Calculating Karmic Debt From A Past Life and How To Clear It

Tibetan prayer wheelThere are ways in which the universe functions that we can’t understand. While we don’t truly know what’s out there or what controls the universe, one thing that can be agreed on is energy. Positive energy, negative energy, and everything between are constantly moving between us. At times things seem to just happen randomly and without purpose. But what if all of those insignificant experiences you never paid attention to during your everyday life actually meant something? What if everything in your life was happening for a reason?

There’s more to this life than what we’re currently doing and who we currently are. The past and the future play significant roles in the way our lives pan out. Whether you realize it or not, a path has been laid out for you long before you were ever living this current life. To find out what that path leads to, you have to take accountability not only for what you’re doing now but what you’ve done in past lives.

This also means dealing with karmic debt. While this concept may seem strange or unfair, beginning to truly live your life with positive karma includes atoning for your past mistakes. To find out more about atoning for karmic debt, keep reading!

What Is Karmic Debt?

karmaIf you’ve noticed a pattern of struggles throughout your life, you might have karmic debt. It could be financial problems, poor relationships, or lacking a zest for life. No matter what, if you’re suffering from reoccurring afflictions, there might be unresolved issues in your past.

Karmic debt is a pile-up of negative energy resulting from bad behaviors you exhibited in past lives. This means you potentially hurt someone or something, or you committed an act that seriously affected other people in your previous life. When you passed on, this negative energy or karma, attached itself to you. You carried this debt during reincarnation.

Every time you return to this earth, you bring all of the negative karma from your past life with you. While you might not be conscious of it now, that doesn’t excuse your need to atone for those mistakes. You are currently living through karmic lessons. Figuring out your karmic debt and its numbers can help you interpret those lessons.

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Calculating Your Karmic Debt Numbers

A karmic number is an indicator of the types of lessons your past self is trying to learn in this current lifetime. It will give you insight into what kind of bad thing you did and how to fix it.

To calculate your karmic debt, there are three numbers you want to focus on:

  • Date of birth
  • Personality number
  • Life path number

Date of Birth

If your birthday is on one of these days, you don’t need to do any further calculations: 13, 14, 16, 19. The day of your birth is your karmic number. However, if your birthday lies elsewhere, you move onto your personality number.

Personality Number

To calculate your personality number, all it takes is simple addition using your birthday. For example, if you were born on May 5th, you’d calculate like this 5+5=10=1+0=1. Therefore, your karmic number would be one.

Life Path Number

Now it’s time to calculate your life path number. This can be done with your full birthday. If you were born on April 4th, 1995 here’s how you would do it:

Year: 1995=1+9+9+5=25=2+5=7

Then you’d take the year number and add it with the day and month,

Day: 4, Month: 4, 4+4+7=15=1+5=6

Here, your life path number would be one. While it seems complicated, all you have to do is add up a few small numbers.  If this process feels complicated, you can see our numerology meanings guide for more information.

What Do Your Karmic Debt Numbers Mean?

After calculating your karmic debt number, you might be curious about what they mean. There are four karmic debt numbers, and they all indicate different things you might need to work on in your life. Each number signifies a different area of abuse you have inflicted.

While you can’t always know for sure what act you committed, these numbers and their meanings might help point you in the direction of clearing your karmic debt. Here are the numbers and their meanings:

  • 13 represents laziness. You might find yourself often relying on others to do things for you or attempting to take shortcuts. In your past life, some form of inaction or laziness has contributed to negative karmic energy. You need to work on motivating yourself to take work seriously. But be careful, you don’t want to become so wrapped up in work you can’t stop. Try finding a healthy balance.
  • 14 represents control. This number means in your past life you might have abused power that you had or took control away from other people. In this life, you might find yourself obsessed with maintaining control, doing whatever it takes to keep it. To combat this, you need to focus on being vulnerable and emotionally aware.
  • 16 represents the inflated ego. If your karmic number is sixteen, it means that your hubris and vanity hurt others in your past life. You might currently still have an arrogant attitude or an inflated sense of self. You might continuously make self-destructive decisions despite having large plans for the future. Learning humility will lead you away from a path of further detriment.
  • 19 represents selfishness. While this seems self-explanatory, it is important you recognize the gravity of acts of selfishness. In your past life, you hurt someone by valuing yourself over others. This requires a lot of effort to overcome. You must reach other to other people and practice helping others. Otherwise, you might end up isolated and alone.

How to Clear Your Karmic Debt

Clearing your karmic debt takes time and dedication. It requires you to be spiritually vulnerable and committed to bettering yourself. There are a few ways to work on your karmic debt, all of which are effective in their own right. However, doing just one isn’t enough. While taking steps is a good idea, simply doing one part and thinking you’re done healing will get you nowhere.

