10 Tips To Get The Most Out of Your Next Tarot Reading

A tarot card reading can help you get in touch with yourself and find clarity on various issues and aspects of your life. You can choose a traditional, in-person tarot reading or connect with a psychic online.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding tarot card readings. These myths can take away from the experience and lead to confusing messages. Tarot readings are thoughtful exercises and intentional collaborations between you and your reader. When approached correctly, a reading opens your mind and spirit to new perspectives and insights.

So, what is the correct approach?

Read on to discover how you can get the most out of your tarot reading.

Find the Right Reader

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Every tarot reader is a bit different. It’s important you find one that matches your vibe. From the language your reader uses to the style of tarot deck they choose, it can all make a difference in the quality of your reading.

Explore a few different readers before you make a decision. Each reader has their own quirks and areas of expertise. For instance, some readers specialize in relationships, while others focus on personal growth and motivation.

The style in which they conduct their readings will also differ. Some readers might prefer having a short conversation with you first, while others will get right into the reading. You’ll also find some readers will have you participate actively throughout the session, while others prefer their clients to remain relatively quiet throughout.

You can explore a reader’s website and social media to get a better idea of who they are, their area of expertise, and what their reading style might be.

There’s no single reading style that’s better than the others. It’s important to find someone who you’ll be able to trust and feel comfortable with from the start.

Know What You Hope to Gain

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Before your session, reflect on why you felt called to have a reading in the first place.

  • Is there a specific question weighing heavy on your mind? Are you stuck in a creative rut?
  • Are you seeking clarity about a particular relationship?
  • You’ll need to be able to communicate these questions to your reader throughout your session.

If you aren’t sure why you feel the need to have a reading, it’s okay to express that to your reader, too. In these instances, an open reading can help to clue you into what the universe is trying to tell you. It may draw your attention to various aspects of your life that you need to focus on.

Having a sense of where you’re at and what you’re hoping to gain from your reading will make for a better experience and clearer messages.

Be Open with Your Reader

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The more open you are with your reader, the more open they can be with you. If you’re not on the same page, the messages you receive throughout your reading might seem confusing, or even irrelevant to your life.

Open yourself psychically to what your reader has to offer. Be open to messages you may not want to hear, or interpretations of the cards that may feel uncomfortable.

Your psychic’s role is to receive messages, translate them, and help you see how they apply to your unique situation. If something seems irrelevant, pause and think about it before dismissing the message.

You might also share with your reader what you’re hoping to learn so they can seek out those specific answers in the cards.

Keep an Open Mind

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Don’t hold yourself to any certain expectations or thought processes. It’s important to be able to let new impressions and thoughts come to mind throughout the reading.

If you’re focused on one or two particular things and don’t open your mind up to new possibilities, you may miss out on important messages.

The images on the cards may even prompt unexpected emotions and thoughts. Don’t discount these as you go through the reading. They could clue you into an important message you need to hear.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions

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Don’t hesitate to ask your reader any questions during your reading. For the best results, try to keep the questions open-ended as opposed to questions that ask for a yes or no answer.

Open-ended questions expand the conversation and allow for deeper, richer readings. Instead of asking, “Am I going to find a new job I enjoy,” ask: “What qualities should I look for in a position that will lead me to a more fulfilling career?”

The nature of the tarot deck doesn’t always allow for simple answers.

You can ask a yes or no question if it’s weighing heavily on your mind. But be prepared to receive a more complex answer than you might expect.

Get Specific

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Don’t beat around the bush when it comes to asking questions. If there’s a specific aspect of your life you’d like insight on, your reader needs to know that to avoid mixed messages and unclear answers. The more context you can provide, the better.

As your reading progresses, continue to communicate your thoughts and feelings with your reader. If a symbol speaks to you in a certain way, let your reader know why. This will help guide the reading and uncover the insight you came seeking.

Go With the Flow

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Whether you have specific questions in mind or are going for an open reading, there’s a good chance your reader will ask you some probing questions. The questions might be unexpected. But don’t be afraid to go with the flow and allow the reading to go in new directions. This can help you explore situations in new ways and open your mind up to new possibilities.

Be honest with yourself throughout this process. Your reader is bringing these questions up for a reason, and you may not benefit fully if you aren’t truthful with yourself and your reader.

Remember Your Reader’s Role

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If you’re feeling uncertain or nervous about your reading, it can be helpful to remind yourself that your reader is there to help you. They don’t want you to walk away feeling confused or let down about the messages you received. Collaborating with your reader will help you get more clear and accurate guidance.

You should also remember that your tarot reader is a psychic, but they are not omniscient. Readers interpret messages and help you relate them back to specific aspects of your life.

If you ask questions surrounding the circumstances or timing of your death or the state of the world in 75 years, you probably won’t find the answers.

Take Time to Reflect

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Take some time to meditate on what you learned in your reading. Don’t over-analyzing every detail, but rather reflect on the significant details. Most importantly, think about what you can do with the information.

In some cases, you might have received messages revealing completely new insights or a different side of things. This could help you approach an old problem in a new way or inspire you to take a situation in an entirely different direction.

In other cases, you may have received confirmation of what you already know. Use these affirmations to build confidence and take action.

Stay Open Moving Ahead

Remember, your tarot reading doesn’t have any power over you and your future. Even if you initially disagreed with a messaged you received during your reading, stay open to new interpretations of it as you move on. Give it time. You may see things in a new light or situations may manifest in a different way than you expected.

Final Thoughts

A successful tarot reading depends on a collaborative effort between you and your reader, honesty, and the ability to keep an open mind. Don’t go into your reading expecting a specific message on a specific topic. Be willing to see situations in new lights and learn new perspectives.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you have a better experience and get the most out of your next tarot card reading.

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