Live Psychic Chat Readings

Psychics can help us make sense of a chaotic and uncertain world. By tapping into the energies of the universe—and the person they’re reading for—psychics can give us insight into ourselves or a situation, glimpses into our future, and help us make momentous decisions.

With the internet, an online psychic chat reading is at your fingertips.   Here are the top chat psychics of 2020.

​1) Psychic Source

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  • Real Psychic​s By Chat, Phone, or Video
  • ​All Advisors Are Tested and Screened For Accuracy
  • ​Rates As Low As $0.66 Per Minute + 3 Free Minutes

​2) ​Asknow

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  • ​​​Accurate Insights on Love, Relationships, Career, and Money
  • Connect 24/7 Via Chat or Phone Call
  • Introductory Offer: 15 Minutes For Just $10

​3) ​​Keen

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  • 10 Minute​s For Just $1.99
  • ​Over 1,700 Psychics, Tarot Readers, ​and Mediums Available
  • 100% Anonymous and Confidential

What is a Psychic Chat Reading?

Psychics can tune themselves into the energies of the universe, giving them the ability to receive messages from beyond. Their ability to do this means that they don’t need to be face-to-face with you—they can attune themselves to your energy from a distance.

In fact, some chat psychics prefer to work via a phone or chat room. This way, they can get a “clean reading,” focusing entirely on their tools and guides without any distractions.

During a psychic ​reading, your reader will prepare precisely as he or she does for a live reading. Their tools and methods, whether they use tarot cards, access the Akashic Record, read runes, or chart your astrological sign, will also work the same as with a​n in-person reading.

The only thing that is different about a chat reading is that the psychic reads your energies from a distance.

The Advantages of Live Psychic Readings​ Online

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There are many advantages to ​talking to a live psychic online. Not only do they save you time and money, but you ​get to ​talk with a psychic at your convenience.

Here are a few further advantages of getting a psychic reading online.

Your Psychics are Vetted and Screened

If you want to try a​n online reading, try a psychic network. A​n advisor will always be available to speak with you. Additionally, these networks screen and vet their psychics, ensuring they are genuine. Using a network protects you from scam artists and fakers.

Get Your Reading Anywhere

Chat readings are the most convenient way for you to ​talk with a psychic. As long as you have a tablet or smartphone, you can connect with your ​reader from anywhere.  Whether you have a few moments over lunch or need a quick check-in before you pick the kids up from school, ​psychics are available ​to you 24 hours a day.

You Control Your Surroundings

With an online session, there is no need to leave the comfort of your own home.  Additionally—and perhaps most significantly—you get to control your surroundings.

It’s essential to be open and open-minded when you get a reading. Imagine this: You curl up in your favorite chair. A hot mug of tea scents the room, and a soft, relaxing soundtrack plays in the background. You’ve connected with your psychic, and you’re completely open to the universe.  Isn’t that better than fighting traffic to get to the other side of town?

You Control Your Time

​Psychics that are in tune with you and the universe is worth every penny, but most of us do need to follow a budget. With an online live ​psychic reading, you get to control when your session is over.

You can decide whether you need a quick check-in for a one-question session, or an in-depth tarot spread and astrology charting, and can control your time to meet your needs.

Readers Available 24/7

Another benefit of chat readings is that there are psychics available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. ​Business hours no longer dictate your time. When that nagging question about your new job or old relationship wakes you up at night, you have instant access to the guidance you need to quiet your mind.

Connect with a Psychic in Minutes – No Waiting

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There are some situations in life when you need advice or assurance immediately.

With a face-to-face ​meeting, you must work on your psychic’s schedule. When you use an online psychic network and get a ​chat reading, there is no waiting. You can speak with a psychic in minutes.

Once you’ve worked with psychics in our network and have found one that you like, you can often connect with them instantly.

Chat Transcripts are Available for Immediate Download

Some psychics allow their clients to record their sessions during a face-to-face reading. Others are uncomfortable doing so.

When you get a​n online reading from one of our recommended psychics, you don’t need to worry about a voice recording. Your chat platform keeps every word you and your psychic exchange, making it immediately available for download. You can refer back to this ​transcript ​​whenever you need to.

A Chat Reading Offers More Anonymity than a Phone or In-Person Session

If you’re a skeptic​ or are simply unsure about using a psychic, an online session is advantageous for several reasons.

You control the information you share with your psychic. When you create your online profile, you control the amount of information you divulge. If you’re not comfortable giving your real name, that’s fine. ​Psychics can still perceive your energies and give you an accurate and honest reading.

Your psychic cannot be distracted by visuals or bias. We’re all human. Sometimes we make snap judgments. An online ​psychic reading frees your psychic from any worry about preconceived notions. They won’t have any visual cues from your reactions.

A clean reading is guaranteed. ​Your psychic only receives the feedback you give them. Even the sound of your voice can carry emotions or cues for your psychic in a face-to-face or phone reading. When you have an online session with your psychic, you are guaranteed a​n accurate reading.

You Can Chat Discreetly in Public or Around Friends and Family

A psychic chat reading is 100% discreet.

An online psychic session requires nothing more than a smartphone or tablet. We all text, browse social media, and check our emails. Your session appears no different than exchanging text messages with your friends. So, if you don’t want friends or family knowing that you’re speaking with your psychic, they won’t.