Can Tarot Cards Predict the Future?

1People who are uninformed about tarot readings often wrongly believe that they predict the future. And, while tarot readings aren’t just “party games” or “fortune telling,” there is some truth in this common misconception. While tarot cards don’t do things like tell you how many children you’re going to have or the name of the person you’ll marry, they can actually provide you with important information about the future. The key is to keep an open mind and to know what kinds of things to look for when conducting or receiving readings.

Pay Attention to Cards that “Jump Out” at You

We’ve all had it happen. You’re giving a reading, and there’s one card that you can’t get out of your mind. Maybe you can’t stop looking at it or maybe it just keeps popping up in your brain, interrupting your thoughts over and over again. While that card might seem like an unwelcome distraction at the time, it’s usually an important card, one that is trying desperately to tell you something. More often than not, that “something” has to do with your immediate future. Instead of ignoring the insistent card, pay it the attention it’s demanding. Really think about the card and its possible implications in your life. If you concentrate hard enough, you should soon figure out what he card was trying to let you know.

Focus on the Present

It’s been said that the best indicator of the future is the past, and that’s certainly true. What does it mean for you as a tarot reader? Well, it means you should carefully examine your present because, when you do, you might just get some answers about your future. To put it simply, patterns that repeat in your life now, in the present, are patterns that are likely to repeat in the future. If you notice negative patterns, however, such as going after the wrong kinds of partners, you have the power to change them and your future. In fact, that’s one of the best things about tarot readings. By exploring themes and patterns in your current life, you have the power to take control over your future.

Trust Your Intuition

Sometimes, we see things in the cards that we believe are predictions about the future. Unfortunately, however, we often brush off those “predictions” with excuses like:

  • Tarot cards don’t work that way
  • That’s not possible
  • I’m just thinking negatively/positively

Sometimes, those excuses might be well justified. Other times, however, they are really just that—excuses, reasons not to listen to and trust yourself. If you get some kind of “inkling” about the future, you don’t have to believe in it 100%, but it is something worth exploring and keeping in the back of your mind.

The Gift of Guidance

2Even if, in your journey as a tarot card reader, you are never able to “see the future,” remember one thing: you still have a gift! As someone who reads tarot cards, you have the gift of guidance in your life. You are never alone and always have somewhere to turn for answers and reassurances. That, in a way, is just as good as knowing the future because, if you make the most of your gift, it allows you to control your destiny.

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