Understanding Psychometry – The Ability To Read Objects

Psychometry is perfect for beginners and experienced psychics alike. When developing your psychic abilities, psychometry is one of the most fun ways to increase your confidence and strengthen your other abilities.

Psychometry is good to practice for developing:

Psychometry is perfect for beginner psychics looking to strengthen their intuitive gifts because it involves holding a physical item. When you hold an actual object, you have a sense of security – just like utilizing training wheels on a bicycle. However, psychometry is an equally great skill to practice even for the most experienced psychics.

What Is Psychometry?

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Psychometry is one of the many types of psychic ability where a person can read or sense an object’s history by touching it. By reading the energy of an item or object, you can sense emotions, sounds, smells, tastes, and even see images that are a part of that object’s history and its previous owner.

If you are new to psychometry, you should start by focusing on actually touching an object to sense these things, while some more experienced psychometrists can read an object simply by being close enough to it. However, even the most experienced users of this practice need to touch the item if it is too large.

A psychometrist can gather a lot of information by holding an antique item. They can “read” such things as the item’s history and the experiences the owner of the item had while they possessed that item.

Common traits of psychometrists include:

  • After they pick up an old, used item, they feel like they should wash their hands
  • They feel anxious in spaces that are cluttered due to the excess energy being emanated
  • They don’t wear used jewelry or clothes
  • They feel a weird energy upon entering antique stores

How Does Psychometry Work?

Psychometry is a method of scrying, which is a psychic way of seeing or reading something that isn’t typically visible. Think of a mirror that fogs up after you take a hot shower. When you write a message or draw an image on the mirror, it is there just for a little bit before it fades away, but the physical finger imprint has still been put on that mirror.

Similarly, psychometry deals with objects that hold energetic fingerprints that happens when an object has been impressed with energy and holds onto that energetic vibration. People are full of energy, and when we touch things, we leave our own personal energetic imprint on them.

When you do psychometry, you read the auras, or energy fields, that surround and object. If an object has more energy in its aura, it will obviously be easier to gather and read information from it. Metal objects tend to hold a larger amount of energy compared to other objects, which is why jewelry is commonly used for psychometry readings.  Check out this guide to learn how to read someone’s aura.

Items that have been used more often also hold more energy due to the extra imprints that they have accumulated. For example, a pair of shoes that have only been worn once will offer a lot less information than a ring that has been passed down through a family for years.

How to Do Psychometry

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Psychometry is a great skill to practice for beginners because it really is quite easy to do. Even if it is a little tricky to pick up at first, the more you practice your psychometric skills, the easier and quicker it will be for you. To do psychometry, you should remember to have fun, relax, and not stress yourself out over it.

Here are the steps to doing psychometry:

1. Clean Your Hands

Just wash and dry them, they don’t need to be completely sterile. This step ensures that you wash the energy of anything you have touched previously off of your hands, so they don’t interfere with your reading.

2. Get the Energy Flowing

Do this by simply rubbing your hands together.

3. Check the Energy in Your Palms

With your hands facing each other, take your hands and pull them slightly apart. You should feel something like a thick sensation between your palms, or some other sensation of energy between them. If you are feeling this, great! If you aren’t noticing any type of energy feeling, you can try again by going back to step 2 and rubbing your hands together more.

4. Hold Your Selected Item

It is time to hold the item that you would like to read in your hands. The best type of item to start with is something that has been used frequently and that has something in it that holds energy well. Jewelry, like a necklace or a ring, is ideal for this.

It is better if the necklace or ring belonged to a stranger; this is so you don’t confuse any familiar energies at first. Try asking a friend if they own a piece of family jewelry that you could borrow to practice with.

5. Calm Your Mind

Relax yourself and, if it feels right, try closing your eyes.

6. Ask Questions

Think about who the owner of the jewelry might have been, and ask yourself: What do you hear, see, smell, and sense? Allow these sounds, images, and other senses to enter your mind.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself while holding this object:

  • What was the personality like of the person who owned this?
  • Who are they?
  • Is this person still alive?
  • What kind of experiences has this object seen while it belonged to the owner?

7. Consider What You Have Sensed

By gathering everything you have sensed from the energy of the object, you can make your final conclusions. Emotions are usually the most prominent thing to stand out in an object’s energy, such as fear, love, and hate.

Other items can also carry a lot of energy that is good to practice reading, such as gravestones, photographs of people, and houses, and they can be good to practice psychometry with.

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