What Is A Psychic Empath and How To Tell if You Are One?

Have you ever had an instant connection with a person, place or animal? Do people you hardly know confide in you with a higher level of trust? Experiences like these that seem unexplainable can actually be traced back to empathetic powers. If you have ever instantly known the character of somebody you just met, or experienced anything else like this, you may be a psychic empath.

What Is an Empath?

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To feel empathy is to understand and share the feelings of someone else as if you were in the same position. An empath is someone who is very sensitive to the energy around them and the emotions of people and animals. This also includes the spiritual imprints and spiritual energy of locations.

Empaths have a special ability of clear feeling that is called clairsentience. Clairsentience is the ability of clearly feeling emotions that manifest in the world as you interact with people, places, and animals. Empaths are highly attuned to the energies of those around them. This means that you are easily affected by the energies of other people, plants, locations, or animals.

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Types of Psychic Empaths

Empaths do not all have the same abilities. Some empaths can truly feel the emotional interiority of those around them, while other empaths are able to pick up on subtle changes in the energy levels of their surroundings. What all empaths have in common, however, is their ability to feel these energy levels and tune into subtle changes that other non-empaths often cannot see or notice. The type of empathetic abilities you have determines what type of psychic empath you are. Here are the types of empaths and their abilities:

Emotional Empath

This type of empath possesses some of the more common types of empathetic abilities. Emotional empaths are able to pick up on the emotional feelings of those around them and then experience those feelings themselves.

This ability allows you to help those around you, and it is what makes empaths great listeners because they can truly say they know where someone is coming from, even if it’s not something they’ve experienced themselves.

However, this ability can also quickly drain you if you are around a person who is experiencing great sadness, for example. The most important thing to remember is to differentiate your own feelings from the emotions of others around you in order to protect yourself from becoming too affected by emotions that do not belong to you.

Geomantic Empath

Geomantic empathy is also known as environmental empathy. If you ever find that you are happy or uncomfortable for no discernable reason in certain situations or environments, you may possess this ability. You may also experience deep connections to specific locations, such as places of power like a church or grove.

Physical/Medical Empath

If you’ve ever intuitively known what another person is feeling based on their energy, you may be a physical or a medical empath. Many of those who possess this ability pursue healing to help others, whether it is with a conventional medical career or alternative professions.

If you think you may be a physical empath, you should be aware of the impact these abilities can have on your own body. By feeling the energies of others within yourself, you could potentially experience some negative health problems or have more trouble dealing with preexisting ones.

Plant Empath

Plant empaths are those who instinctively know what plants need. You will have a true sense for precisely where specific plants need to be placed in your home or garden, and you will also need a lot of exposure with plant life and trees. You would also enjoy strengthening your bond by sitting and meditating by a special tree in order to better understand it.

Animal Empath

A strong sense of connection with animals is a sign that you are an animal empath. Animal empaths are dedicated to caring for animals, and they often have a greater understanding of what animals need and want. Some can even communicate with animals telepathically.

Intuitive/Claircognizant Empath

Intuitive empaths can gather a lot of information from someone by simply being in their presence, and sometimes with just a single look. For example, you can sense the meaning and intentions behind what is being said to you so you will instantly know if or when someone is trying to lie to you. Along with reading the energy of those around you very easily, you will feel the need to surround yourself with others whose energies align with your own.

8 Signs That You Are a Psychic Empath


You Have Regular Mood Swings

A sign that you are feeling another person’s energy could be that you experience a wave of depression and then transition into feeling joyful. Lower vibration energies, such as anxiety, fear, and worry, pull you down and create the feelings of depression. When you transition into the more upbeat sensations, it is a sign that you are reconnecting with your higher self.

Being in a Crowd Makes You Anxious

Since empaths are prone to picking up on the energy of those around them, being in a crowd is often disconcerting and stressful. You will be picking up on the energy coming from all those around you, and it will be difficult to clear out. Sometimes, the conflicting energies will clear out on their own.

Specific Social Situations Drain You

Certain situations become increasingly draining for empaths. Consider funerals, class reunions, or going to the hospital – these events differ for everyone, yet they always trigger emotions that continuously drain empaths. To help ease the pressure of these situations, you just have to think about your personal time limit for interactions for these situations so as to not overwork your mind.

You Are Invested in the Dreams of Others

One of the best parts about being an empath is that you can easily tap into others’ feelings of joy. When people get excited about their hopes, dreams, and other happy ideas, you feel their positive emotions and are able to add your own joy and good thoughts into the surrounding energy. This allows you to increase the motivation and happiness of others, which is one reason why empaths make good life coaches.

You Are Drained by the Issues of Others

While you can be invested in the hopes and dreams of others, you will also be dragged down by the doubts, fears, and problems that others are experiencing. If you are an empath, you need to be particularly protective of your boundaries because you are one of the most compassionate listeners out there.

In order to protect yourself from becoming too drained, you can set boundaries for when you decide you should help others and how you help. Empaths have been through a lot in their own lives, which is why they are often sought out for help and guidance.

You Can Feel Sick Out of Nowhere

Feeling nauseous, ill, and sick for no reason is a frequent experience for some empaths. This is an effect of absorbing negative emotions from others such as anxieties, fears, and worries. The stomach can pick up on invisible information, so listen to your gut!

You Can Sense When Something Is Wrong in a Room

When you walk into a room, you can tell if someone has been sad in the room or if the room itself has been vacant for an extended period of time. You pick up the energy of the room, so you can tell if there was an argument in it recently or if someone passed away in the space.

You Value Your Emotions

As empaths get more confident, they begin to respect and value their emotions more and more. You will also demand that same level of value and respect from everyone you let become close to you.