How To Spot A Fake Psychic From A Mile Away

how to spot a fake psychicThe psychic industry is huge, and getting bigger. Unfortunately, it’s also completely unregulated – after all, who can regulate something which many people consider to be completely fraudulent to begin with? Those of us interested in psychic phenomena understand that there are many genuine mediums and psychics with true gifts – but there are also many scammers and frauds who are just out to take your money. How can you tell which is which?

Well, first of all, it’s important to understand that anyone can have a bad day. Just because your psychic reading wasn’t as good as you might have hoped does NOT necessarily mean that the psychic you saw was a fraud. However, if you experience several of the following warning signs, it might be wise to give this reader a very wide berth in future.

6 Ways To Spot A Fake Psychic

1. Curse Removal

This is one of the most popular psychic scams. Typically it doesn’t happen in a first reading, but in a subsequent one, at which point your reader will announce that you have been cursed and that only she can remove the curse. For a price, obviously, and fake curse removal doesn’t come cheap. Back away quickly. For a start, most genuine psychics believe that there are no such things as curses. It is perhaps possible for someone to be behaving like a psychic vampire to you, but that’s a different matter. While we’re on the subject, also beware of psychics offering expensive spell casting services. If you want someone to cast a spell for you, visit a well regarded white witch, not a random psychic.

2. Psychic Approaches You

This is a bit of a give away. Fake psychics like to approach people who look vulnerable, to offer their services. They might breathlessly tell you that they have something incredibly important to tell you, which can’t be said in public, and hassle you to make an appointment. Don’t fall for this one. Genuine mediums may get sudden insight about a stranger, but are unlikely to approach you for fear of your possible reaction. In the unlikely event that a genuine psychic does feel the need to approach a stranger, they are unlikely to demand money and would simply tell you what they wanted to say.

3. Asking for Money Up Front

No reputable psychic asks for money up front ahead of a reading. Most abide by various codes of conduct (or simple, common sense ethical behavior) which requires them to complete the reading to your satisfaction before asking for payment. If you are genuinely unhappy with the standard of your reading, most reputable psychics would also rather you leave without paying, as a sign of their integrity, rather than pressurize you to pay for a substandard service.

4. Encouraging Dependency

It’s not healthy to become dependent on psychic advice of any kind. Most ethical readers ask you to wait at last 4-6 months before returning to see them again. Any reader who encourages you to return very regularly is only interested in their own bank balance, not your wellbeing.

5. Generalities Not Specifics

Skilled cold readers can get a lot of general information about you from the way you dress, the way you present yourself and your body language, and can then feed this back to you as “psychic insight”. When it comes to anything more detailed than this, however, the information you get will be vague at best. “You have been worried recently.” Yeah, who hasn’t? “You have a loved one who has passed.” Yep, again, that’s pretty much all of us, sadly. “I feel that you are in need of a holiday.” You get the idea. If this is the best the psychic can do, then you’re in trouble. A genuine psychic reading will tell you specifics which your reader could not have known.

6. Asking Too Many Questions

Another thing fake psychics do is to ask questions – lots of questions. Instead of telling you details about someone who is driving too quickly, they’ll ask “Who drives too fast?” in the knowledge that most of us, if we think about it, can go “Oh, yeah, I know who that is.” Likewise with questions like “Who’s not very well at the moment?” “Who has a dog?” “Who is planning a holiday?” Don’t fall for these questions and think that they exhibit any kind of psychic insight. Good psychics tell; fake ones ask.

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