Can A Psychic Really Predict Pregnancy?

Psychics have the ability to positively impact many people’s lives through their otherworldly information and guidance. However, it is very difficult for them to perfectly predict exactly when and where things will happen. Usually, their predictions are much more general because the future isn’t set in stone. The decisions that a person makes based on psychic guidance can impact and change their future. This is very true when it comes to psychics attempting to predict pregnancy.

Helpful Alternative Pregnancy Questions

pregnant woman

Many people go to meetings with psychics and ask the very direct question of, “When and where will I get pregnant?”, but this question is almost never possible for psychics to confidently and directly answer. However, there may be other, more helpful questions they could ask in order to make sure they receive the best possible guidance that will allow a healthy, happy child to come into their lives.

Is there a child intending to come to me?

Psychics can’t predict exact dates and times, but they still may be able to sense a soul’s energy seeking to manifest as a child in a specific mother. If you ask this question and the answer is no, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will never bear children. All this means is that there are no souls currently seeking your body for conception. This may be for a number of different reasons, some of which may be easily remedied.

What changes in my life do I need to make to be ready for a child?

Sometimes the reason a soul has not chosen your body for conception is because of certain choices you may be making. The soul may be waiting for you to become more financially stable, kick an addiction, or even something as simple as move to a larger home.

Sometimes it may be that the child realizes that the couple’s relationship isn’t in the best place. A psychic may be able to recognize this and prescribe counseling for the couple, so the child will be more likely to incarnate once the relationship is repaired. It really may be anything.

A psychic can likely help you figure out what may spiritually and emotionally stand in your way of conception so that you can make sure your life is in the best place possible to welcome a child into it.

How will a pregnancy most likely be achieved?

If you have been trying to become pregnant, but have been experiencing difficulties then a psychic may be able to see what techniques would most likely result in a child for your specific situation. These can range from anything from in vitro fertilization to surrogacy. However, many of these alternative options are quite costly so speaking to a psychic may help you pick the best option before spending copious amounts of money on unsuccessful techniques first.

What gender is the child?

If you are already pregnant, then the psychic may be able to sense the energy that the child is giving off in order to determine whether it is a boy or a girl. This isn’t always possible, but if you are dying to know as quickly as possible what the gender of the child is, then a psychic will likely be able to tell the answer to this question well before doctors may be able to.

How many children are waiting to come into my life?

This question is also much easier to answer than asking for specific dates and times because it has to do with the energies that a psychic can sense and then read. Some psychics may also be able to tell you if all the children’s energies connected to yours will have the same father.

The short answer to “Can a psychic predict pregnancy?” is usually no. However, they can predict many things surrounding it and provide couples with much-needed help and guidance to get the ball rolling toward conception and parenthood. Psychics also may help the couples to discover that conceiving children may not be the best course of action for their future.

Yet either way, psychics can help their clients discover more about themselves than they could have on their own. In some rare cases, they may be able to tell things more specifically than that. But if you are looking for psychic guidance regarding the possibility of pregnancy in your future, it is much more likely that the questions above will be more helpful than simply asking when you will become pregnant.