The 5 Dos and Don’ts of Psychic Readings

Maybe you’re a little curious; maybe you believe. Or, maybe this is your very first skeptical time. Either way, there are certain things you want to do and not do when getting a psychic reading.

We’ve put together five dos and don’ts to help you make the right choice when you get a reading.

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The 5 Dos

1. Do your research: Just because your mom, significant other, or best friend said someone was great for them, doesn’t mean they’re the right fit for you. A good referral is always good, but you want to know they’ll serve you best. How? Call them up!

2. Do give them a call: Giving a psychic a quick call and screening them is one of the best ideas especially if you’ve never been to one. There’s a certain jive that will tell you whether or not this person is good for your energy or not.

3. Do follow the signs: We don’t just mean the physical signs of the Universe, although that is also good. What we mean is that when you’re screening your reader, if you get a certain gut-tug that this isn’t the one, listen to it! We get that sometimes it’s just fear of what the reader might say, but there’s a big difference between being nervous and excited, and flat out scared. If it’s scary, let this person go and look for another one.

4. Do know it’s OK to be skeptical and keep your distance at first: You don’t know this person and although they’re about to know more about you than you ever thought, remember that there are different varieties of psychics out there. Again, feel them out and if you warm up to them, great.

5. Do keep it real: This person isn’t meant to tell you all the steps of the rest of your life. Keep open to whatever you liked hearing and disregard what didn’t speak to your heart.

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The 5 Don’ts

1. Don’t be frightened: It’s normal to feel a little insecure and a little bit of discomfort when going to a psychic. However, if you are flat out scared, your emotions may actually block the reader and thus give you less-than-optimal results.

2. Don’t be rude: If you’re a skeptical and someone dared you to get a reading, or if you decided to do it, but you aren’t really sure about it, don’t let your psychic pay for it. Don’t question their abilities, don’t patronize them and don’t tell them that what they do is not important. Remember, you chose to be there.

3. Don’t think psychic means mind reader: A psychic reading is an intuitive reading in which the psychic taps into other realms and your inner self. This doesn’t mean they know everything about the other realms or what’s going on inside of you. Many times, they’re simply the communicator or intermediary.

Don’t ask them to guess your pet’s name, your mother’s middle name, your uncle’s shoe size or anything to prove themselves to you. Some may actually have that capability, but that’s not the point. They’re there to open up a certain gate between the spiritual realm and you.

4. Don’t go out and do everything the psychic says: OK, maybe they said something that freaked you out. Remember that this is your life and that you are at choice! If you heard something you didn’t like, simply declare that it isn’t going to happen that way. Or, don’t give it a second thought.

Even if the psychic is right, worrying is just about the worst thing your soul needs. Make the right choice for you and remember, this is a reading set in the ether, not in stone.

5. Don’t get addicted to readings: Once you’ve had a reading, you may realize it wasn’t that scary and that your reader made some good points. You may even decide to see them again.

That’s fine, but don’t make your choices out of what your reader is constantly saying. If you find yourself in their space too much (and they can help you determine what that is for you), then it means you’ve become addicted and that you’re taking everything they’re saying as law. Be careful and discern.

The Last Word

Psychic readings can be fun and insightful. Why not do one once in a while? Just remember: Your heart knows it all and the answers you seek are already inside of you. The psychic is simply there to help you tune in a little better.

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