Symptoms of A Psychic Attack and How To Protect Yourself

In a world swarming with negative energy, it is crucial to protect yourself from potential psychic attacks. Negative energy can affect so many aspects of your waking life in ways that you may not even realize, and once you become off balance psychically, whether from an attack or otherwise, every part of your life is likely to be off kilter as a result.

Luckily, there are ways to protect yourself from psychic attacks to prevent them from messing up your psychic energy and throwing your life off balance.

But in order to know how to protect yourself, you must first understand what exactly a psychic attack is.

What Is a Psychic Attack?

psychic attack

A psychic attack occurs when someone or something inflicts upon you a negative energy, whether consciously or unconsciously. This negative energy can inflict serious harm in a physical and mental sense, upon the person that it has attacked.

Apart from just affecting the person who was attacked negatively, a psychic attack can resonate out to the friends and family of the person to make a negative impact on his or her whole entire life. This negative impact can hurt your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental state.

Although an attack can take many forms, it is typically projected upon another through negative energies, sometimes even unconsciously. For example, if your friend is feeling jealous of the new promotion that you got at work, then their jealousy may project itself without their knowing it and cause a psychic attack upon you.  A deliberate attack generally comes in the form of a spell or hex cast upon you. Both can have a seriously detrimental effects on you and your life.

Another factor that is important to understand is the motivation behind the attack. If you have an inkling about who or what attacked you psychically, then you can likely pinpoint the reason that they, or it, attacked you.

Why Would Someone or Something Attack You Psychically?

jealousyThere are a lot of different reasons as to why you might suffer a mental or emotional attack. But, as stated before, these things are sometimes unpredictable, and can stem from a lot of places. Here are a handful of reasons why you might have been psychically attacked:

  • You have a jealous friend or family member whose negative energy is projecting onto your life.
  • The attacker is living a dark life, and casting curses or spells on those who are not living darkly.
  • Your attacker is living a fearful life, and sending out negative energy without knowing that they are doing so.

It is also possible that your attacker is not a person, but a spirit. This would change the motivation, but the outcome is still the same.  Psychic attacks inflicted by spirits usually occur when a malevolent spirit senses weakness in your aura. This weakness can be caused by depression, anxiety, or substance abuse, among other factors.

9 Symptoms of a Psychic Attack

symptoms of a psychic attack

Someone tapped into their sixth sense would easily be able to tell whether or not they were psychically attacked, but others are not so tuned into their own selves. It’s okay if you can’t immediately identify whether or not you are being attacked, because there are some pretty clear symptoms including:

  • Severe headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Nightmares
  • Random aches and pains
  • Lethargy
  • Self-doubt
  • Paranoia
  • Having visions of your attacker
  • Unprompted suicidal thoughts or feelings

How To Protect Yourself from Psychic Attacks

protect yourself

There are a lot of ways to get your aura back in shape in order to ward off a psychic attack, as well as prevent these happening in the future. We’ll start by listing the most prominent ways to protect yourself, and then go into details about how to execute each of the individual methods of protection.


smudgingSmudging is an ancient practice, and a proven method for ridding oneself and one’s home of unwanted negative energies. Smudging refers to the act of burning dried sage along with other dried herbs, which cleanses a space or a person of negativity that can be caused by a psychic attack.

Smudging can clear a buildup of negativity in one’s home, which can in turn prevent the person from being vulnerable. The same way that smudging can clear a buildup of negativity in the home, it can do so for you. You can also be smudged, provided that you don’t mind the smoke.


Crystals are an increasingly common, and incredibly simple way to protect yourself from spiritual attacks. Certain crystals, such as amethyst, rose quartz, tigers eye, and black tourmaline are especially good at repelling negative energy.

These crystals can be carried in your pocket or bag, or even worn as jewelry in order to invoke their cleansing and repellent qualities. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that darker crystals tend to be better at ridding you of negative energy.


Visualization takes more effort than sage or crystals, but is worth it in the end. Visualization involves meditating and visualizing a protective white light surrounding yourself, your home, and anything else that you feel has been affected in a negative way due to a psychic attack.

Visualizations needs to be performed daily in order to maintain the protective shield that they provide, which is why it can be an effort to keep up with.

Prayers and Chants

prayers and chantsPraying and chanting can be a great way to invoke protection. Praying and chanting can summon angels that will protect you from dark spiritual entities. You can create your own prayer that fits your specific need or use one that you find online or in a book. A good prayer will ask God or Angels (or both) to protect you, your loved ones, and your home, against the negative entities that may be trying to break through to them.


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