How To Make Your Wishes Come True

children wishing on a starIt is a powerful thing to make your dreams a reality, and far more possible than many give it credit for.

The ability to manifest your reality the way you want it is accessible to you regardless of age, income, occupation, or any other aspect of your life that may give the impression that you are not in control.

You are in control, and your wishes can be as tangible and present as you hope: it is just a matter of how.  In this article, we’re going to discuss 4 important techniques that you must try in order to give your wishes the best chance of coming true.


Knowing what it is you want or wish for is the first step, as well as a vital one. Being able to strictly define what it is you are looking for—companionship, a new job opportunity, the like—will make that thing more attainable. Specificity is imperative. This is going to help set your wish or goal in stone so that it becomes second-nature.

Essentially, defining your wish with clarity is the first step to achieving it because it helps both you and the world around you understand exactly what you want and are willing to happen. The better you can visualize and understand your goal, the closer you will be to achieving it.


manifesting wishes into realityThe process of manifestation can only occur once you know exactly what it is you are trying to achieve. The process is one of focus and willing. It could take some time, as repetition is vital here, so look into some of the options provided as to how to actively facilitate this manifestation:

  • Make a mood board or print out a quote that better assists you in attaining your goal. Put that somewhere you will see it every day.
  • Look at yourself in the mirror once a day and tell yourself your goal. Use present “I have” language instead of future “I will have…”
  • Keep your goal or wish in mind constantly. There are opportunities out there that may disguise themselves, but if you keep your wish ever-present mentally, you may find them.
  • If you do not have a planner, get one. If you have one, incorporate a way to actively get closer to your goal each day. What do you have control over? What can you be sure of? Take advantage of the definitive aspects of your life so that eventually your wish or goal can also become definitive.

There are so many ways to externalize your internal desires, so make sure whatever you choose is meaningful and effective for you personally. What might have worked for a friend or family member may not necessarily work for you, so do not be afraid to think outside the box. After all, the universe often rewards you for thinking outside the box.

Another thing is to constantly view your wish or goal as a current fact, which was alluded to in the second bullet point. This includes not only acting as if you already have your wish or have attained your goal (within means, of course), but expressing your gratitude to the universe for getting you there, even if you are not, yet. The world likes being recognized and thanked, and if you surrender your graciousness to the forces that be before you even have anything to even be gracious about, there is a very good chance that you will be repaid. Which leads us to:

Gratitude and Patience

patience and gratitudeThe third step, and possibly the most challenging, is releasing the hold you have on your desire and trusting in the universe around you. Once you have done the work, close your eyes, fall back, and know that the world around you will catch you—immediately? Maybe not. But definitely before you touch the ground.

Becoming doubtful that your goal will be achieved or your wish will come true is having doubt in the universe, and revoking it of its power to help you.

Patience is just as significant as gratitude, but it can become tiresome if you put in the work towards your goal and do not achieve or attain it as quickly as you like. You must believe that it will come, and when it does, there could not have been a better time.

Confidence is Key!

wishes come true fastConfidence in your goal, in the universe, and in yourself is imperative. You have to truly believe that you are worth achieving this goal, that this goal is worth having, and that the universe has the power to deliver.

There are plenty of books being written and research being done that studies just how visualizing, manifesting, and believing in your dream can render it truthful. If you want to delve further into said research, looking into the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza is one place to start.

Final Thoughts

In following these steps, you are significantly bettering the chances of your life unfolding the way you hope. Everyone deserves what they are willing to make an effort for, and so long as you are willing, you too can attain your wish. Just remember to define what it is you want, do what you can already do to get closer to attaining it, surround yourself with the goal and the belief that you will achieve it, and then believe that the circumstances of the universe will do the rest.