How To Tell If You Are Psychic: 11 Signs To Look For

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Have you ever wondered to yourself: “Am I Psychic”?   Many psychics believe that all of us have a little bit of psychic ability. They say that most of us have small or minor gifts that usually go unnoticed. Others have more potent abilities, but without training, knowledge, and practice, they

Are You Clairaudient? 9 Signs To Look For and How To Develop This Ability

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Clairaudience, also referred to as clear hearing, is the psychic ability to hear voices, sounds, and messages from beyond the physical world. Clairaudience allows you to listen more carefully and hear things that many people can’t perceive. These messages can come to you as clear words and phrases, music, or

The 7 Types of Psychic Empaths Explained

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A psychic empath is defined as someone that can sense the feelings and emotions of others. However, it’s important to note the distinction between the psychic form of empathy and the basic human emotion of empathy. The main difference is that empathic psychics can pick up on non-visual, non-verbal cues

The 9 Types of Extrasensory Perception (ESP)

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Extrasensory perception (ESP), also referred to as the sixth sense, is the ability to perceive information with the mind without relying on the normal physical senses. There are many different categories of ESP including clairvoyance, telepathy, telekines, precognition, intuition, and retrocognition. Some people believe that everyone possesses extrasensory abilities, and

A Beginner’s Guide To Developing Psychic Abilities

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According to experts, we all likely posses psychic abilities in some form, whether it be intuition (gut-instinct), clairvoyance (clear-seeing), or clairaudience (clear-hearing). The key to harnessing your own psychic ability is to practice on developing these unique gifts. There are many exercises and techniques that you can use to enhance

10 Unmistakable Traits That You Are A Clairsentient


Clairsentience, often referred to as “clear-feeling”, is the psychic ability to sense other people’s emotions. Do your loved ones often ask you for advice, knowing that your intuition is usually right? Do you get a sense of other people’s feelings and motives without interacting with them? If so, you might

List of Psychic Abilities and Powers

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A list of psychic abilities is needed in order to understand the different types of psychic powers and how they work. Some people believe that psychic abilities is something that anyone can develop over time, while others believe that extrasensory perception (ESP) is a psychic gift that you’re born with.

How To Read Someone’s Mind and Know What They’re Thinking

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The ability to read someone’s mind is a skill that anyone can learn with enough practice. Mind reading is more than just knowing what people want to say. It’s about understanding what they truly mean, even when their words say something else. The ability to read people can have a

How To Do Automatic Writing To Channel The Spiritual World

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Automatic writing, or channeling, is a tool that many psychics and clairvoyants use to transcribe messages from the subconscious mind and the ethereal world.  When done properly, automatic writing can give us unique insights into our lives, helping us feel more connected to the spiritual world and our higher selves.

Signs That You Have The Gift of Claircognizance

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When it comes to the senses, many humans only utilize five, and those include sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell. For some though, there is another type of sense, and this is the intuitive sense. Understanding The 4 Clairs There are four intuitive senses in total, including clairvoyance or clear

Beginner’s Guide To Clairalience – The Psychic Gift of Smelling Spirits


Have you ever come across what seemed to be phantom scents and wondered what was causing them? If so, you might have clairscent abilities (also known as clairalience or clairolfaction)– meaning that you are able to detect aromas as they filter in from the spirit world. These might serve as

How To Do Remote Viewing: Techniques For Beginners

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Imagine being able to perceive vital (or non-vital) information from an impossible distance. This ability, the ability of remote viewing, is a skill that anybody can actually learn, regardless of their natural psychic receptivity skill level. Similar to clairvoyance, remote viewing is the ability to sense accurate details and information

How To Do Telekinesis: A Step by Step Guide

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Telekinesis, simply put, is the ability to move an object with your mind. That’s it. Simple as that. Or is it? For centuries, the human being has been trying to figure out if telekinesis actually exists and if there’s a science to it. If in fact we could prove it

Understanding Psychometry – The Ability To Read Objects

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Psychometry is perfect for beginners and experienced psychics alike. When developing your psychic abilities, psychometry is one of the most fun ways to increase your confidence and strengthen your other abilities. Psychometry is good to practice for developing: Claircognizance Clairvoyance Clairsentience Clairaudience Psychometry is perfect for beginner psychics looking to

How To Tell If You Are Clairvoyant: 8 Signs To Look For

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Clairvoyance means “clear seeing,” which refers to psychic seeing. If you are a clairvoyant psychic, you’ve probably experienced the gift manifesting itself in some way during your life…and you may not have even been able to recognize it for what it was! In real life, the seeing that happens as

How To Become Clairvoyant: 7 Ways To Improve Your Abilities


Clairvoyance is the ability to perceive things or actions in the future or beyond normal sensory contact. It literally means “clear seeing.” Usually, the visions are subtle and are seen through the mind’s eye. It is said that it can be so subtle as to make it seem made up.

Astral Projection Guide: What Is It, Potential Dangers, and How To Do It

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For centuries, human beings have been transcending the trappings of the body to reach a state of being that is truly amazing and out of this world: astral projection. Records indicate that astral projection was in use by the ancient Greeks and ancient Egyptians. But it is arguable that human