Learning About Retrocognition: What it is and How to Achieve It

Negative energies work by keeping you trapped in dark mental states. They prevent you from the ability to heal. They wrap themselves around you and make it impossible to get work done. These negative energies are most commonly linked to events in the past that build up negative energy.

You can become aware of these past events through retrocognition. This is a crucial step towards becoming a stronger person that is able to deal with personal issues. Through retrocognition, you’ll be able to fight off negative energy and stay balanced.

What Is Retrocognition?

In the Psychic Therapy field, retrocognition is a technique deployed to help patients learn about their past. This term literally translates to “backward knowing”. It is used to describe events from your past lives that affect you today. It also includes events from your childhood that linger in the form of negative energy.

Retrocognition techniques allow you to safely recall memories and events from past lives. You can also conjure repressed memories from your current past.

There are both healer-guided and self-guided methods to achieving retrocognition. It’s best not to attempt retrocognition by yourself if you’re a beginner. You should always work with a healer to learn ways of achieving a retrocognitive state.

Psychic Therapy With a Healer to Achieve Retrocognition

Mysteries and Esoteric Science concept.Psychic healing is a method of transferring one form of energy into something else or to someone else. The focus may be on the spirit, but the results will manifest physically. The healing process occurs between healer and patient.

The healer will work with you to boost your retrocognitive abilities and connect you with your past. They focus on drawing negative energy of your past out and replacing it with universal, calming energy. Through psychic healing, you can experience a guided retrocognitive meditation.

Psychic healing falls under different categories.

• Pranic Healing

The healer uses the universal life force (referred to commonly as ‘prana’ or ‘ki’) and transfers it into the patient. This life force works to calm your past negative energy. You’ll get into a naturally retrocognitive state.

• Mental Healing

This focuses on the cells of the patient and checks their functionality. The spiritual assessment of these cells helps them regenerate and work better. The damaged cells of the past are replaced by new and stronger cells to help the patient deal with past trauma.

• Spiritual Healing

This is similar to Pranic healing in its use of the universal life force. Spiritual healing uses the healer as a vessel of light. The spiritual light flows through the healer to the patient. It replaces old darkness with light. It reveals past issues that are holding the patient back gently.

• Near to the Body Healing

This is an amazing option for those whose past trauma have led to direct physical pain. The healer places their hands slightly above the patient. There is no direct contact, but the spiritual energy flows from the healer’s hands to the troubled areas of the patient.

• Magnetic Healing

Magnetic healing is meant to heal the physical pain that comes from past trauma. This establishes an open channel of energy communication through which the patient and healer can flow. Sometimes an object is used to help with the transmission of energy and activate retrocognition.

• Trance Healing

The healer guides the patient into a trance-like state and then performs a direct energy transfer. The healer works to guide the patient into a state of retrocognition so that they can delve into what old pains are holding them back. Communication is extremely important during this type of healing. The patient should not be caught off-guard by the trance.

How to Develop Retrocognition

You might want to self-teach yourself how to achieve retrocognition. But be warned that it’s not easy without guidance. Retrocognition comes with clairvoyance and should only be attempted in a safe and comfortable environment. A good psychic healer will give you the tools and techniques to develop retrocognition on your own. But, there are some easy ways to try it solo.

  • Analyze your dreams. Keep tabs of the reoccurring characters, themes, and imagery. Our spirits can’t speak to us plainly. Often they’ll communicate through our subconscious.
  • Take note of Déjà vu. Notice any instances in real life that you have experienced similarly or identically in the past. These could be clues of past lives that are affecting you.
  • Develop intuitive abilities. Listen to your inner voice and gut feelings. Again, these things should be recorded in a journal.
  • Meditate. Daily meditative practices are a great way to get in tune with retrocognition. When you meditate, you are connecting with your inner energy. You become aware of the universal energy around you. Allowing yourself to be open like this helps you receive revelations from the past.
  • Turn to psychic devices. If you find yourself struggling to connect simply through yourself, tarot cards, runes, or crystals are great ways to channel your energy and connect with the past.

How Does Retrocognition Help Your Present?

remembering past eventsRetrocognition provides some explanations for feelings, thoughts, and behavior patterns that you display. Tapping into past trauma and events give explanations for current problems that you are facing.

If you are able to look at past events that have affected you with clarity, you can discover new things about yourself and get through a healing process.

It’s important to realize that most of the memories and events that are causing you distress are repressed. This means that you will never fix them unless you work through them. Retrocognition is a healthy way of achieving this. You handle your stress with a clear and determined mind.

Seeking Community with Retrocognition

Sometimes, diving into your past can be tough. You might be struggling with tapping into your retrocognitive states. You might be emotionally drained because of the process. Finding a community group might be your best option.

This could be a discussion group or a meditation group. It could be a club that helps you get into a relaxed state of mind. The important thing is having people who love and support you while you deal with trauma. Retrocognition with others might make you feel safer.