The Biggest Celebrity Psychic FAILS of All Time

For better or worse, some people like to believe in the supernatural or indescribable. Those who believe vow that there are individuals with the ability to tap into “the beyond” who have the power to tell us what is happening on the “other side.”

For some, psychics have answers. When life’s constraints ail us, we run to our local psychic to have them tell us the future, or help us get over the hump of what is happening.

Psychics will also give information about fatal instances and evil blockages. It all depends on what people are open to believing and hearing.

This is crucial. If a belief in psychics is there, it’s likely we’ll be open to what they say, especially if they’re famous. However, psychics are human, and human beings are sometimes wrong. Unfortunately, when a psychic is wrong on national television or any type of recording, credibility is quickly questioned or lost.

We’re not saying the people below don’t have psychic abilities of some kind. But these are simply some of the public blunders made by celebrity psychics.

Psychic Medium Allison DuBois

Allison DuBois is the woman after which the show “Medium” is inspired. A best-selling author, Allison has been known to say that ever since she was a little girl, she’s been able to feel the other side.

Countless of her real-life followers and followers of the show believe the medium. She’s even offered advice to law enforcement on certain cases.

But, in 2010, Allison DuBois was asked to give information about the whereabouts of Elizabeth Johnson’s son, Gabriel, who was kidnapped from his father. In text messages to the father, Elizabeth tells him that she’s killed the infant.

When Elizabeth was found, she refused to give information about the whereabouts of the baby’s body. Enter Allison DuBois. She said the baby would be found in 2010 and that people were searching in the right places. However, she didn’t say whether the baby was actually dead or alive, or his exact location.

Unfortunately, the solid pieces of information that Allison DuBois gave were not groundbreaking or wasn’t information not known before. This was a disappointment to seekers and law enforcement. Additionally, as of 2011, the infant was still missing.

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Yanagi Ryuken, Master of Kiai Versus MMA Fighter

Yanagi Ryuken claimed he could use the power of his mind to beat any opponent and, on certain videos, he can. He rounds his opponents, and using hand gestures, he gets his opponents on the floor fast. He’s not just against one. Many people surround him as he brings them to the ground without touching them again and again.

That is until, by the power of his mind, he couldn’t do it anymore. The challenge was that he could beat an MMA fighter with his no-touch, power of the chi strategy. Unfortunately, when it was time to fight, viewers could hardly keep from gasping and cringing in horror when the MMA fighter began to land blows on the Master of Kiai. When the fight finally stopped, there was just no doubt that the master’s impenetrable shield was broken by the MMA fighter. Turns out, believing you can land a punch is just as strong as believing you can stop the punch with the power of your mind.

The lesson? If anyone sends a punch in your direction, move. Don’t wait for your psychic powers to kick in.

James Van Praagh

James Van Praagh is an American author, spiritual medium, and co-executive producer of the show The Ghost Whisperer. James’ strategy is to ask a series of rapid-fire questions to which the audience member he’s selected answers with a simple yes or no. If it begins to resonate, he continues and can usually provide some pretty spot-on information about someone living or dead.

Except for when he froze. During the show “The Circle,” a past Australian morning show. He began his session, as usual, with a string of quick questions. But when the woman he was talking to pretty much said “no” to many of his questions, or replied with obvious answers, he moved on to someone who was more receptive. There, he did not strike out as badly, but still did when he told the woman a certain “Paula” had been there for her during a specific hard time, and the woman shook her head to reveal Paula hadn’t been there. The whole situation may not have seemed so bad if the host hadn’t stopped James at that very moment, making him look like he was not a medium, but someone guessing instead.

Uri Geller Exposed on the Johnny Carson Show

We left the best for last, because this one really is one for the books that has transcended the decades.

Uri Geller claimed to be a mind reader and spoon bending magician. People came to see him because of his incredible ability to bend a spoon with his eyes and mind. Hundreds of followers later, the Johnny Carson show called. They wanted to give him the spotlight.

Johnny Carson, an ex-magician himself, was skeptical and wanted to see this done right in front of him. He requested that Uri Geller leave his spoons at home, and that Johnny and his crew would provide the spoons and different ways for Uri to prove himself as a mind reader and spoon bender.

When it was time for the show, greetings were had. When the formalities were over, it was time to bend spoons. Carson told him to take his time, so he did. But after a little too much time of not bending (or of anything at all), Uri pretty much said that he felt pressured and couldn’t do it. He even went as far as to say that the producer had asked him different questions than what Johnny was asking. Johnny replied that he could ask him those questions, but had Uri understand that at the end of the day, bending the spoons would still be a request.

At the end of it all, Uri couldn’t bend the spoons, and he was frustrated and humiliated. Turns out, bringing his own spoons would’ve been more beneficial, but Johnny Carson was onto him. As the audience we ask ourselves, “Shouldn’t he be able to bend any spoons?” Apparently not. There might’ve been something to Uri being a spoon-bender, but it wasn’t something he coul do on-camera or without his own spoons.

So, Should We Believe?

Although we brought you four of the biggest celebrity psychic fails of all time, there are most certainly more. However, we have to say, there is always the strong possibility that these celebrity psychics failed because of the pressures of being on camera and in the limelight. Psychics often require a space of quiet that is free of distraction in order to tap into their extraordinary abilities, and being in the limelight can result in multiple, conflicting energies that make it harder for the psychic to demonstrate their gifts.

In addition, there are people out there who do have the power of a strong and psychic mind, but also are humble about their gift. With that said, there are also charlatans trying to make a living by taking on a task that is not theirs to promote. It’s simply not their developed gift. Until it is, when looking for a psychic, we recommend going with someone whose reputation precedes them, are humble, and recommended by someone you know.

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