Understanding The 5 Different Types of Spirit Guides

Do you consider yourself a spiritual person? If so, you may already feel like you have a connection with your spiritual guides – even if you don’t know who they are. Even if you know nothing about your spirit guides, that can easily be remedied, and you can learn how to form a closer bond with these otherworldly beings who seek to guide you along your way.

Knowing a little bit about your spirit guides, and the different types of spirit guides that you have is the first step to better understanding them and knowing how to communicate with them – and more importantly, how to receive the essential message they may have for you as you go along your journey.

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At different stages of your life, a type of angel or spirit guide might be more active than others. In fact, one spiritual being might help you through a certain chapter of your life and disappear as another takes over to help you with the next chapter of your life. These guides all have one thing in common, though: They are here to help guide, protect, and teach you as you go through the stages of life.

Here are the main types of spirit guides that you might encounter throughout your life:

#1: Guardian Spirit Guides

These spirits are meant to protect us. They have the capability of intervening in our lives, even physically, to help keep us safe. Guardian angels can control a car’s movement, create energetic shields around you, and keep you from walking into danger.

These spiritual beings can communicate with us using animal messengers. If you see an animal somewhere strange, or the same animal multiple times, this could be your guardian reminding you to remain strong or to embrace the qualities of that animal. It might also be a reminder that you are protected physically.

Your Guardian Spirit Guides are always there for you, and you can call upon them whenever you feel like you need protection. Just ask them and they’ll be there for you!

#2: Messenger Guides

Messenger Guides tend to enter our lives when we are preparing to start a new chapter of life or begin a journey on a new path. Our messenger guides can prepare us with the information we need and will deliver their messages using psychic symbols and signs that help us to make our choices.

These guides will also be especially prevalent when we are at a crossroads or preparing to make a significant life decision. They are there to support us and will also provide insight into our best path to take.

They tend to communicate using synchronicities, number patterns, dreams, symbols, as well as clairvoyance and clairaudience. Psychics and intuitive readers tend to work with these guides to receive their insights or messages about the subject they are reading for. To hear from these Messenger Guides, just ask them to come to you and continue an open dialogue with them regarding your concerns and questions. They are always there to answer you if you are just open to hearing what they have to say.

#3: Gatekeeper Guides

Gatekeeper Spirit Guides help you in accessing different portals of the spirit world. They work as gatekeepers from one dimension and the next, aiding you in navigating the Spirit World and staying safe while doing so.

When you begin working with these guides, they may help you in developing your intuition, tapping into your innate psychic abilities, and even experiencing phenomena like astral projection and lucid dreaming. These Gatekeeper Guides protect you from delving too deeply into the spirit world if you’re not prepared and can ward off negative spirits and entities. They are also there to guide you on your journey into the next life, after death.

These guides are especially important for those that dabble in the spirit world. They help to protect a person’s energy and in the receiving of accurate messages.

#4: Helper or Healing Guides

Your Helper and Healing Guides can help to heal you emotionally, physically, and energetically from all sorts of stresses and ailments that you will encounter throughout your life. They will also be there for you when you need spiritual or emotional support. These Guides tend to be present during times of pain, sickness, or surgeries and can be called upon to help facilitate healing in the person they protect. They can also be called upon during times of emotional trauma or if you are feeling negative or down.

Healing Guides also work beside those who work in the healing profession. They can act as a facilitator or mentor to those doing healing work. If you work in the healing industry, you might be able to sense your Healing Guide by your side, helping you along.

#5: Teacher Guides

Your Teacher Guide is there to help introduce you to people when you’re ready to receive a specific lesson. They are also helpful in guiding us to understand our purpose, our soul contract, and the overall lessons that we are here to learn. When we come face to face with challenging experiences, our Teacher Guides are often right by our side to help us understand the lessons as they come and take appropriate action. Teacher Guides are also there to help us gain a deeper understanding regarding the lesson and how it relates to the greater purpose we are here to achieve.

To work with the Teacher Guides in your life, you can call on them at any time that you are struggling to understand the path ahead or the lesson you are being faced with. Teacher Guides tend to deliver messages through introducing you to people who will be your best teacher at that point in your life. They might also communicate with dreams, symbols, and synchronicities.

Final Thoughts

There are many different types of Spirit Guides that flit into our realm and work behind the scenes in subtle ways. These five main spirit guides, however, are the ones that you are most likely to encounter throughout your life.