How Does a Psychic Reading Work?

1Psychic readings are not just pulled from thin air. While some psychics out there do make a living by scamming people, real physics are actually making a connection to you via universal energy. Everyone is connected to an invisible energy. Good psychics use their skills to pick up the connections, in turn helping those who cannot.

Psychic Skills and Tools

Psychics may have a number of skills they can use to tune in to your energy for a reading. Some may be clairaudient, meaning they have the ability to hear things others cannot hear. Some may be clairvoyant, meaning they have the ability to see things others cannot see. Some may be clairsentient, meaning they can feel things others cannot feel. Some may be empaths, meaning they can hone on someone else’s feelings on a profound level.

Psychics, regardless of which skills they offer, use a variety of tools, including: tarot cards, angel cards, astrology, and colored ribbons to assist with the reading. The tools are nothing more than a channel allowing a client to focus his or her intention. As such, any ordinary object can be used – even a regular deck of playing cards.

Meeting with the Psychic

Clients will choose a psychic to meet with, and do so either in-person, over the phone, or online. Online readings can be done via live chat with or without a webcam for face-to-face visualizations, or they can be done via email.

Clients who opt for a a face-to-face reading should choose a casual outfit. Less-than-reputable psychics use cold reading techniques to determine information. By looking at things such as the clothes someone is wearing, the location they live in, how old they are, etc. a lot of basic information can be pulled together.

Meeting online or over the phone can make it easier for the client to discuss more sensitive issues. Sometimes, the idea of speaking to a stranger in person makes the client uncomfortable. Those feelings of nervousness and anxiety can interfere with the quality of the reading. When the person on the other end is “faceless” it is much easier for clients who have trouble opening up.

Clients who are looking for immediate answers need to choose a live chat online option, so they can communicate with the psychic in real time. Clients who do not necessarily need an immediate answer can use email readings. Email readings typically get a response within 48 hours, and can be used to address one or more questions, depending on what the psychic offers.

Asking the Question

Clients will ask a question. This can be about anything though career and finances, love and relationships are among the most common. If a client wants to know something about his or her life, the psychic can help.

Clients should carefully reflect on any questions before asking them. To make the most of the time available with the psychic, it’s wise to write down questions before the meeting and have them on hand during the meeting, so as to stay on track.

Here’s where the experience can differ. Since no two psychics are alike – there’s no surefire way to know what to expect. Clients can always ask the psychic about what to expect from their experience, as they interview multiple psychics before making their final choice. What matters here is the psychic will work to connect with the client’s energy.

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Receiving the Answer/Guidance

At this point, the psychic will provide guidance and the answers to the questions the client asked. It may not be a clear cut answer, but if the client has further questions to get clarity about what to do, there can be a discussion. It’s up to the client what to do with the advice – so there is no sure fire way to guarantee the outcome of any particular situation.

2 Ultimately, there is a limit to what psychics can and cannot do. They cannot read minds – they cannot predict the future. They instead what that universal energy tells them and provide guidance. Physics can tell a client what may happen – where they are ultimately headed. However, free will comes into play, and the choices the clients make are the deciding factor of what really happens in the future.

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