How To Protect Yourself From Psychic Vampires

Do you ever feel drained from people in your life? These individuals leave you feeling exhausted after you spend time with them, almost as if they suck away all your energy. These human beings are referred to as “Psychic Vampires” or “Energy Vampires”. These are individuals who suck the very life out of us without us even realizing it. The thing is, they may not even realize they are doing it!

Psychic Vampires hunt for good energy through getting our attention. They have become these energy sucking creatures because somewhere along the way in their journey of growing up, they never stopped searching for the world to meet their needs on every level.

psychic vampire

In simple terms, it means they never grew up and learned to take care of themselves. So they are hungry for a type of nurturing energy, and they take it from those who are emotionally and mentally stable (mature). These people will do anything to get energy whether it’s through charm, desperation, pleas, or anger.

If we don’t set boundaries for ourselves, then we might find ourselves being sucked into the dramas and demands. The spiritual approach to this issue is stepping out of what we feel is going on and look at what’s happening at the exchange of energy.

Don’t worry, there is a way to protect you from these energy-draining individuals that still allow you to have a relationship with them. If you think you have a psychic vampire in your life, this is what you need to do:

7 Ways To Deal With A Psychic Vampire

If your psychic vampire is someone close or dear to you, don’t worry, you don’t have to cut off the relationship in order to not feel emotionally exhausted anymore! Simply learn how to protect and guard your energy by following these steps:

Don’t Take It Personally

It is not about you! These individuals aren’t targeting you on purpose. It’s all about the energy. Until the person can learn how to meet their own needs, they will be relentless to find whoever will meet it for them.

They aren’t targeting you because of who you are as a person or what you look like. It’s simply because your energy is feeding them. They will happily drain you dry until they become conscious of what they are doing, or ruin their relationship with you.

Understand Where They Are Coming from

Think of a psychic vampire as someone who is a scared little kid inside an adult body who is trying to make their way through the world. As the wiser person, it’s important to understand where they are coming from. It is also important to know it’s not your job to meet their demands.

However, the better choice is to be compassionate. Understand why they do what they do, and you can be there to help guide them while not letting them take from you.

Look at the Bigger Picture

If you think you have an energy vampire in your life, take a moment to look inside. Sometimes it might feel that you have a sign on your head attracting needy or dramatic people. When in fact, you might just feel obligated to give and be there for people in need.

It’s like being that friend who will always drop anything to be by another friend’s side in time of need. Another possibility is that friend who can never say “no” to letting their friend borrow money (even to the person who never pays them back).

Looking at the bigger picture and recognizing why you might always be vulnerable to letting your psychic vampire take from you will help you stop it. Once you realize the root of the problem, you won’t feel the need to always give, but just feel compassion for them.

Learn to Use Your Power of Attention

This is the part where you learn to use the power of your attention. Remember the importance of our focus and how we can use it economically.

Essentially you want to give each situation as much energy as it needs to deal with it and then no more. Do whatever you need to do stay safe and protect your energy before going emotionally dry.

Stay Away from Negative Friends

The best way to protect your peace and your overall well-being is choosing not to deal with friends who are negative. Negative friends put a huge damper on your energy. There is psychological research that explains an emotional contagion is when feelings are spread between each other. In other words, it means we are all a fragment of one huge consciousness.

For example, if you have a friend who is going through something hard, then you might find being around them draining. However, at the same time, it’s hard to cut people off because we feel drained when we know they are going through something and feel like helping.

There is no right or wrong decision about this dilemma, just consider keeping space from those who entirely drain you.

Avoid Being in an Endless Search for Love or Approval

It’s also important to ensure you aren’t a psychic vampire yourself. If you feel you are in an endless search for love and approval, then you need to take a moment and hit the pause button.

If you suspect that you are acting as an energy vampire in anyway, you need to do a quick inner check to see where this urge is coming from. Just by being conscious of the patterns we play out will help us shift towards being whole.

Psychic Vampires Use Drama to Hook Our Attention

Drama is what energy vampires often feed on. You can spot these vampires if they instantly go into victim mode or blaming mode while dragging on the situation longer than needed. Keep your distance and look out for those who keep the drama going.

The Takeaway

Ultimately, don’t keep letting a friend or loved one drain you of your own happiness. Sometimes it takes a stronger human to show the other individual their true inner self. Everyone has a psychic vampire in their life, and the better you learn to manage them, the more complete you will feel.

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