6 Signs That Your Child Is Psychic

psychic kid talking to therapistAs parents, we want the best for our children. We are not able to decide what attributes or skills they are born with, but we can help them grow as individuals and take full advantage of the talents they’re given. Consequently, while we cannot choose these gifts, we can help identify them and strengthen them.

Your child may turn out to be a natural athlete, amazing singer, or perhaps a little Einstein. However, other gifts given to children are not as straightforward. Their special talents may fall in the spiritual spectrum. These are a bit tougher to distinguish and feel a bit stranger to embrace, but nonetheless, they exist and bring many benefits if used correctly.

If you have a feeling that your child holds special abilities, don’t be alarmed. Instead, embrace this special gift with them and learn how to put their psychic skill to good use.

6 Traits of a Psychic Child

Here are 6 signs that can help you decide whether your child is psychic. Keep in mind that they don’t have to hold all 6 traits.

Use this list to get an overall sense of what psychic children are like to see if your little one fits the characteristics.

1. Naturally Empathetic

mom reading a book to her childIf your child is extremely sensitive and empathetic to others, it’s a good sign they hold spiritual gifts. You may not see it at first but take a closer look at how they interact with other children and how they express themselves. Empathetic children feel everything. They are intuitive and are great at reading emotions, feelings, and vibes.

Help your child be in tune with their emotions. Many times, they won’t know why they feel uncomfortable playing with certain classmates during recess or why they feel fantastic with other children. Teach them to embrace these feelings and act towards them appropriately.

Additionally, it’s important to understand that spiritually gifted children can feel energy so deeply, they even sense it in their environments. For example, they may often become overwhelmed in loud places or crowded areas. Because of their heightened senses, this can turn into uncomfortable situations for them.

Places give off energies, too, and your psychic children can feel this! To help your child unwind, give them some quiet time to relax. Play some soothing music, meditate with them, or have them color. This usually helps them feel grounded and recharged.

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2. Speaks About Imaginary Friends

psychic kid talking to imaginary friendIt’s common for children to have imaginary friends, but before dismissing this completely, understand that they may be communicating with their spiritual guide. Ask your child about their friend, what they look like and what they talk about.

Spirit Guides may also come in the form of a spiritual figure such as Jesus or Buddha. Many psychic children claim to have spoken to Jesus and tell extremely vivid stories about their encounters. The strong connections they have with these figures can start at very early ages such as five years old.

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3. A Past Life

past lifeIf your child gives you indications of having a previous life, this is a good sign they may hold psychic abilities. They may remember events of their past lives and share them with you. Don’t dismiss these as being dreams; instead, pay attention to their words. They may say things like, “I remember when I went to Paris with Rachel”.

Children of young ages don’t randomly develop these thoughts or memories. This is a big indication they hold spiritual gifts. The best way to be there for your psychic child is to listen to them and help them embrace their gifts.

4. A Strong Love for Animals

kid playing with dogAnimals give off strong energy and positive vibes. It’s no surprise that psychic children love them since they sense these feelings. Gifted children are drawn to the energy animals bring, and many times, it makes them extremely loving and compassionate.

Kids with spiritual gifts rarely misbehave or complain when something doesn’t go their way. They are kind and compassionate little humans who are always looking for ways to help one another. Since pets, such as dogs, have this nature, they get along very well.

5. Trouble Sleeping

sleeping childPsychic children face some challenges growing up, among them being sleep problems. It’s common that they will experience nightmares or vivid dreams. This can become a major problem not only for children but for parents – especially when you don’t know how to help them.

A few things you can try to help your child who’s having trouble sleeping include:

  • Have them sleep with you for a few nights and see if this calms their dreams. This will make them feel safe and help them realize there is nothing to be afraid of.
  • Remind them that all spirits are loving and that there are no such things as evil spirits.
  • Suggest having their spirit friends or guides be with them before they go to sleep.

If your child is describing a bad dream in detail, it may be a recollection of a past life memory. If this is the case, there is a strong probability that your child has psychic abilities.

6. Creativity Is a Strength

If this sounds like your child, help them embrace this strength. Most psychic children are highly creative and imaginative. They strive with right-brained functions that greatly involve intuitive ability while they may struggle with left brain functions involving more analytical functions.

Supporting Your Psychic Child

We hope this guide has helped you determine if your child holds some spiritual gifts. If they do, the first thing you should do is honor their feelings about people, places, and situations. Don’t simply brush off what they feel. Instead, encourage them to trust their feelings and listen to those small voices in their head (their Spirit Guides).

As a parent with a psychic child, educate yourself! You can do so by reading books, online posts, or connecting with parents who also have a psychic child. Remember, the best way you can be there for your child is by listening to them and embracing their creative, loving, and compassionate nature.