What Is Kabbalah and How Does It Work?

A practice rooted in Jewish mystical traditions, Kabbalah readings help you gain a deeper spiritual understanding of the details surrounding your personal life and the world around you.

Kabbalah translates to “received tradition” in Hebrew. This translation refers to the belief that messages are received and passed on between generations of teachers and students, as they have been for thousands of years starting with the Torah. To do readings, practitioners of Kabbalah today receive messages based on your personal details to give you insight on topics like personal development, careers, relationships, and family.

Since this ancient practice involves many intricate pieces, learning more about the history of Kabbalah can help you to genuinely benefit from the messages your practitioner will give you during your reading.

This Kabbalah readings guide will give you insight into the history of Kabbalah and help you discover how a reading can bring you valuable spiritual insight into your life.

What is Kabbalah?

A Jewish tradition spanning centuries, students of Kabbalah strive to uncover and understand the true nature of God himself and all of creation. You may hear Kabbalah referred to as “the soul of the Torah,” the “Wisdom of Truth,” or “the Inner Torah.” The practice of Kabbalah can be used to understand big picture plans in terms of Creation and the universe and the small details of a person’s everyday life.

Unlike other forms of mysticism, Kabbalah has no basis in philosophy or personal interpretation. Instead, it uses the literal text divinely passed from God to humans at Sinai. As time passed, different forms of practice and thought have developed, but the intention of understanding spiritual messages and hidden meanings remains the same.

Types of Kabbalah Practice

Kabbalah can be practiced in several different ways, the most common including:

Contemplative Kabbalah

Contemplative Kabbalah, or Kabbalah Iyunit, is the practice of using theology and meditative techniques to explain and understand the nature of the universe, God, and existence. It also explores the complex relationship between God and the universe, as well as people.

Through meditative practices like Hebrew letter permutations and contemplating Divine Names, Kabbalists seek to bring insight, understanding, and light into the world. They believe that bringing this spiritual energy into the physical realm has the power to change the course of the world for the better.

Practical Kabbalah

Practical Kabbalah, or Kabbalah Maasit, is a more advanced form of practice intended to alter the outcome of specific events and natural states. To achieve the desired results, practitioners may summon spiritual forces and command them to take action in the physical world. Practical Kabbalah should benefit all of creation, and practitioners should use it not to serve personal endeavors.

Because of practical Kabbalah’s potential to be used for both good and evil doings, only the holiest and most responsible individuals should practice it. The majority of Kabbalists today teach that it is entirely forbidden.

Theoretical Kabbalah

The theoretical practice of the Kabbalah is simply the journey to form a deeper understanding of God and Creation, and the journey of becoming closer to Him through this knowledge. There is no deeper intention to alter or change the universe in theoretical Kabbalah.

What is a Kabbalah Reading?

Using these ancient practices, Kabbalah readings can provide clarity and guidance on a variety of subjects like your career, personal growth, family, and romantic relationships.

Kabbalah readings can take several different forms. Here’s what you can expect from the two most common types.


The most common form of Kalablistic reading uses a system of numerology to uncover deeper, true meanings around things like your birthday, name, or other personal details.

In Gematria, each Hebrew letter has its own numerical value. During your reading, your reader will calculate the numerical sum of your personal information to understand its spiritual meaning. These numbers reveal meaningful information that can help you understand your purpose or any actions you may need to take.

Gematria is an ancient practice, first used by rabbis who wished to uncover deeper messages from the Torah itself. They would use this method of numerology to calculate the values of various passages, phrases, and even individual words. They would then compare the sums to other parts of the Torah with the same numerical value to find connections throughout the text. They believed these connections would reveal hidden messages and find new meaning in the divine message.


In Zohar readings, the practitioner scans the text with their eyes, rather than reading it thoroughly, to uncover the spiritual energies and meanings hidden within the book.

The Zohar itself is the foundational group of books of Kabbalah. It contains complex discussions on the nature of God, the nature of souls, scriptural interpretations, mystical psychology, and mythical cosmogony. Due to the complex nature of this information, along with the fact that it was originally written in Aramaic, most readers do not do a literal reading of the Zohar.

Like Gematria, you can use Zohar readings for a variety of topics like your career, relationships, and health. Depending on the type of information you seek insight on, your reader will select a passage to scan. Your reader translates the spiritual energy received from the scan, giving you clarity and insight on the topic in question.

How to Get a Kabbalah Reading Online

You can get Kabbalah readings remotely by connecting with a spiritual advisor online. Since a Gematria reading uses personal details such as your name or birthday, there’s no need to be physically present with your reader, making it one of the best types of reading to do from a distance.

If you’d like to get a Kabbalah reading online, look no further than Kasamba. With dozens of spiritual advisors specializing in Kabbalistic readings, you can connect with a practitioner who will help you gain the insight into your life that you seek without ever leaving your home.

Final Thoughts

The practice of Kabbalah spans centuries and has taken on many different forms throughout the years. Still, the goal of understanding the true meaning of the universe has remained the same. Kabbalah readings can give you surprising, insightful, and spiritual guidance surrounding important aspects of your life, leaving you with a new perspective and a deeper understanding of your world.

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