You need to complete each and every strategy of healing to achieve the end goal of karmic freedom. The order in which you do these doesn’t exactly matter. Follow your intuition and go at your own speed. Clearing karmic debt isn’t about how fast you do it. It’s about the sincerity and intention you put into it.

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Strategy 1: Figure Out Your Karmic Debt

There’s no way you can clear your karmic debt without identifying what it is. The first step to doing this finding the pattern of events in your life that are hinting at some sort of karmic debt. Are you struggling at work, school, or at home? What areas in your life need improvement?

Be honest with yourself on why these events are happening. Reflect on your current self and actions, as well as your past self.

You can be more in tune with your past lives through meditation and other divination practices. You can also do this by calculating your karmic debt numbers. As stated previously, these numbers might give you more direction towards what qualities you need to work on in the present as a result of the past. Overall, once you’ve figured out your karmic debt, you can work towards clearing it.

Strategy 2: Be Accountable for Your Actions

Just because you’ve identified your karmic debt doesn’t mean you’ve taken accountability. It’s normal to feel disconnected from your past self. You might think, how can I be to blame for something a past incarnation did lifetimes ago?

While this might be hard, it’s necessary that you recognize your existence isn’t limited to just this current one. You and your past selves are one and the same. Think of it this way: say you accidentally broke a valuable heirloom when you were a child. You wouldn’t not claim responsibility for it as an adult. While you are in a completely different place than you were as a child, you’re still able to recognize that it was you who committed the act of breaking the vase.

The bad deeds your past self did are the same. To be able to clear your karmic debt, you must accept that you’ve committed acts that need atonement.

Strategy 3: Cut Out Negative People

negative personThe saying birds of a feather flock together rings exceptionally true when it comes to karmic debt. The driving force behind karmic debt and its ability to transfer throughout your lifetimes is negative energy.

This energy is so strong and heavy that it’s capable of drawing you to other people who contain the same kind. Negative energy wants to be around more negative energy. This means the toxic people in your life could be preventing you from clearing your karmic debt. Instead of encouraging you to heal and atone for your mistakes, they hold you back.

You don’t have to cut them out of your life harshly. This will only add to your karmic debt. However, respectfully letting people know that you would prefer them not being in your life is a safe way to ensure you clear your karmic debt.

Strategy 4: Forgive and Heal

Obtaining forgiveness for your karmic debt requires you to put forgiveness out into the universe. Energy is cyclical, and what you give to others will come back to you.

You can think of this act almost like reversing your karmic debt. You currently have negative energy attached to your incarnation due to the energy you put out to others in the past. Now, you’re counteracting the negativity with positivity.

Forgiving others as you wish others would forgive you is one of the most important strategies to clearing your karmic debt. If you’ve been hurt, betrayed, or neglected by people in your life, it’s important that you forgive them. It’s also important to forgive yourself.

Coming to peace with the fact that you’ve done something bad is essential to the clearing process. You must learn how to heal. This will require emotional strength and sympathy that you might not want to have. However, allowing yourself to do this will make sure your karmic debt will be cleared.

Strategy 5: Change Your Behavior and Defeat Your Weaknesses

inspirational quoteIt was your behavior that plagued you with negative karma in the first place. While it might sound easy, certain habits have been a part of us not only in this life but also our past lives.

For uncountable years, you’ve been repeating the same things over and over again, hence your karmic debt. It takes an immense amount of willpower and spiritual strength to do differently. However, if you try hard and dedicate yourself to changing your karma, you can achieve all of this and more.

Defeating your karmic weaknesses is the main way to do this. If your karmic number is sixteen and you tend to have an ego, practice humility. Do this for whatever your karmic number is. Overcoming the negative traits that keep us bound to debt throughout reincarnation is what sets us free.

The moment you are able to be free of the behaviors that gave you the karmic debt in the first place, your soul is cleansed of all the negative energy. This will make you feel better physically, mentally, and spiritually. It can change your life for the better. Clearing your karmic debt isn’t just for reincarnation’s sake. It’s about improving your life as a whole.

Final Thoughts

Karmic debt is something that you might have not known about until now. Luckily, if you’ve felt cursed or like you were destined to live an unhappy life, you can do something about it. While the universe might have plans for us all, in the end, we are the ones who dictate those plans. You are in charge of your destiny, and it all comes down to how you act in this life.

Treating other people the way you want to be treated, and treating yourself with the same decency can guarantee you karmic freedom. With the right intentions, you can reach a whole new level of spiritual enlightenment, and live the happy and successful life you’ve always wanted.

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