Are Tarot Card Readings Accurate?

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At their core, tarot cards are signposts and accurate depictions of how your reality is at present. It is open to interpretation, and the outcome may change depending on what you do with the information these guidelines provide.

Ultimately, tarot cards are authentic, but you need to know how to interpret the information.

Each card reader is different, and some infuse bias into the cards. Similarly, some clients hear what they want or expect to hear, rather than the facts the cards reveal. These factors often lead to inaccurate interpretations of the cards.

8 Things That Can Influence The Accuracy of A Tarot Reading

Card interpretations are subjective, but there are plenty of influences on the final reading. There are eight common factors that cloud a tarot reading—consider each one fully before committing to a reading.

If you manage your expectations and go into it with objective awareness, you will get far more out of the experience in the long run.

The Question Asked By The Client

The accuracy of the tarot reading starts with the client. Your question must be based in reality and specific enough to be appropriately answered by the cards. Many people bring wishful thinking into the readings, which skews the questions they are willing to ask.

Interrogate yourself on the question or questions you want to ask ahead of your appointment. Make sure these ideas are true and objective. It will give you a more accurate and helpful experience.

The binary format is a firm starting point—asking your questions for “yes” or “no” answers. It will eliminate some of your biases.

Some people find the idea of working with a binary question system limiting, but it does streamline the information that you receive and crystalize your results.

It’s Impossible To Know The Future With Certainty

Since your choices dictate your future, and you haven’t made many of these decisions yet, it’s impossible for even the most skilled readers to extract a full picture. Each reading is a snapshot of the present, here at this moment. Your future changes second by second.

Tarot Offers Insight Into The Present Time

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Although each tarot card provides clues into your future, it is most helpful in the context of your present circumstances. If you don’t like what you see in the cards, there is always time to change your situation for the better. You will gain far more from your experience if you remain open to what the cards are trying to tell you.

Sometimes we grow and thrive from the hardest truths.

Tarot Cards Help You Better Understand Your Situation

For readers, tarot predictions help process the present, guiding you to make actionable, essential choices that may dictate your future. It’s good to get readings when you’re feeling lost or at a crossroads. A tarot card reading has the ability to illuminate your choices, gently guiding you to the best outcome for you.

Your actions determine your fortune and future, nothing else. You have the ultimate control over what happens in your life.

Take the lesson from your lived experiences and use it to make new decisions that serve you better.

Not All Tarot Readers Are Psychic

Some readers possess psychic abilities, seeing into your future with more clarity than others. These people usually have to work hard to hone their psychic powers and are in high demand in that niche.

If you have the chance to visit one of these talented readers, consider yourself lucky. Most psychic readers start with the cards but fill in the details of your reading with their own finely tuned intuitive abilities.

Other readers use the stories behind the cards to ‘tell your fortune.’ All decks come with a small book that details what each symbol means. Readers who aren’t reliant on psychic abilities will tell you the story and let you determine how the details fit into your life.

Other tarot card readings involve a combination of the two, blended stories with psychic tendencies.

The Personal Bias of a Tarot Reader

Tarot card readers are only human—they bring personal bias into the experience no matter the level of professionalism. The best practitioners will attempt to tamp down their bias as much as possible, but you should always take anything that you get from them with a pinch of salt.

It’s also helpful to consider your personal relationship with the reader. If you’ve been working with one psychic or reader for a long time, they could have additional answers and advice for you based upon what they know.

Even if you don’t like what you hear, the answer may aid you in solving a problem or open your mind to a new possibility or strategy.

Type of Tarot Deck Used

All tarot cards readers have a deck that they like and prefer to use. The type of deck can significantly influence the way a card is interpreted. It also affects your experience.

All decks were created by human talents using different influences. Some cards reflect more positive outcomes than others.

Occasionally, you might get a reader who uses a traditional deck of cards. These people are usually psychic and only need a small point of reference to read the future.

Difference Between Upright and Reversed Cards

All decks are different, but the reverse images usually indicate the opposite of what the card traditionally represents—like a positive or negative idea rooted in symbology.

Your tarot card reader may interpret reverse images differently, so be sure to ask if you have any questions or concerns during the experience. It’s subjective, and you can change anything that you see during your encounter.

You always have the power to ignite a new future.

Frequently Asked Questions

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It’s normal to have questions before sitting down with a tarot card reader. Make sure that you are completely comfortable before it begins, and don’t hesitate to ask for clarification near the end of the session.

The overall encounter should be pleasant and enlightening.

Are Online Tarot Readings Accurate?

Online readings are as accurate as in-person meetings. Many people prefer these online sessions because of convenience since it is in the comfort of your own home.

Be sure to check the references and look for positive reviews to find a reader who is right for you.

Can Tarot Cards Be Wrong?

A tarot card reading can be wrong for two primary reasons: the one looking at the deck interpreted it incorrectly, or the client drastically changed their course of action.

If your reading is inaccurate, first look to yourself. Did you do anything differently based upon what the deck showed you? If not, you could have encountered one who was unable or unwilling to show you what the deck revealed.

How Long Does It Take For A Tarot Reading To Come True?

Time does not exist on a spiritual plane, so there is really no way of knowing how long it takes for tarot card readings to come true. Other factors that determine the timeline include your actions after the experience.

Since we are in control of our own future, we can skew or completely alter timetables.

A good reader will let you know which insights are most important. You have the choice of acting upon the information given or ignoring what they see.

You can change aspects of your destiny, depending on what you feel is most vital.

Can Tarot Really Predict The Future?

Your cards tell you what’s happening in your life during the present and are mostly unable to shed light on the future. The outcome is based on the idea that we shape our future with variables that have not yet happened, and it’s impossible for even a skilled psychic to see the entire picture.

The best way that you can use your reading is to look at it as a guiding directive for how to improve your life in the present. The decisions that you make today directly impact your future.

Are YouTube Tarot Readings Accurate?

YouTube readings are generally not as enlightening as individual ones. This is primarily because these online pre-recordings use generic sun signs rather than your personalized reading. Many people find that they get some information out of YouTube readings, but it’s far from a comprehensive picture.

If you’re interested in dipping your toe into the world of tarot, watch a YouTube reading and see if it’s something that appeals to you. You could discover some useful information and may want to hire a reader of your own to delve more into what the cards have to say for you.

There’s a good reason tarot is popular—it is not only a fun way to learn more about yourself, but it can also help you make wise decisions for your future. Plenty of people get regular readings to make sure that they stay on track with their lives and goals.

If you like your initial one, consider scheduling these sessions often. Why not consider asking variations on the same questions for a more authentic outcome?

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