Can You Trust Psychic Power Network? My Honest Review

psychic power networkThe Psychic Power Network has been providing psychic readings over the phone to clients all over the world since 2002. Their advisors aim to provide affordable psychic readings and give their clients clarity about their lives and the world around them. But are their readers deserving of the popularity?

We learned everything about Psychic Power Network’s readings to give you the full scoop on this company and their psychic abilities!

Types of Psychics and Readings Offered

The Psychic Power Network has over 300 advisors for you to choose from. Compared to competitors, they provide one of the widest range of advisors available. Their website provides a detailed description of each advisor including who they are, the kind of readings they offer, and their qualifications.

We love the vast number of advisors offered because it means there are more types of readings that clients can get.  The Psychic Power Network offers readings in:

  • Tarot cards
  • Love, romance, and relationships
  • Career and finance
  • Pets
  • Healing
  • Life coaching
  • Astrology
  • Dream Interpretations

Each advisor has a different set of skills conveniently listed on their profile. The number of advisors available can be overwhelming for new clients, but you can find a reader you like best by using the filtering system conveniently located on their website. You can also see reviews and feedback from clients who have received readings already to help you make your pick.

Whatever you are looking from your reading, The Psychic Power Network covers all the basics.

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Psychic Reading Methods

Similar to other companies such as Psychic Encounters, all of The Psychic Power Networks readings are done over the phone. This may not be ideal for clients who prefer an in-person experience to connect with their personal advisor. Gaining your reading over the phone definitely lacks a personal touch that a lot of people like to experience.

However, a phone reading ensures that there won’t be any biases or funny business from your psychic. Phone readings allow some piece of mind concerning the authenticity of your reading. Since your advisor cannot see you, they can’t twist physical clues into any sort of fake reading.

Prices and Guarantee

Each advisor found on The Psychic Power Network is available for $1.99 per minute for your phone call. First time readers can receive a special introductory offer of 10 minutes for $1.95. This is a great deal if you are unsure about getting your psychic reading done over the phone.

The regular pricing for calls can add up, especially if you start using this service frequently. We love that The Psychic Power Network provides exclusive benefits to members and frequent callers to help you avoid a costly bill. Benefits include:

  • Free minutes for psychics you use frequently
  • Free minutes for any psychic of your choice
  • 10 free minutes on your birthday

The Psychic Power Network is confident that clients will love their readings. They provide a satisfaction guarantee on your first reading. If you aren’t satisfied, they will refund your minutes from the introductory offer. We are not very pleased that the option to get your money back is not available, and the stipulations for the offer are quite strict. To get your minutes refunded, make sure:

  • It is your first call
  • You did not add regularly priced paid minutes to your call
  • You only have one account
  • You notify The Psychic Power Network within 24 hours of your call

Overall, the satisfaction guarantee is not great but is not necessarily a deterrent to us to try out their psychics.

Psychic Screening Process

The screening process for the clairvoyants hired by The Psychic Power Network is very light. Most competitors require their advisors to go through several screenings before officially hiring them. All that is required to become an advisor with The Psychic Power Network is filling out a simple form and providing a reading over the phone for the company’s hiring officials. This requires clients to vet the advisors themselves via client reviews, which means more work for you.

How to Join

There are two different ways to join The Psychic Power Network and get your personal readings over the phone:

  • Create an account on their website
  • Call to speak to a representative to help you set up your account.

After you set up your account, you will receive an email with all of your account information and then you can book your advisor for your first call.

The Psychic Power Network’s user accounts make payment and booking very simple. We love that they store your billing information so you do not have to worry about payment after each call. Your account also keeps track of the amount of minutes you spend talking to your advisor so you can receive benefits and free minutes.

Psychic Power Pros & Cons


  • Introductory special offer of $1.95 for first 10 minutes
  • Affordable rates of only $1.99 per minute for each advisor
  • Filtering system to find the best advisor for you
  • Easy to join and book advisors
  • Has been serving clients for over 17 years


  • Doesn’t screen psychic advisors heavily
  • Satisfaction guarantee is strict and only applies to your first call
  • Readings are only provided via phone call

Psychic Power Network Review Conclusion – Is It Worth It?

Despite the fact that the advisors are not heavily screened, we think the large amount of advisors available to choose from is a benefit to you! The Psychic Power Network makes it easy for you to find an advisor that will fit the kind of reading you’re looking for, and it’s so easy to book them for a phone call.

The satisfaction guarantee is not ideal, but the introductory offer for first time callers is so cheap and affordable that we aren’t too bothered. For just a $1.95, it’s totally worth trying out a short 10 minute reading from an advisor of your choosing.

Plus if you decide you enjoyed your phone call, all of the benefits that they offer are amazing compared to their competitors! Free minutes on top of an already affordable regular price of $1.99 per minute is hard to beat. Overall, we think The Psychic Power Network is definitely worth a shot if you are looking for some clarity in your life.

alissa monroe

Alissa Monroe is a self-proclaimed “psychic junkie” with over 10 years of experience in the world of psychics, tarot, and spirituality. Her goal is to help people find happiness through spiritual enlightenment and self-discovery.