How Do Email Psychic Readings Work and Are They Accurate?

Technology has changed the way we reach out to our psychic advisors forever. What used to be an in-person experience was expanded in 1991 by The Psychic Friends Network.  Psychic information became available at the end of a phone line.

Now, we can video chat with our psychic advisors on our phones and computers; we can receive readings and guidance via chat rooms, instant messages, and email.

As long as we have our phones, spiritual life advice is never far away.

What is an Email Psychic Reading?

psychic email reading

On a supernatural, energy level, an email reading is very similar to a phone or in-person session with your psychic medium. They still connect with their energy and use their special gift to guide and direct you.

The main difference is that you’ll wait a bit longer – sometimes hours – for the response than you would with live reading or a phone call. But that’s the nature of people sharing information via email instead of in person or over the phone.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Email Psychic Readings?

There are several benefits that email readings have over chat or phone readings, depending on your circumstances. You might choose a phone session in one case, but an email reading with the same psychic in another.

Let’s look a bit more closely at the pros and cons of email readings.


  • Email psychic readings are very discreet—no one needs to know except you and the psychic.
  • Email allows you to consider your questions carefully to help ensure you ask the right questions.
  • Conversely, if you’re pressed for time, a quick mail to your psychic can get you the answers you’re seeking without your direct involvement in that moment.
  • If you’re shy, new to psychics, or uncertain in any way, email readings allow you to ask your questions at your leisure, removing some of the pressure of a phone or video chat session.
  • Email readings can help remove the immediacy of your emotions from distressing or traumatic events, allowing you to meditate on your questions and your psychic’s answers.
  • If you’re a skeptic, email prevents a psychic from doing a cold reading or reacting to your facial expression or tone of voice.
  • Email psychic readings can allow your psychic medium to meditate on your questions, providing more detailed responses than video or chat sessions sometimes allow.
  • You have a copy of the session in your inbox, allowing you to meditate on the answers to your questions and develop insights into them when you are ready.
  • An email psychic reading makes it easier to open up about questions you may be uncomfortable or embarrassed to ask in a video or phone session.


  • With an email psychic reading, you must wait for the answers to your questions longer than you would for a chat or video reading.
  • Sessions with a medium or any connections with those that have passed beyond are not recommended.
  • Bad actors may sometimes use generic “scripts” in these types of sessions.

How Accurate Are Email Psychics?

We have found that with genuine psychics, an email reading is just accurate as a chat or in-person reading. Your psychic medium may actually prefer to do some sessions via mail for various readings. The remote nature of email psychic readings removes any distractions or reactions you might unknowingly provide during a face-to-face session.

How Do Email Psychic Readings Work?

sending email

When it comes to an email reading, psychic mediums can often spend more time meditating on the energies that surround and move through us all. With these types of readings, email psychic advice can be more carefully considered and may be more developed than with an in-person visit.

You send them mail with your questions. They can read it and then focus their energies, using whatever tools lend themselves to the reading and find the answers to your questions. With email readings, your psychic medium has time to focus on your questions when they can control their surroundings. They can truly tune in to the guidance they are receiving and meditate at length on their responses.

Which Types of Psychic Readings Work Best for Email?

For psychic readings, email lends itself to nearly all types of sessions. Your psychic medium can use their tools to connect to the universal energies and find answers to your questions just as they would for a video chat or phone session.

Clairvoyance, divination, precognition, and remote viewing all work well as email readings. Tarot cards, energy work, runes, numerology, and many other tool-sets still work to guide your psychic to the answers to your many questions.

As mentioned above, however, we do not recommend medium readings. Email psychic mediums do not have the same immediate give-and-take interaction that a truly profound experience with the dead requires.

Tips for Getting a Good Psychic Email Reading


As with any psychic reading, the better prepared and more open and tuned in for your reading, the better results you will get.

Here are a few tips to help you get into a better energetic state to enhance your reading.

Set your intentions. Before you write down your questions, spend some time in meditation. Be open. Let your mind, heart, and energy guide your focus to where it needs to be. Then, set the intention of being open to the guidance your psychic medium provides.

Focus your questions. When you feel ready to write down your questions, set aside some uninterrupted time. Think about the answers you’re seeking. Write your questions down, then read them back to yourself. Spend some time making sure they are specific and ask exactly what you need to know. Clarity and specificity will help your psychic medium to guide their energies.

Put the most important questions at the top. As you are writing your psychic, make sure your most pressing question is at the top of your mail. This helps your psychic medium know where you have focused your intention and where you’d like for them to focus, as well.

Give some detail. Try to frame your questions with a bit of detail. Those little bits of information can help guide your psychic on their quest to provide you the answers you need.

Move beyond the “yes” or “no.” When you formulate your questions, try to give your psychic room to respond. The many energies of the universe are often subtle and nuanced. Simple “yes” or “no” questions don’t give your psychic room to answer in a way that may be more correct and helpful.

Be open. In addition to being open when you set your intentions, you should also focus on being open when you read your psychic advisor’s responses. Set aside any prejudice or preference for one response over the other. Read your emails with an open heart and an open mind. Be open to hearing the answers you need, even if they aren’t what you want.

Where to Get the Best Email Psychic Readings

There are many psychic networks online for you to choose from. We’ve reviewed several of them here. If you are interested in getting an email psychic reading, we recommend Kasamba.

They’ve been providing accurate psychic readings for over 20 years, focusing on love and relationship readings, Tarot, Astrology, and many other types of readings. Every time you work with a new psychic reader, you get a free spirit reading lasting three minutes. This helps you get to know your advisor.

Registration is simple. Be prepared with your email address and payment information, which you’ll need to register. Kasamba has a large network of genuine psychic advisors waiting to help you.

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