Can A Psychic Reading Tell You Who You Will Marry?

Those who haven’t already found their match tend to wonder when the right one will come along. Psychics get bombarded with questions from clients about their future soulmate, when they’ll get married, if they’ll ever get married, and so on.

There are many ways a psychic can guide you through a relationship to meet your ultimate goal. However, all people have the gift of free will. In the end, you have free rein over your relationships, and it’s you who will decide who or even if you will marry.


How Can a Psychic Help You With Love?

Different psychics have different ways of seeing just how a potential relationship matches up. Some of those approaches include:

  • Reading the energy of a relationship
  • Seeing if your souls have a connection
  • Seeing if you have a potential match nearby

If the psychic you visit is a healer, they may be able to help you and your partner heal some of the issues that are preventing you from moving to the next step. They can help with problems you might have surrounding your ability to relate and commit. However, predicting accurately the exact time, date, and place where you’ll meet your partner, or whether you’ll get married is very tricky.

The Problem With Predicting Exact Times and Dates

Contrary to what most think, time is only perceived as linear. Within the spiritual realm, time isn’t framed in a linear context, which is why it is difficult for a psychic to predict exact times and dates. When a psychic receives information from the spirit world, they have to interpret it, which can be tricky. So, when a psychic gives exact information it can put an immense pressure on the client because they’ll fixate on the dates and will be less open to life’s natural course.

If you’re seeking advice from a psychic, they can clue you in on certain aspects of your potential match, like age, hair color, or features. But try taking it with a grain of salt because the fixation on these aspects of your potential match could jeopardize your chance of meeting them altogether. They might not have a feature that you were told to look out for.

The idea is to be open to the possibility. Don’t use the prediction as blinders because you still have free-will, and no psychic can predict where that power can take you or what you can create with it.

Free-Will and Fate

Although many romanticize the idea of only ‘one soulmate’ or having ‘one true love’, it doesn’t always work out that way. Some couples may come together because their souls had a connection and were fated to reconnect, however, in what capacity it’s hard to say. Just because two souls were incarnated together or may even have a soulmate contract doesn’t mean that they must stay together.

And the reverse is also true, two souls that were never fated to be together could choose to create karma by themselves. In cases like this, it is very hard to predict where the route they choose to take in the future will lead them. But creating one’s own destiny doesn’t mean that it isn’t going to end in marriage.

When two people who do have a soulmate agreement come together, there is no guarantee that the relationship won’t bring hardship. In this scenario, a person can either decide to work it out with their partner or dissolve the contract, so that they can choose their next partner without being tethered to the past.

Although we believe in true love that is fated to be together, sometimes it isn’t ideal for present times. This is when free-will and fate converge, and you will ultimately have to make the decision. There are many times when people who are fated to be together don’t end up married. When, who, and why you marry another person can only be decided by you.

So, when you visit your psychic with relationship questions, try not to look for predictions of your future romantic encounters or details of what your perfect match looks like. Instead, try asking your psychic how to be more receptive and what you need to do to be open to a new romance. Think more about the qualities you need to work on and the actions you must take to make the most of the opportunities coming your way.

If your soul is contracted with someone, then you’ll meet them. But if you aren’t, then you can create whatever relationship you desire. So, don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Relax and enjoy your freedom to decide.