The 10 Most Common Divination Tools Used By Psychics

Psychics and mediums often use divination tools such as tarot cards or pendulums to seek guidance and knowledge from the spirit world or from a higher consciousness.  Divination tools help readers provide clarity into a client’s situation and help answer questions pertaining to their life.

In this guide, we’ll explain the 10 most common divination tools used by psychics and how they each work.

Angel Cards

angel cardsAngel cards are derived from the ancient tradition of oracle cards. These angel cards allow the angel guides of our life to lead us in the right direction. People most typically will look to these cards in order to learn about their future romances, finances, and family matters.

You can get several different kinds of angel different kinds of angel cards Just be careful not to confuse them with tarot cards as they’re not the same thing. Tarot cards draw on concepts that are metaphysical rather than angelic.

If you have an angel card deck and want to use them, simply hold the deck close to your heart while you focus all of your energy on the question or concern you have. These cards will allow you to get in touch with your angelic spirits. Then, when you’re ready to do the card reading, draw a few cards. Laying these on the table, you should examine them to determine what your angels want you to get out of their answer.

Crystal Ball

Next up on our list is the famous crystal ball. While these are commonly associated with psychics in movies and entertainment, you don’t have to be a fortune teller in order to use and read a crystal ball. With your own crystal ball, you can use it to reveal answers to questions you have or to show you images or information about your future.

If you want to read a crystal ball, concentrate on your question closely and carefully for a minute before you stare deeply into the ball. Try to discern any shapes or images you see and interpret what they might mean.

If you’re having trouble getting answers, make sure you’re using it in a quiet environment that promotes peacefulness. You might even benefit from taking a short meditation session beforehand for clearer thoughts and answers.  

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Dowsing Rods

dowsing rodDowsing uses divining rods in order to locate things like water and minerals beneath the ground. This is a slightly different form of divination. It’s used to gain hidden knowledge through the supernatural rather than used to learn of the future. More commonly nowadays, however, is the use of dowsing rods to locate the supernatural.

The rods will cross to make an “X” shape if you walk past an area where a spirit is strong. You can then ask the spirit questions at that point, noticing any movement of the rods to analyze their answer.

To dowse, you hold the end of the forked rods lightly. You will notice the rods independently move either upwards or downwards when you happen upon an area that holds minerals or water. The rods will cross when you encounter a spirit.

It’s important to practice a lot with the rods before using them to communicate with spirits, as you must get the stance down correctly.

I-Ching Coins

I-ching coins are a tool of divination that sources back to ancient China, possibly back all the way in 2700BC. While the ancient practice used yarrow sticks, nowadays most people use coins. You don’t even need special coins to participate; you can just use pennies or quarters.

All you must do is assign each side of the coin either a yin or yang value. You toss the coin 6 times while thinking of your question. Tally up your final number, also known as the hexagram number. From there, you’ll need access to the I-Ching guidebook in order to interpret the meaning of your final hexagram number.

Ouija Board

spirit boardOuija boards are another of the divination tools made especially famous through the entertainment industry. These boards are wooden spirit boards engraved with the letters of the alphabet, numbers 0-9, the options “yes” and “no” as well as a cue for saying “goodbye.”

In order to properly use an ouija board, the seeker places a few fingertips on the planchette, the triangular piece that sits atop the board with a hole in the middle. The seeker will then ask the spirit questions after introductions. The spirit will slide the planchette to the appropriate answer it wants to give, whether a yes/no or a more complex answer via the alphabet and numbers.

Inexperienced users must be extremely careful when using ouija boards because they have the potential to open up the pathway for possession.


Pendulums draw upon energy in the space to guide the seeker to an answer. A pendulum is usually a stone or crystal in a conical shape attached to a chain. The seeker hovers the pendulum over a sheet of parchment that has “yes” or “no” available as answers, sometimes with more options available depending on the board.

The seeker then concentrates on a yes or no question. Allow the pendulum to swing and point towards the answer it offers.

A great way to personalize the experience is to create your own pendulum with a crystal that has a special meaning to you.


runesThese are symbols printed on small stones or items like tiles or wood. Originally, runes were used across Scandinavia as a means of communication. Now, they are used primarily for divination purposes. You can carve your own for additional significance, or you can buy a set.

Simply put all the rune stones in a pouch, ask them a question, and pour them out. The runes that are face-up with the symbol showing all work together to give the seeker the answer they’re looking for. You’ll need to use a key to understand the divine meaning of each rune, as their meanings can be quite complex.

Scrying Mirrors

Scrying is the ancient art of using reflective surfaces, especially a mirror, to see visions. While mirrors are the most commonly used tool, scrying can also be done with a bowl of water, crystals, or reflective metal. When you concentrate hard enough, scrying can be done on any mirror, but it does take a lot of practice.

Scrying is an old practice that still remains popular today due to the accessibility of the tool. However, not everyone may be able to see the visions due to lack of concentration. Scrying is a great exercise for the mind.

Tarot Cards

tarot cardsTarot cards are another one of the most well-known tools. This deck of cards contains 78 cards with special meanings.

To participate in a tarot reading, simply lay out a few cards. Depending on the order they appear and what the cards depict, they will convey different messages specific to the seeker’s future. You may need to use a tarot guide to understand the cards at first, but soon enough, you will understand the meaning of the cards on your own and be able to interpret them deeper.

While this method does not necessarily produce direct answers, tarot reading allows the reader to interpret the cards as they see fit.

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Tea Cups

Divination teacups are not just any porcelain set. These are special cups with a divine pattern drawn on them reflecting different themes and answers.

In order to learn how to read tea leaves, you must first pour yourself a cup of freshly brewed loose leaf tea. At the bottom of the cup, once finished, there will be tea leaves left. Observe the pattern and images created by the tea leaves.

The pattern itself, and your interpretation of it, will guide you to any answers you may be seeking. While the answers are not always explicit, they will show a revelation if the seeker studies the image hard enough.

Beginner’s Divination

Any beginner trying out divination tools must proceed with caution and do so with respect to the spiritual and divine world. The more practice you get from each tool, the better you will understand and interpret the answers they lead you to.

Before you begin using these tools, it’s good to understand the three main methods of divination. They are observation, symbolism, and intuition.

  • Observation – Observation is about remaining open-minded and mindful at once, being able to notice signs and being willing to accept them. Staying open and observant of the world around you will better allow the spiritual world to communicate with you, and thus deliver clearer messages and answers.
  • Symbolism – The human mind sees meaning in symbols and signs without even realizing. In divination, you must be open to the signals that the universe and spiritual world show you.
  • Intuition – Intuition is something you know immediately without consciously thinking about it. Sometimes intuition goes against the logical mind, but divination relies on these natural instincts to reveal the meaning of symbols and signs.
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