Psychic readings have always been popular with many because they somehow give a picture of what tomorrow may be. However, because of its popularity, there are now thousands of them which are claiming to be authentic in the field. To get you out of possible free psychic consultation scams, here are a few helpful tips:

Filter “Free Readings” Offer

Although there are numerous psychic readings that offer their services free of charge, this still does not mean that each one of them are real psychics. This kind of promotions usually is a method of luring clients into making a call. Through the line, they will then provide you a vague personal reading and before they’ll be able to finish everything, they will ask you to pay a certain amount for them to offer you the continuation. Most of the time, free psychics are equated to bad advices.

Identify “Curse Scam”

This, often, tell clients that they together with their family are cursed so clients will give them a certain amount of money just to be able to know the details of how to get out of the “curse shadow”. A few offer their fortune candles, of course, with a corresponding price. Just to everyone knows, real psychics are aware of the fact that there is no thing as “curses” and that no sane psychic will scare a client with an untrue information.

No To Personal Questions

An effective way of knowing if a particular psychic is real or not is when they ask too many personal questions. These could range from whether you have a boyfriend or not, a job at the moment or not and whether you are happy right now or not. The fact is that, real psychics don’t need to ask these questions because they have the skill of knowing a person with just a snap of an eye.

How To Avoid Free Psychic Consultation Scam

Free psychic readings are good for as long as they inspire people to become better than what they yesterday. Just be cautious with who to approach for this.


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