A Beginner’s Guide To Becoming A Psychic Medium

mediumshipIn life, we are often pulled down many paths. Some of these paths help us to grow, and some help us to help others grow. Rarely do you find a path that encompasses both of these aspects so deeply.

Becoming a psychic medium is one of these rare occurrences. When you decide to follow the path of tapping into your psychic abilities, you also begin the process of harnessing them for the purpose of helping others to communicate with other dimensions or inquire about their future or past.

Becoming a psychic medium can feel like an overwhelming process. While it certainly involves hard work, practice, openness, and natural tendencies and gifts, you need not let the initial fear keep you from following this path! Tapping into and improving your psychic abilities can be a simple daily process and one that can grow overtime.

Consult this guide for some preliminary information to start the journey toward being a psychic medium, so you can help yourself and others!

What Can A Psychic Medium Do?

In terms of advisors in the psychic field, there are more than just mediums. There are empaths, intuitives, and much more! It is important for you to know just what a medium is capable of doing before you begin your journey to become one.

A psychic medium’s main distinction is that they can communicate directly with spirits and entities. However, they can also serve a number of different purposes and provide a wide variety of services and skills.

Often times when people picture a psychic medium, they imagine an old woman gazing into a crystal ball. While this is one type of psychic ability, it is not the only way to assist others as a psychic medium. Psychic mediums can communicate with energies and channel information through the use of:

  • Tarot cards
  • Crystal balls
  • Palm readings
  • Psychometry
  • Channeling spirits
  • And much more!

Just as people have diverse interests and hobbies, psychic mediums can have diverse abilities. As a beginner, you can look into a bit about each of these practices to determine which you’d like to explore further.

Look for the Signs

Each person has differing levels and types of psychic abilities. For instance, there are three primary types of psychic perception that function similarly to the five senses. These perception abilities are:

  • Clairsentience. This describes the ability to sense spirits or entities by simply knowing they are there.
  • Clairvoyance. This functions more similarly to the sense of sight. Clairvoyants can see spirits and entities in reality or in visions or dreams. The expression “third eye” refers to this type of medium, as they are able to see with their third eye the things that no one else is able to see.
  • Clauraudience. Similarly to clairvoyance, this measure of psychic ability is similar to a sense that many humans already have: the sense of hearing. Clairaudient individuals hear entities and are able to then translate and communicate the messages.

Prior to engaging in your practice of psychic skills, make sure to reflect for possible signs that you may have one or more of these abilities. If you have leanings of potential toward the clairvoyance ability, it would be important to focus on looking for visible signs you may have been previously ignoring.

Figuring out where you stand with your abilities and natural tendencies will help to inform how you begin to practice your abilities and study in the future.

Study, Study, Study!

While this may seem less than exciting, inquiring into the past, present, and future of psychic mediums around the world is actually very interesting, and it is the best place to begin your practice. You can begin the journey of learning about becoming a medium through:

  • Watching documentaries and television shows about psychic mediums and how they operate.
  • Speaking to psychic mediums in person! Most mediums are incredibly friendly, especially to those who want to follow in their footsteps. Reach out to a psychic medium for an interview or a talk about how they began their journey.
  • Visit a psychic fair or convention.
  • Read biographies or books about psychic mediums or their practice specifically to learn more about the history and the practice.

Once you have a foundation in how it all works, it will be easier for you to develop your own abilities and grow as a psychic medium.

For those who are especially serious about becoming a medium, there are educational programs designed to assist in following your path effectively. While you do not by any means need to take a college class in order to open up your abilities and become a psychic medium, these classes can be helpful.

Connect With Other Mediums And Find A Mentor

medium seeing through crystal ballOne of the bigger benefits from going to an established university for this type of training is that they can connect you with other mediums who can give advice and guidance on opening yourself up to the universe, as well as the business aspects of establishing yourself in the community.

There are standalone apprenticeships that beginning or aspiring mediums can participate in, if they inquire online and find a credible source. Those who are endorsed by schools or who have established books, careers, or programming about them are the best ones to learn from.

Open Yourself Up for Opportunities to Connect

The beginning of your path will often become frustrating, as becoming a psychic medium is a path fraught with confusion and perhaps even failure. This is true of any career though, and the possibility of being able to help people with your abilities is a wonderful end result to strive for.

The initial steps to improving your abilities are simple. The first thing you need to do is be open. Simply pay attention. Many of the messages we receive day-to-day are simply bypassed because we are too busy to think of them as anything more than a chance encounter.

Taking time to meditate, reflect, and simply pay more attention can open you up to all the messages that entities may be attempting to share with you. Keep a dream journal. Write down your thoughts. Work on mindfulness practices. All these will make you more open to your abilities.

Attempt Purposeful, Active Communication with Entities

lady doing tarot card readingUp until now, you’ve simply been attempting to take in what the universe gives you in your daily life. Now, it is the time in your studies to initiate this communication.

Ready the space that you are about to practice in by ensuring it is quiet, dimming the lights, and praying or meditating. This will help open up the space and yourself to any entities that would like to communicate.

Remember to be safe, and that whatever you open yourself up to has the potential to hurt or scare you. Take the necessary precautions such as remaining in a safe place where help and emotional support are readily available to you in situations such as this.

Regardless of whether or not any spirits attempt to communicate with you, the act of simply opening up the space is a great way to begin your path towards communication with these entities in the future.

Building Your Psychic Medium Business

The last thing you want to consider in growing in your journey as a psychic medium might the business side of it, but it is eventually a consideration you may have.

Once you are established enough in your abilities that you can effectively communicate with entities and help individuals to communicate with loved ones or inquire about their past or future, you are ready for paying jobs.

The key components of starting a business are:

  • Registering your psychic medium business in accordance with local laws
  • Securing a space to offer your services and perform your readings
  • Determining a payment system for customers
  • Marketing yourself and your business so that you can grow your client base

Once you have achieved a plan for all of this, it is time to start your business and practice as a full-fledged psychic medium!