How Do Phone Psychics Work and Are They More Accurate Than In-Person Readings?

Traditionally, psychic readings were conducted in person. Today, it has become much more common to reach out to a psychic ​by phone. Does this mean that the reading is less accurate? Not at all. ​ Psychic readers don't actually need to be face-to-face with their client to perform an accurate reading. They are able to read their energy simply by listening to the vibrations in their voice.

​Psychic phone readings have their pros and cons. The biggest advantage is that you save yourself the trouble of driving over to see them and can connect with them from the comfort of your home. A disadvantage of this service is you won't always be able to tell if the reader is legit or not. Developing a connection is often easier in face-to-face situations. This is not to say that you won't get your money worth through readings over the phone. ​

In this guide, we will give you all the information you need to know about phone psychic readings.

How Does A Phone Reading Work?

calling a medium on the phone

This may be surprising to hear, but phone psychics don't need to be face-to-face with you to connect to your energy. Some argue that an online or phone reading can be more accurate than an in-person session.

Regardless, if you've never had a phone reading, you're probably curious about what to expect.

Your psychic will prepare for your phone reading in much the same way they do for a face-to-face appointment.

Each psychic has a different mixture of gifts. They have all learned to work in a manner that strengthens their connection to psychic energies. When they open themselves up to the universe, some may contact their guides or angels, while another may prepare their tarot deck.

When you call in to your psychic network, they will be ready to assist and guide you however you need.

Once you connect with your psychic advisor, they will give you an indication of how to proceed. Some psychics will want to speak to you right off, giving you insight from the impressions they get from your energy. Others will ask you questions or invite you to begin the session by asking your own questions.

A psychic that works mainly through tarot cards will build their spread, interpreting the cards' insight for you. One that is clairvoyant may describe what they see or hear as they contact the Akashic Record. A medium may speak of emotions or scents, letting the spirits guide them through what the universe wants you to know.

Can A Psychic Reading By Phone Really Be As Accurate As An In-Person Session?

When you work with a psychic network or an individual, genuine psychic, ​the best psychic readings by phone will usually be more accurate than an in-person session, not less.

Beginning readers may make subconscious conclusions about you before or during a reading. Whether it's the car you drove, your makeup, your clothes or your body language, people may have a bias that could affect their interpretation of the signals they are getting from their guides or tools. Psychics are, after all, human, too.

A phone reading circumvents these human foibles cleanly. A psychic reading over the phone narrows down their contact to your voice, their tools, and your energy.

Things to Know Before You Call a Psychic

Getting in touch with a psychic is very simple. However, there are some things you want to keep in mind.

Make a List of Questions

First off, don't go into the session expecting one definite answer to a question you may have. We encourage you to put a list of questions to ask together to keep the session running smoothly. That being said, readers have little control over their intuition. The information they receive doesn't come from them but through them.

For this reason, there can be different ways of interpretation. At the end of the day, as long as you're working with an experienced advisor, you'll receive the information you need, not necessarily want.

Let the Psychic Guide the Session

It can be tempting to take over the conversation and tell the phone psychic about your problems and personal life. We recommend that you let the reader guide the session. They will ask you questions throughout the reading and take the discussion where it needs to go. Remember that the psychic is the experienced one, and they know what they are doing. A good reader will do most of the talking, asking you to confirm details here and there.

Listen for Keywords

This is important especially to tell if your reader is legit or not. Is your reader hitting important details in your life? An accurate psychic will surprise you with some unusual information about your life. They, of course, won't know every detail but because they are intuitive, they'll have a general idea of why you've decided to speak to them. If for any reason you feel uncomfortable with your reader or it's clear they are inexperienced, end the session and find another advisor.

End a Session if Needed

We touched briefly on this above. If it's clear that your reader is a scammer or does not know what they're doing, don't be afraid to end the session. Here are some signs that you need to stop talking to them immediately:

  • They predict your death or foretell a tragedy. No trustworthy reader will ever do this. If you come across one who does, it's in your best interest to hang up the phone.
  • If your advisor promises you winning lottery numbers, you can bet they are scams.
  • Reputable readers won't increase their fee every time you schedule with them. If you feel pressured into paying more or buying some of their merchandise, end the call.

These are all situations in which we would advise you to end the session. If your advisor does not feel authentic or you get bad energy from them, don't be afraid to look elsewhere. Some phone lines will even give you your money back if this happens to be the case. Be sure to look at their satisfaction guarantee policy.