The 7 Types of Psychic Empaths Explained


A psychic empath is defined as someone that can sense the feelings and emotions of others. However, it’s important to note the distinction between the psychic form of empathy and the basic human emotion of empathy. The main difference is that empathic psychics can pick up on non-visual, non-verbal cues when someone else is feeling fear, pain, or joy.

Some types of psychic empaths can sense how others feel through reading their aura or energetic vibrations, while others have a unique ability known as claircognizance to “know” how someone is feeling without having any obvious clues.

If you can read people’s emotions or feel overwhelmed by the intense energy of people around you, you could be a psychic empath. In this guide, I’ll explain the 7 types of empaths and the traits of each.

Physical Empath

A physical empath is someone who responds to physical actions and symptoms of those around them. So, if you are with people who are laughing and expressing joy, you are likely to mirror those emotions and feelings, regardless of what’s happening in your own life circumstances.

Similarly, if you around people that are ill, have a headache, or are experiencing other health conditions, you might experience similar discomforts.

Manifesting other people’s symptoms is a common problem for physical empaths, so it helps to surround yourself with healthy and happy people to offset these effects. Another strategy that can help physical empaths cope with the downside of their psychic ability is to set healthy boundaries and learn to say “no” to spending time with people who add to stress levels.

Emotional Empath

If you’ve ever found yourself experiencing the happiness of others as if it were your own, you might not just be a nice person, but an emotional empath.

People with this psychic ability pick up on the emotions of others, which is often associated with empaths. This trait can be both positive and negative.

For example, genuinely celebrating the joy and success of those you care about is an incredible feeling. On the other hand, emotional empaths can also suffer if they’re around people who are negative or narcissistic. It’s not unusual for this type of psychic empath to feel drained when they’re around emotional vampires.

Individuals who are always in crisis mode, need constant attention, and suffer from low self-esteem can negatively impact the well-being of an emotional empath.

Intuitive Empath

An intuitive empath is similar to an emotional empath. Instead of just picking up on the emotions of others, intuitive empaths also see what’s underneath the surface-level feelings. They sense what is unspoken and not expressed, not just what’s overtly communicated.

Often, this type of psychic empath also has an ability for being able to understand when someone is truthful or whether they’re lying.

Dream Empath

Dreams can seem like impossible to solve riddles, but dream empaths are truly gifted when it comes to unraveling the mysteries of the subconscious. Instead of being a slave to the conscious ego, dream empaths can bypass physical reality and waking life to get intuitive information from the universe while they sleep.

Someone who is a dream empath has the ability to be able to remember dreams in detail instead of forgetting them the instant they wake up. As they recall their dreams, they can often glean wisdom from them. Talking animals, a deceased love one, or a coworker can also be sources of knowledge and inspiration.

In addition to being able to learn and grow from their own dreams, this type of psychic empath can also help understand the meaning from other people’s nocturnal visions.

Plant Empath

If you have a natural green thumb, you might be a plant empath. This type of empath psychic is very in tune with plants, trees, and flowers.

Plant empaths can form a similar connection with plants that emotional and physical empaths experience with people.

It’s believed that plant empaths have a sixth sense about what a plant needs to be healthy, and they can even communicate with them, sometimes hearing their thoughts. This spiritual connection to plants can also carry over into human-to-human connections. Plant empaths are known for being compassionate and skilled at healing.

Animal Empath

For anyone wondering if animals have souls, an animal empath will undoubtedly tell you yes. Animal empaths are easy to spot because they’ll be the ones swapping stories and playing games of tug with the dog at a house party.

The typical animal empath will intuitively sense the needs and emotions of animals. He or she will often be able to communicate with them, both understanding the animal and making themselves understood in the process.

Most animal empaths will also be vegan because they cannot and will not tolerate any violence or cruelty to animals. They argue that they are sentient beings with a desire and right to live, just like humans.

Earth Empath

Like plant empaths, earth empaths are also in tune with nature. However, earth empaths can feel and connect with the universe as a whole. A forest fire can make them feel pain, and they may be able to sense an earthquake or severe storm before it happens.

Earth empaths love being outdoors and can thrive when they experience nature’s miracles and natural energy sources. Waterfalls, raging waters, and stunning sunrises can be energizing to an earth empath, while air pollution and environmental toxins can have a more pronounced effect on them than it does on an ordinary human.

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