Psychic Predictions For 2018

It’s always nice to know what to expect in the coming months of your life – that’s why the services of psychics and mediums are so popular. Here are some of the biggest predictions that psychics are making for 2018. This should give you a sneak peak of what to expect in various aspects of the world over the next year. Keep an eye on some of them to see if they come true!
predicting the future with a crystal ball

Climate Change

You might think that climate change has become an important enough world issue that it will be addressed in the coming months. However, psychic predictions indicate otherwise. China will likely take the world by storm and set an example in tackling climate change directly. India is expected to implement reduction strategies. The US is likely going to try, but their motivations will be to push political agendas rather than for the betterment of the globe.

This shows that strides will be made towards changing human behavior regarding our environment. The world as a whole is expected to make progress. In fact, it could even be the most productive year in reducing our global impact. However, it likely will not be addressed to the degree that some people are hoping.


At this point, it often can seem like the entire globe has their eyes on President Trump. Psychics have made predictions regarding the President. They say that he will avoid being impeached or attacked (save for by the media). Some predict that Trump will begin to win favor with some of those who currently dislike him. Of course, he still won’t be able to please everyone. Even still, late 2018 is expected to see a much quieter US as far as conversations about Trump go.

The United States

Psychics have seen something drastic in store for the US. It seems that a large US ship will sink within the year. It is potentially a warship of some kind – and may have something to do with an accident or an attack of some kind. However, the exact cause of the sinking or the type of ship is unclear. Some believe this could have something to do with the rising tensions between North Korea and the US. And speaking of North Korea…

North Korea

Psychic visions have indicated that the US will be responsible for taking down North Korea’s key trade in efforts to destabilize the country. It also looks like these actions will be successful, as other predictions show the residents of North Korea beginning to rise up against Kim Jong-Un.


With the countdown towards Brexit ticking, many people have their eyes on the UK. The UK is expected to face political turmoil. Psychic predictions show that Theresa May will retain power, but barely. The country will continue to fight against her, and she will become more disliked. Her actions regarding Scotland will lead to its people beginning an Independence Referendum, like that of Spain’s Catalonia.

Speaking of Catalonia, it appears things are only be about to get worse. Catalonia looks like it will gain its desired independence, but it won’t be without a fight – and by the end, both sides will feel like they lost the fight.

In addition, psychic predictions show that the Euro will crash. It’s unclear whether it will merely drop in value or crash completely. However, it is clear that riots will ensue across the continent, leaving the EU lost as to how to subdue the resulting chaos.


Israel is expected to face some serious violence. ISIS will infiltrate the country deeply, with the claim of helping Palestinians regain Israel. A large death toll is expected to result from President Trump’s recent decision. This will lead to increased terror attacks on Jewish synagogues around the world.


While politics may look rather gloomy, thing don’t look much happier in regards to nature. While our attitude towards climate change might improve, it may be too late. Psychic predictions for 2018 show that the wrath of mother nature will make itself known in both fire and ice this year.

Predictions show a giant crack appearing in the Antarctic ice shelf, resulting in it breaking in half. At the same time, this year Mount Vesuvius – the volcano famous for the devastation it enacted when it erupted in 79AD in Pompeii – has been due for an eruption for a long time. Psychic predictions show it bursting this year. Hopefully, modern technology will help to detect early warning signs to help prevent a disaster. No one needs a psychic to know how tragic and damaging such an event could be in this popular tourist destination.


A new disease will strike Uganda and pats of Russia. From there, it will eventually spread to Alabama and Texas, having similar tragic consequences as AIDS back in the 1980s. But this time, it will be spread by sexual intercourse among heterosexuals and eventually be brought to the US by American politicians and government officials.

In addition, the US government will fund an operation to alter common viruses to make them deadlier. This will begin a massive project of chemical warfare globally. A new infection will also be discovered, resistant to all known medications. It will affect women during their menstrual cycle. It will appear in Russia, Uganda, and Africa first, before cropping up in the rural US, including North Carolina, Alabama, Indiana, West Virginia, and some of Texas.

Not all is gloomy in the world of health, though. Strides will be made for new medications, restoring sight to people with specific forms of blindness. Some people who were completely blind will have their vision restored by miracle drugs. Cures are also expected to arise for major diseases, including HIV, some cancers, heart disease, and diabetes.


It seems ironic that predictions for the future would be closely tied to the past – however, psychic insights have shown that history will be rewritten. There are no specifics, but it seems that new evidence may come to light relating to the ancient civilizations. This may change the way we think about them and contradict what we think we currently know. Some psychic readings have revealed it relates to Ancient Egypt, the pyramid’s construction, and the Sphinx. Some believe we will learn a shocking new truth regarding their age, construction, and purpose!

Entertainment News

Of course, popular celebrities get a spotlight even in psychic predictions! The #MeToo movement is expected to remain in full swing, with more sexual misconduct scandals cropping up relating to celebrities. Hollywood will continue to sweep their “dirty little secret” under their red carpet, but the movement already will have gained too much traction to be stopped. Some names that are mentioned will shake Hollywood and its fans to their core. Several people in Hollywood and those connected to it will face prison terms when all of this comes out! In addition, a new rape case is expected to surface. A Hollywood big name, despite the attention focused on this movement, will still think he’s smart enough to get away with it – but he will lose his career and face intense consequences for his actions.

Ready for the Royal Wedding? Psychic predictions show you shouldn’t get your hopes up. Psychic predictions show that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will cancel their wedding for 2018 or split up. It’s difficult to say why, but the answer seems to have something to do with pressure. Perhaps Prince Harry feels pressured to take a different path, or Meghan Markle will want to avoid the pressure of becoming one of the royals.