The Beginner’s Guide To Reading A Crystal Ball

How to Use a Crystal Ball

It’s the stereotypical image of a fortune teller – a woman in a headscarf, waving her hands over a crystal ball and conjuring up images of that elusive tall, dark, handsome stranger – but a crystal ball is still to this day a very useful tool to have in your psychic box. Crystal ball gazing is accessible to everyone, and although difficult at first, it’s definitely something which improves with …

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Tasseomancy Guide – The Art of Reading Tea Leaves

reading tea leaves

Tasseomancy, as any Harry Potter fan will know, is the art of reading tea leaves. Although traditionally associated with gypsy fortune tellers, tasseomancy originated in the middle east in the medieval period, and versions of this divination method can be found right across the world. How is it done? With difficulty! Tasseomancy is a form of scrying, which involves seeing patterns and symbols in something, and using those symbols to …

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Why Do Psychics Charge for Their Services?

Why Do Psychics Charge?

Psychics, along with healers, are truly blessed with their ability to help people. This is one of the oldest professions in the world (no, not that oldest profession!) and famous psychics and soothsayers abound in ancient history. These days, however, most professional psychics do charge a fee for their expertise. Why is this? Since they have a gift, shouldn’t they be sharing that gift for free with the rest of …

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How To Make Your Own Set of Runes

How to Make Your Own Runes

If you enjoy divination, you’ll know that you can buy many different types of rune sets these days, ranging from the most simple to elaborately painted and decorated or carved runes, with beautiful bags and boxes to keep them in. However, if you’re drawn to runes, you should consider crafting your own set. It’s not difficult, and your own set of runes will always give you a much clearer reading …

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