How To Read Someone’s Mind and Know What They’re Thinking

brain telepaty and mind reading techniques

The ability to read someone’s mind is a skill that anyone can learn with enough practice. Mind reading is more than just knowing what people want to say. It’s about understanding what they truly mean, even when their words say something else. The ability to read people can have a significant impact in your personal, social, and work life.

When you can understand how another person is feeling or what they’re thinking, you can alter the way you communicate with them in order to make sure the message is received in the best possible way.

In this guide, I’ll explain how to read people’s minds so you can gain a competitive advantage in every area of life.

The Science Behind It: Are We Naturally Inclined to Read Minds?

As humans, we attempt to read minds every day. We guess the feelings and reactions of others and respond appropriately. Usually, this works if someone is displaying their true emotions. However, if someone has a good poker face, how can we know?

While we use the cues of facial expressions and body language to read minds constantly without realizing it, there are other skills and techniques we can use to get past those exterior barriers and understand what is going on deep inside the minds of others.

Skills You Need For Mind Reading

reading the minds of othersHonestly, it doesn’t require many skills to be able to read minds. The main skills needed are the drive to take you all the way and the vulnerability and willingness to trust your intuition.

While this is a practice, requiring time and dedication, it doesn’t require commercial things like a crystal ball, divination cards, or a special headdress. Anyone can go from clueless to tapped into the minds of others.

An important skill that should be honed even before diving into mind reading is mindfulness. This can be worked on via yoga or meditation. Being able to clear your mind of all other things is crucial to being able to pinpoint others’ thoughts. Having a clear path for energy and thoughts will give your mind and spirit proper exercise and flexibility, making mind reading that much easier.

How To Read Someone’s Mind

World-renowned psychic Kiran Behara has developed a set of tips designed to help get beginners started on their quest to read minds. These tips will result in quick progress made on family and friends as they are already familiar to you, but it may take a bit longer to work on complete strangers.

Employ patience when practicing and remember that in time and with focus, you, too, can understand what is going on in the heads of others.

1. Maintain an Open Spirit at All Times

brain telepathyFirst and foremost, you must try to keep an open mind. Beyond just the mind, though, you must keep an open spirit. This means opening your energy to those around you and closing it off to anything else that does not serve the present moment. That means you must stay present and aware, soaking up the energy being given off by what is around you.

As noted above, yoga or meditation are great ways to practice this at first. It’s crucial to be consistent with your practice and be left alone during these moments for maximum concentration.

2. Choosing Someone To Mind Read

Now you must single out the person you would like to know more about, the person whose mind you want to read. Now, see that person. Truly see them as they are, making mental images of their face, their features, their posture, their body language, and any other details you pick up about them.

Next, you must recognize what you are seeing that is not them. In your mind, create two columns: what is them vs. what is not them. Separate the person from the chair they are sitting in, the coffee they are drinking, the couple arguing in the background, and more.

Ensure what you are focusing on is them and only them. That way, you’ll be sure that you’re only receiving the energy they produce. Otherwise, your perception may become diluted by the energy or distraction of other things.

3. Find Your Focus

making eye contactFocus on said person’s face. Hold eye contact with them for around 15 seconds. It’s important to gauge this by the situation because holding it for too long could disrupt their energy by making them uncomfortable. Too short, and the connection may not be made.

After this eye contact, look away. Create a mental picture of them. Focus on what energy you received from them during those seconds of connection. Let their thoughts, feelings, and emotions flood you. This begins the true mind reading process.

4. Converse and Be Receptive

At this point, you’re ready to uncover more about the person. What should you talk about? Well, this is determined simply by what thoughts immediately rush to your mind. What you are thinking may be exactly what they are thinking, so let the conversation guide itself based on your intuition.

Welcome any thoughts that come your way at this point, no matter if they are dark, light, scary, or welcoming. Allow yourself to feel them, thus letting the other person feel them, too. Stay open to the possibilities of the conversation so that the other person remains comfortable sharing with you.

Things uncovered during this time may shock you, but you must remain receptive to whatever is found. This can be freeing for both you and the other person, so let it run its proper course.

Tips For Improving Your Ability To Read People’s Minds

Strengthen Your Emotional Intelligence

emotional intelligenceTry taking guesses at what the other person is feeling. Oftentimes, as humans, we aren’t very good at pinpointing our emotions. If they think you’re on the right track with the way they’re feeling, you can inquire more into why they might be feeling that way. Once the reasoning is understood, you can move on to proposing solutions to either lessen or increase said feelings.

Develop Listening Skills

Become a listener that listens to understand, not a listener that listens to respond. The other person will easily be able to tell the difference and may close themselves off if they don’t feel proper reception of their feelings and energy. Listen more than you talk for maximum understanding.

Pay Attention to Emotion

Empathy is lacking in our world not by design or default but by choice. Empathy exists in all of us, but the world has a way of making us decide to turn it off for our own benefit. One way to tune in better to your own empathy towards others is by allowing yourself to acknowledge your own feelings first. Once you are able to accept your own, you will be better at accepting others’ feelings. Empathy goes a long way into understanding others.

Mind Reading as a Journey

While mind reading is something anyone can do, only ones with patience and dedication will be able to succeed. Once your skill begins to develop, be careful not to use it to take advantage of or hurt others. It can be a tool used for great good, and it should not be warped for other purposes.

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