Psychic Detectives – Fighting Crimes and On The Rise

psychic detectivesIf you’re brand new to psychic learning, it may the first time that you have heard the term psychic detective. They are essentially a person who uses their psychic ability to help solve criminal cases. This is not brand new, and psychic detectives have been used as far back as the 1900s. Psychic detectives have even inspired all sorts of TV shows and movies.

How Do They Work

The psychics work like a medium, in that they speak directly to the person who is deceased – the person whose crime, the police are investigating. The only issue is that this is not a 100 percent reliable method, as spirits rarely provide information that is concrete. Nonetheless, police departments have had tremendous success with using them.

Methods Used

The two methods that psychic detectives use most often are psychometry and post-cognition. When using psychometry, they will touch an object belonging to the victim, and sense information about the murder from that object. Utilizing post-cognition, they will merely pick up information from past events. Psychic detectives may also use other psychic tools to help them such as tarot cards, telepathy and numerology.

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5 Popular Cases Involving Psychic Detectives

Many people will try to downplay the work of psychic detectives, yet their worth is undeniable. Here’s a list of some cases throughout history that psychic detectives have been given credit for.

Nell Crosby

Nell Crosby went missing in November of 1901. She had planned to spend Thanksgiving with her family but never arrived. She was last seen with her boyfriend Jim, but he said that they had broken up, and assumed she went back home to her family. The family, left out of options, consulted psychic, Snell Newman, who immediately sensed that Jim had murdered her. He was subsequently arrested.

Penny Serra

Penny Serra was found murdered July 16, 1973. In this instance, it wasn’t the family who reached out to psychic Pasacarella Downey, for help, but the detective on the case, Detective George Mazzacane. Pasacarella picked up that the victim smelled of oil and sensed the letter “E” and that DNA evidence would ultimately help find the perpetrator. Her prediction was later proven true, when the police captured mechanic Edward through DNA blood testing 26 years later.

Arthur Herbert

Arthur Herbert was piloting a small plane in 1983 when suddenly it seemed to vanish out of thin air. A search team was put out to help locate the plane, but nothing was ever found. Arthur’s sister, refusing to give up, contacted a local psychic, Noreen Renier. Noreen was able to pinpoint the exact location of the plane, including latitude and longitude, while revealing final moments in Authur’s life.

Edith Kiecorius

Edith Kiecorius was a four-year-old, abducted in 1961 in Brooklyn. Police searched high and low, but never were able to locate the body of the young girl. Finally, the head of the police department decided to reach out to Gerard Croiset, a clairvoyant located in the Netherlands. He never flew to the United State, but he picked up from Edith’s photo that she was murdered and exactly who did it. The perpetrator was later apprehended. Although Edith never made it home, justice was indeed served.

Andre Daigle

Everyone said that Andre Daigle was last seen playing pool, when he approached by a young lady, asking for a ride. When no one heard from Andre 4 days later, they grew concerned and contacted clairvoyant Rosemary Kerr. Using psychometry, she stated that she saw Andre’s body, in a truck, near railroad tracks. Later on, the killers were spotted in Andre’s truck, near railroad tracks and arrested immediately.

How to Become a Psychic Detective

First, it’s important to note that a job working as a psychic detective isn’t likely to appear in your local newspaper classifieds. One thing you can do is offer your services for free, until your prove your value. Oftentimes, psychics are contacted by the families themselves. And in this instance, you could offer a consulting fee. Lastly, if this is something that’s important to you, make sure you clearly state this service on your website.

Becoming a psychic detective is an exciting, yet rewarding career. But it’s definitely not for everyone. Do your research to make sure this is a career field that you definitely want to get into. One thing is for sure, psychic detectives continue to impact the lives of many grieving around the world, and they will continue to be on the rise.

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