You

You might hear messages through the radio or television that sound like they were meant specifically for you! If so, spirits might be using another human vehicle to get a message delivered to you. Spirits tend to quiet down the world around us, so we can hear that they need us and help us to improve our lives.