Why Do Psychics Charge for Their Services?

Why Do Psychics Charge?Psychics, along with healers, are truly blessed with their ability to help people. This is one of the oldest professions in the world (no, not that oldest profession!) and famous psychics and soothsayers abound in ancient history. These days, however, most professional psychics do charge a fee for their expertise. Why is this? Since they have a gift, shouldn’t they be sharing that gift for free with the rest of the public? Is it wrong for a psychic to charge?


Despite a common belief that psychics should give their gift for free, it’s actually important for psychics to charge, for several reasons.

1. Psychics Have to Make a Living Too!

To put it simply, would you expect someone to fix your car for free? Or to paint your home? Or to take care of your teeth, or solve your legal problems, or provide you with a marketing campaign? Usually, unless it’s a friend or family member doing you a favor, we pay for every service we use. Psychics are no different, and have bills to pay like the rest of us.

The best psychics, those working as a psychic for a living, have no other source of income, because this is what they do. Expecting them to work for free is simply not on, and not something we would ask of any other service provider.

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2. Yes, It’s a Gift, But:

Some psychics are born naturally gifted. However, so are most artists or musicians, and we don’t expect them to work for free. The majority of psychics have had to work on their skills for a very long time. Some pay for expensive training courses, insurance and membership of professional bodies; even those who are self-taught have invested years of their time. All psychics, no matter what their level of training or experience, still have the same expenses to pay in order to provide you with a service – they may have to rent a room, pay lighting and heating, travel to and from the appointment and pay for tools such as tarot cards or crystals.

It’s therefore only fair and correct to treat a psychic reader as we would treat any other business person providing a service. After all, even the Oracle of Delphi had to be paid with a sacrifice or offering in ancient times. Most modern psychic readers will be glad to skip the sacrifice, but money is a good alternative!

3. Valuing the Advice You are Given

It’s a proven fact that the value people place on something increases in line with how much they have paid for it, which is why in marketing terms it’s certainly possible for something to be “too cheap”. When you visit a psychic, you will hopefully gain useful insight and helpful information for your onward journey in life – but if you got that information for free, will you really pay much attention to it? Subconsciously, we tend to dismiss this kind of non-valued information, instead of maximizing it.

4. An Exchange of Energy

In spiritual terms rather than practical ones, it’s important that a psychic reading involves an exchange of energy. Money is just another type of energy – the reader gives you her energy and her skills during the reading, and you repay that debt with monetary energy.

The exchange of energy does not have to be monetary, of course – you may repay the debt through a favor or a reciprocal service – but for most of us, the only way to repay this energy debt is through money, and that is therefore what should be done.

5. But What If You Really Can’t Afford a Reading?

Many psychics do do pro bono readings for people who are in genuine need – just ask. You may be told no, but you will eventually find someone who says yes. However, it’s important for your own spiritual well-being that you do not abuse this kindness. If you can pay for a reading, you should pay for a reading – taking advantage of a psychic helps nobody and actually drives down standards in the industry.