Numerology Guide – What Do The Numbers Say About Your Life?

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Numbers are the secret language of nature and the cosmic flow. While this might seem improbable to some, the revelation that pi abounds in nature shows that numbers really do hold special significance for the natural world and the universe at large. To understand our place in the world, our particular characteristics, life path, and more, many people turn to the study of numerology.

Numerology lets you understand why you are the person you are today, and why certain events in life have led you to this very moment. By drawing from the knowledge of numerology, it is possible to reach your fullest potential and understand the path you walk in this life.

What Is Numerology?

In the simplest terms, numerology is the study of numbers. But more than that, numerology studies the meanings of certain numbers and their relation to individuals and the universe.

Each individual is born with a specific number. These single-digit numbers can reveal the foundational qualities of a person’s identity, and they can also help steer people to become who they were meant to be. Some people even use numerology readings to try to figure out what career opportunities might be on the horizon, or what destiny awaits them.

In some ways, numerology might seem similar to astrology. But unlike astrology, which presumes that all the people born in a certain period of time have shared qualities and are influenced by the same celestial forces, numerology works at a more individual level. In numerology, it is the birthday of the individual that determines a person’s life path number. In that sense, numerology is far more specific to the individual than astrology. Numerology and astrology often work together to reveal profound truths about a person.

How Do Numerology Readings Work?

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Numerology readings reveal the special number that every individual has. By using the numbers of a person’s birthday, a numerology reading reveals that each person has what is called a life path number.

There are many ways to perform a numerology reading, and various cultures have developed their own, more elaborate systems, from Chinese numerology, to Indian numerology, to Western numerology.

Some of these elaborate systems also use alphabets and language to calculate a person’s life path number. In the language-numerology systems, each letter of the alphabet is also designated a number. Then the language-number system can be applied to people’s names, place of birth, and so on. But these other factors are not necessary, and they also don’t make much sense. Since alphabets are different across cultures, and the values assigned to a letter can also depend on the language and alphabet, it can lead to multiple master numbers. But there is only one life path number for every individual.

The steps required to calculate a master number are quite simple.

  • Write down your birthday in three groups of numbers of month, day, year:
    • g. May (05) 18, 1988
  • Within each group, add the single digits until they equal a single digit.
    • 0 + 5= 5
    • 1 + 8 = 9
    • 1 + 9 + 8 + 8 = 26 = 2 + 6 = 8
  • Then sum the single digits from all the groups:
    • 5 + 9 + 8 = 23 = 2 + 3 = 5
  • The final number is the life path number.

The only numbers that you will not want to reduce during the calculations are master numbers. These are sacred numbers in numerology. Master numbers are 11 and 22. The master numbers should be left intact until the final round of addition, and if the final summation leads to a master number, then you are very fortunate.

Understanding Your Life Path Number

Your life path number will reveal many things about your identity and your destiny. At the individual level, it can show the dominant traits of an individual’s personality. Whether it’s shyness, confidence, being quiet or adventurous, there are many character traits that can be explained simply by a person’s life path number. People are often pleasantly surprised when they discover that the traits they most enjoy about themselves can be explained by a life path number.

On a more universal level, a person’s life path number can reveal the destinies that are in store for a person. Whether it’s a scholarly pursuit, or a path set to challenge established norms, the life path number points to the sorts of interests that a person will be drawn to.

Numerology Numbers and the Meanings Behind Them

Each person has a specific life path number, and these numbers are associated with various meanings. Read them below to find out the meaning of your special life path number.

1 the Sun

In its association with the Sun, the number 1 reveals a person who is incredibly energized and whose life is defined by new beginnings. Ones are often leaders who stand out from the crowd for their individualistic nature, ambition, and overall dynamism. These are people whose drive in life is to fuel creation.

2 the Moon

The people who are 2s are ruled by the moon. Twos are often more introverted and able to flow with others around them. They are all about finding balance in life and relationships. People who are 2s are often strongly intuitive, and they are bringers of harmony.

3 Is Mars

Like the warrior-nature of Mars, the 3-people exhibit an intensity and drive in all aspects of their life. People who are 3s love a challenge and are in fact energized by it. They love to remain active and embrace change, and for this reason, 3s have a destiny to be the ones who drive change.

4 for Mercury

The people who are 4s carry an immense amount of inner strength. Grounded in their nature, 4s are very reliable and steadfast in their beliefs. People who are 4s also tend to be more pragmatic and logical than the other numbers. Their impressive abilities in self-control allow 4s to be the ones who bring stability, not only into their own lives but the lives of the people around them.

5 Is Jupiter

People who are 5s are drawn towards motion, whether that is mental or physical. Fives often love traveling, but they may also be drawn to move forward and further themselves in other ways, such as through intellectual pursuits. Fives are not given to being told what to think but like to explore new ideas and think for themselves.

6 Is Venus

Like the goddess herself, 6s are known for their capabilities to bring love, warmth, and nurturing to all those around them. Sixes are known for being peaceful and compassionate, and they bestow these qualities on the people who are around them and whom they hold dear.

7 for Saturn

The 7s are people who have unfathomable depths. They have deep reserves of profound wisdom and intelligence, but they don’t often share this or flaunt it for all to see. Sevens are also able to see deep into other people and understand their complexities.

8 Is Uranus

The number 8 is often associated with wealth and success. The people who are 8s demonstrate this by being especially skillful in business. But it’s not all just money for the 8s—they also have great strength that many around them admire.

9 for Neptune

The people who are 9s are often quite philosophical, and their abilities for complex thought allow them to become high achievers and very influential in their careers. But 9s like to share their successes and contribute these achievements towards the greater good of those around them.

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