9 Simple Steps To Prepare For A Psychic Reading

fortune teller and a crystal ball

For the inexperienced, psychic readings can be an overwhelming and nerve-wracking experience. Diving into the unknown and receiving intimate messages about your personal life may be scary, but the guidance and knowledge you receive from a psychic reading can be life-changing.

Preparing before your session starts will help you relax, leading to a more successful and meaningful experience. While there isn’t one right way to prepare for a psychic reading, you can take certain steps that you may find helpful before your session.

Try these 9 ways to prepare for a psychic reading so you get the best experience.

1. Find The Right Psychic

To have a fulfilling experience, it’s important to choose a psychic you vibe with and can trust from the start. The best psychic readings come from collaborations between you and your psychic when you work together to uncover and interpret messages about your life.

Take your time exploring different psychics to learn more about their background and their specialties, and choose someone who understands your intentions. For instance, if you know you want to learn more about your career path, don’t choose a psychic whose expertise is relationships. Websites, blogs, and social media channels can help you discover more about a psychic’s personality and focus.

You should also read testimonials to see what other people have to say about their experiences with the psychic. These reviews will allow you to get a better sense of how the psychic conducts their sessions and interacts with their clients. Of course, if you have friends or acquaintances who see a psychic, you can ask for recommendations from them.

Finally, you can reach out to a psychic you’re considering for an introductory conversation. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about what they do, how they conduct a session, and any concerns you may have. They’ll be happy to answer, so you feel more comfortable going into your session.

2. Decide Which Type of Reading Format You Want

Remote readings conducted over the phone, through a video call, or over chat are just as effective as in-person readings. Decide which type of format you feel most comfortable with before you book your session. The more comfortable you are, the more you’ll be able to benefit from the experience.

Video calls offer the most intimate type of session, providing a visual connection between you and your psychic. Phone readings and online chat sessions still provide instant communication and may make you more comfortable by eliminating the stress of appearing visually. The method of communication won’t affect your psychic’s ability, so pick the format that works for you.

3. Meditate Beforehand to Clear Your Mind

Going into your psychic reading with a clear, relaxed mind helps create a fulfilling experience. One of the best ways to clear your mind is to engage in thoughtful meditation. Whether you choose to use a guided meditation or a less structured method is up to your personal preference. Either way, meditating allows you to focus on the issues at hand, and better prepares you to focus on your session.

You may also find it helpful to do some light physical activity like simple yoga poses or taking a brisk walk after your meditation. This activity will help get your energy flowing, clear your mind further, and put you in the right mindset for your reading.

4. Prepare a List of Questions

Before your session, take time to contemplate the areas of your life where you want insight and advice. Having two or three specific questions regarding these areas will help to guide the session in a direction that will be helpful for you.  If you need additional help, here’s a guide on a list of questions you can ask a psychic.

For the best results, try to stay away from questions that lend themselves to yes or no answers. For example, asking whether or not you’ll find a new job within the next year will get you a closed answer that doesn’t provide much insight or guidance. But if you ask what changes you can make in your life to find and secure a new job that you’ll love, you’ll open up the conversation and invite an answer that provides valuable information you can use to act.

If the answers to your questions prompt new questions and thoughts, don’t be afraid to share them with your psychic. Uncertainty is a natural part of the process, and unexpected thoughts or reactions can lead the conversation down a new, meaningful path.

5. Remain Open to New Possibilities

While you should have an idea of the direction you’d like your reading to take, it’s equally important to remain open to any new possibilities that might come up throughout your session. It’s normal for sessions to explore multiple areas of your life and change direction.

Your psychic receives messages that need your attention. Ignoring these messages and forcing the session to focus on only one or two given topics can harm your overall experience and cause you to miss meaningful information.

6. Clear Your Area of Distractions

It’s important to be present throughout your session. Allow time to clear your physical area of anything that might distract you. With an endless list of possible distractions, you might want to try these steps:

  • Close your curtains and windows to eliminate noisy or visual distractions from the outside world.
  • Inform those who live with you that you can’t be disturbed for the next hour.
  • Play background music or white noise in your space to cover unexpected sounds.
  • Turn off your cell phone if you’re not using it for your meeting. If you are using it, put it in do not disturb mode, so you aren’t distracted by notifications during your session.
  • Take care of any pressing tasks early in the day so they won’t weigh on your mind during your session.

7. Record Your Session or Take Notes

You’ll hear a lot of information during your session, and it’s nearly impossible to process and unpack all of it in real-time. Recording your session or taking notes allows you to revisit it at a later time to learn more and interpret messages in new ways. Many people find information that seemed incorrect or irrelevant at the time of their session was suddenly meaningful and applicable a couple of weeks later.

8. Don’t Try to “Trick” Your Psychic

Some people feel the need to trick their psychic or make the psychic prove themselves. Tricks will only take away from your experience and hurt your chances of learning any meaningful information during your session.

While it’s natural to be skeptical of things you don’t fully understand, you should try your best to leave these thoughts behind. Allowing yourself to believe in the spiritual messages you receive will let you to benefit from them in a meaningful way.

9. Allow Time for Reflection After Your Session

Don’t rush into another activity after your session is over. Instead, relax and reflect on the messages you received. Don’t try to over-analyze every word, but think about the big picture as you come back to your everyday routine.

Final Thoughts

Preparation for your psychic reading gives you the best possible experience. When you take steps to open your mind, trust your psychic, focus your intentions, and stay present through your reading, you can learn valuable information that will help you improve your life and relationships.

Of course, everyone is different, and some strategies will work better than others for you. As you attend more psychic readings, develop your own routine that allows you to have the most meaningful and insightful sessions possible.